Chapter 47 : First Origin of Emergence

After considering that, Chen Feng focused his mind and a strand of his divine sense attached onto one of the swords there. Next, the sword appeared within his hand.

Chen Feng’s divine sense continued moving and the sword was once again kept inside the spatial pouch.

"No wonder cultivating up to the Concealed stage is needed in order to control magic treasures and spatial pouches. All of these have to be controlled using divine sense. No matter how powerful my primary energy gets, they are useless in this regard." Chen Feng came to understand the matter.

"There is a total of 18 spatial pouches. I hope there are things that I need inside." With that in mind, Chen Feng excitedly checked the items within the spatial pouches.

Weapons, medicinal pills, talismans, exotic flowers and herbs, Night Clarity Pearls, Water Prevention Pearls and even some yao beast corpses. Although there were not many things, they were still a huge fortune for Chen Feng.

Is this a secret technique? Chen Feng finally found a one chi square booklet. It felt cool to the touch. It was unknown what materials were used in the making of the booklet, but it released a faint aroma.

Miscellaneous Information, eh? It seems this is not a secret technique. Chen Feng was somewhat disappointed. Next, he flipped open several of the pages and was attracted by the contents inside.

This is, the various information of the cultivation world recorded by a cultivator. Mm, this is the description of the world and the way it is structured. There is also a description of some sects and of some people. Although it doesn’t have much by way of content, it is very important for me. In fact, this booklet is comparable to a cultivation technique for me. After looking through some of the contents of the booklet, Chen Feng found himself becoming slightly shocked.

Chen Feng had been practicing cultivation all on his own since the old cultivator, He Yuan, died. He did not possess any cultivation techniques for the future. If it were not for the strange cultivation technique from the little tower, Chen Feng would still be a trash that everyone would constantly bully.

Even so, Chen Feng did not know much about the various taboos in cultivation. That he could cultivate up to the Concealed stage was all thanks to the two Imperial Blood Grasses and his own luck. However, having reached the Concealed stage, he had no clue what to do next for his future cultivation route. Although Chen Feng could be considered to have stepped into the Concealed stage, he had only just opened up the path. Additionally, he only possessed superficial knowledge regarding the utilization of the powers within the Concealed stage.  As for the matters of further opening up the sea of wisdom, circulation of powers, the various magics, spells, secret techniques, he knew nothing about them.

Turns out the world we live in is called Eternal World. No one knows just how big it is. Perhaps, a billion li, or perhaps even bigger. Even after flying for 1,000 years, a Concealed stage cultivator would still be incapable of reaching the end.

After reading that part, Chen Feng sucked in a breath of cold air. It was only then did he realize how big the world he lived in was. Given his present level of cultivation, he could run hundreds of li in a single day. By utilizing his primary energy to form wings, he could cover over a thousand li per day. After stabilizing his cultivation base and learning how to fly on a flying sword, Chen Feng would be able to cover several thousand li and even ten thousand li per day. To continue flying for 1,000 years. Just what kind of concept was that? Chen Feng dared not imagine it. Rather, he simply could not (1 li = 0.5 km).

After recollecting himself, Chen Feng continued to read.

"The Eternal World is divided into the Northern Plains, Southern Sea, Central Plains, Eastern Provinces and Western Regions. Other that those five, there are many other places inhabited by barbarians. There are also some places that not even cultivators can casually enter, danger zones."

Reading that, Chen Feng grew stunned before whispering, “It seems the records of this cultivator is not too detailed. He only wrote down some of the things he knew of. As the saying goes, there is always a mountain higher. Perhaps, the things that this cultivator had seen only make up part of this world?”

After reading a little of the booklet’s contents, Chen Feng began to form his own speculations. After all, the author of the booklet was just a cultivator in the Concealed stage and did not possess too much in terms of knowledge.

However, Chen Feng felt his horizons expanding, having benefitted greatly from the booklet. After all, that information were things that Chen Feng needed to know.

It turns out Black Origin City is just a grain-like existence within the Northern Plains. The past me had been but a frog in a well, looking at the sky from within that small opening. Chen Feng gave a self-deprecating sigh.

The territory under Black Origin City would take ordinary humans several months, or even a year, to go around. Yet, Black Origin City was just an inconspicuous spot within the Northern Plains. There were as many Black Origin Cities in the Northern Plains as there were furs on an ox.

"Purplecloud Sky Grotto, Extensive Truth Sky Grotto, Jade Ding Sky Grotto, Yin Yang Sky Grotto, Radiant Clarity Empire, Divine Dragon Empire, Purple Net Kingdom… … these are all either immortal dao sects or kingdoms who hold dominant power over a certain territory. The territory held by each of them span a distance of tens of thousands of li or even millions of li. Some could go up to tens of millions of li. However, even those powers are not the apex of existence." Reading that caused Chen Feng to suck in another breath of cold air. 

For a sect with such a large territory to still be unqualified as an apex existence, just how big, how powerful is the apex sect in this world? Chen Feng was left in a dumbfounded state.

Oh! This is about the levels within the Concealed stage. Chen Feng’s eyes shone as he noticed a page that interested him.

The Concealed stage is divided into nine levels. There are nine levels in the sea of wisdom. Every time a level is opened, the cultivator will level up, continuing onwards until the great success phase. That is the final phase. After that, it will be time to assail a higher stage.

The Miscellaneous Information booklet only had those levels as even the author of the booklet did not know about the later stage.

“Nine levels of sea of wisdom, ninth level of Concealed stage, the final phase. In other words, I am now at level 1 of the Concealed stage. Presently, however, I have yet to truly open up even the 1st level of my sea of wisdom. So, I cannot actually count as a level 1 Concealed stage cultivator,” said Chen Feng.

“This person had only practiced up to the level 4 of the Concealed stage. It seems he was killed by the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad.”

“This part introduces magic treasures. It turns out that above normal weapons, there are Magic artefacts. The magic treasures that most Concealed stage cultivators use are of the Magic-tier. Above Magic artefact is the Prized artefact.

“Magic treasure, Magic artefact, Prized artefact. So, this is how they are graded. Though, I wonder what is above Prized artefact? This fellow did not mention anything about it.

“What a pity! There are no specific cultivation techniques in this booklet.” Chen Feng quickly browsed through the booklet. The rest of the contents were some information about cultivation or some interesting matters or even the author’s opinions.

“It seems this fellow is a nostalgic person,” said Chen Feng with a smile. 

Next, Chen Feng began searching through the other spatial pouches. Finally, he found some other books. Those books all share one similar factor. Unlike the other books that Chen Feng had seen before, these books were seemingly made from the hide of some type of animal. Chen Feng tried using his nail to scratch it and found that not a mark was left on the book. Comparing it for a bit, Chen Feng then found that the paper could block attacks from common weapons. Additionally, it was unknown what implements were used to write upon them. The writings would not get wet even after coming in contact with water.

“Tsk, tsk, the world of cultivation is truly not something that ordinary humans could compete against. Even their books are so tough.” Chen Feng could not stop himself from uttering.

Only after cultivating to his present stage did Chen Feng truly understand. Only after entering the Concealed stage could one be considered as a cultivator. Those below the Concealed stage were all ordinary humans.

“Extreme Celestial Sword Drive technique, First Origin of Emergence formula, Blood Essence Vitality record, Lightsplitting Shadowsword formula.”

“These four books should contain formulas for cultivation. The names sound good. I wonder, what will the contents of the books be?” Having said that, Chen Feng opened up the ‘Extreme Celestial Sword Drive technique book.

“Imbue energy into the divine, use the divine to drive the sword.” Those words were the opening for the book. Next up were the complete formula for the sword technique. After reading it for one hour, Chen Feng felt his mind becoming confused and dizzy. He could not grasp even 10 % of the sword formula described by the book. He only knew that this book was about controlling swords.

“Huh, it is quite profound. It seems these are not things that I can learn quickly.” Chen Feng felt his mind aching slightly.

“Judging by this, I will be incapable of understanding that Lightsplitting Shadowsword formula as well.” After saying that, Chen Feng picked up another book, the ‘First Origin of Emergence formula’ book.

“Eh? This book is quite simple and clear. Not to mention, it is very suitable for me to practice.” After just a glance, Chen Feng grew excited.

“I see, I see! This is a formula for level 1 of the Concealed stage, to open the Heavenly Origin acupoint between the brows. This is the cultivation path of First Origin of Emergence. The Heavenly Origin acupoint is one of the strongest insight acupoints within the human body. By stimulating the hidden power within it, I can cultivate my sea of wisdom. The mutual exchange between the two will allow for both to grow stronger.

“Nine levels of Concealed stage, nine levels of sea of wisdom. There are countless techniques to cultivate in pursuit of that. Some utilize foreign objects to open up the sea of wisdom, such as taking some spiritual pills to nourish the sea of wisdom. Some walk the path of cultivating magic treasures, the path of condensing runes within their sea of wisdom. Some would even condense out their own inner core. This cultivation technique is about the cultivation of self.”

Every level of the sea of wisdom have their own corresponding insight acupoints. By opening the insight acupoints, a cultivator could display mighty powers and bring about formidable magics. This was a method to train oneself.

“I did not expect cultivation to be so complicated. There are incalculable methods for cultivating. Clearly, the practice technique for this First Origin of Emergence only goes up to the first level. There are no more explanations for the later parts,” said Chen Feng while shaking his head. 

However, it is suitable for the current me. Besides, I get the feeling that this should be a very powerful cultivation method. Rather than depend on foreign objects, why not strengthen my own body? That would be more dependable. Chen Feng thought to himself. Having suffered bitterly since young, he wanted to be the one holding the reins of power.

“Originally, I thought that opening up all the acupoints and meridians was the end of that. How unexpected. To think that the human body is so mysterious and complicated. Every one of these insight acupoints hide within them vast potential.” Chen Feng sighed.

“All right! In that case, I will practice this method of opening up insight acupoints. But first, I should fully open up the 1st level of my sea of wisdom.” Chen Feng made up his mind, gathered up the rest of the items and began to carefully read through the First Origin of Emergence formula.

“First Origin emerges, everything is refreshed. The Heavenly Origin acupoint is also known as the First Origin acupoint. The First Origin is the starting point and all will begin from there. Cultivate the First Origin acupoint, open the first level of the Concealed stage…”

Chen Feng quickly immersed himself within the formula for cultivating the Heavenly Origin acupoint.

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