Chapter 42: Making It Out Alive

One sword slash. Chen Feng had made a simple swing with the sword, not expecting anything of the sort to happen. The moment he pulled the sword out from the sheathe, he felt a vast, mighty and irresistible power flow through his arm into his whole body. The humongous power brought with it an utterly unstoppable momentum. It was a power capable of rampaging everywhere even as it moved forward, destroying everything before it.

Next, without having any control over himself, Chen Feng made a simple sword swing against the incoming Fifth Senior Brother. That simple swing brought forth a lightning-like sword beam, which struck Fifth Senior Brother’s body. Next, Fifth Senior Brother’s whole body disintegrated to ashes as his soul dissipated.

“A good sword! A good treasure!” Chen Feng could not stop himself from smiling widely. Fifth Senior Brother’s cultivation base and power were things that Chen Feng could never match. One had cultivated himself up to level 3 of the Concealed stage, capable of soaring through the sky and slipping away into the Earth, while the other was just a ‘commoner’ who had yet to even reach the Concealed stage. The gap between them was like a natural moat. In the world of cultivation, just the difference between one level was the equivalent of the difference between Heaven and Earth. In this case, there was a difference of a whole stage between Chen Feng and Fifth Senior Brother. It was a difference between an ordinary cultivator and an expert who had reached the Concealed stage.

Additionally, as far as Chen Feng knew, only cultivators who had reached the Concealed stage could unleash the power of magic treasures. However, Chen Feng had utilized the sword in his hand to easily kill off Fifth Senior Brother, who was far stronger than him. He immediately realized that this was no ordinary treasure. It must be something beyond his imagination.

Although there was some luck involved, I did kill a Concealed stage expert. Judging by this, if I am to return to Black Origin City, I no longer need to fear the Concealed stage experts in the city.   Besides, the Concealed stage experts in Black Origin City are not at a high level. Who knows? I might be able to kill a few of their experts. After finding out how powerful the sword was, Chen Feng began forming a plan.

But there is something strange here. If this sword is so powerful, how could its owner die to the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad? Or could the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad be so powerful?

Unknown to Chen Feng, when the cultivator wielding the sword came and fought against the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad, the both of them ended up horribly wounded. If it were not for the advantageous terrain and its innate attributes, the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad could have fallen under the might of the cultivator’s sword.

Ha ha ha! No matter what, to the present me, this weapon is a Godly weapon, a peerless magic treasure. Moreover, I can rely on this sword to do something that I need to do. I have also collected so many spatial pouches from the cave. The items inside them are surely extraordinary. Perhaps, there might be some items that are even more powerful.

Great! The harvest this time is stupendous! Truly, disasters and blessings come hand in hand. Now that I have escaped from this predicament, I will certainly have the opportunity to soar up to Heaven. However, this is not the time to stick around. It is best that I leave this place quickly.

After finishing up his thoughts, the pair of wings formed using primary energy on Chen Feng’s back expanded in size by one notch. He seemingly transformed into a mighty flying bird and charged through the sky, flying forward without restraint. Holding a sword with unmatched sharpness, he abruptly dived into the dense poisonous fog. As he did so, Chen Feng flapped his wings without cease. As a result, the thick, surrounding poisonous fog was blown aside like rolling clouds. It was quite the powerful move.


Chen Feng, who had obtained a large number of treasures, felt his spirits lifted. The blood within his body surged with added vigour. It was as though there were countless raging dragons charging and roaring through his body. His primary energy grew more powerful as well. The amount of vitality and life force within it became more exuberant and it worked tirelessly to force out Chen Feng’s potential, allowing Chen Feng’s strength to temporarily rise.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After Chen Feng disappeared, the state of the pool became increasingly fierce. It appeared as though there might actually be a few raging dragons thrashing about at the bottom of the pool. Pillar after pillar of water swirled upwards into the sky and explosions resulting in large maelstroms would occur again and again. Even more shocking was the occasional appearance of lightning, thunder and fire within the incomparably poisonous pool. Seeing that would terrify ordinary humans to the point of falling ill. However, experienced cultivators would understand that those were the resulting imagery from the utilization of magic by powerful cultivators at the bottom of the pool.

Fire coming from water, thunder hidden within fire, water and fire assisting each other, wind and thunder combining together. That was not something that ordinary cultivators could grasp. 


A pillar of water the size of a building shot 100 metres up to the sky before exploding. Waters fell all around as a figure extricated itself from the pillar. It was none other than the charming woman from Purplecloud Sky Grotto. Of the three cultivators from Purplecloud Sky Grotto to come here, the charming woman possessed the lowest cultivation base. However, she was the one to survive in the end.

“Thankfully, I have a Mighty Guardian Talisman with me. Thanks to that, I could break out from the prison, otherwise I would have been a goner. Shockingly, that little cultivator who is not even at the Concealed stage could escape. However, the fact that he could kill off Fifth Senior Brother is even more shocking. Fifth Senior Brother is one level higher than me,” whispered the charming woman. At the same time, she released a faint sphere of light to block off the incoming poison waters and fog.

The charming woman had actually witnessed Chen Feng killing Fifth Senior Brother from within the pool. However, she was too terrified of the sword in Chen Feng’s hand. Thus, she chose not to break out at that moment.

“That weapon in the kid’s hand is definitely not a normal Magic artefact. If I am not mistaken, he should have found it at the bottom of the pool. Or perhaps, he may have found the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad’s lair. This old Yao beast have been staying here for who knows how long and killed an unknown number of cultivators. The number of magic treasures it collected must be significant. Given the circumstances, the kid must have gotten them all.”

After coming to that conclusion, the charming woman’s eyes glinted with killing intent. At the same time, she was unable to stop herself from revealing a highly avaricious expression. Schemes began to continuously form within her mind.

“Although that sword is powerful, your cultivation base is too low. It will be easy to kill you. I will let you be happy for now. Soon, everything on you will be mine.”

The charming woman whispered out before her figure flashed away. She quickly charged into the thick layer of poisonous fog and disappeared. She had gone in pursuit of Chen Feng, intending on finding an opportunity to attack him.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Chen Feng continued to fly through the layer of fog with excitement. His blood was rushing and he felt a desire to laugh out loudly.

“This feels too damned good! Ha ha ha, I have never felt so happy and excited before. This time, I will be able to avenge the old man,” Chen Feng blurted out. The matter of the old cultivator, He Yuan, was a shadow within his heart. As his cultivation base was insufficient, he could not kill off Elder Liang. However, things were different now. With the power to kill off even Concealed stage cultivators in his hand, Chen Feng will not let this let Elder Liang off.

Hu! Hu! Hu!

The poisonous fog around him was constantly blown back, giving him a feeling of soaring above black-coloured clouds. However, Chen Feng was in no mood to appreciate the scenery. He found it difficult to calm down his rushing blood. All he wanted to do was to leave this dissonant place as soon as possible.

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