Chapter 43: Sage Goldenlight

Like an arrow, Chen Feng finally shot out from the layer of poisonous fog. After exiting the fog, not only did Chen Feng not stop, he took a deep breath. This one breath seemingly absorbed the air within the tens of metres before him into his body. It was done abruptly and quickly, creating a rushing sound as a result. His whole body expanded by a notch, becoming strange to behold. Next, the speed at which he flew increased.

After leaving the pool, Chen Feng began changing his flight trajectory. He became like an eagle rushing through the sky. In but a breath’s worth of time, Chen Feng had flown over a distance of hundreds of metres. This level of speed far surpassed that of some flying beasts.

Chen Feng’s objective was to find a safe and secluded place to properly inspect his harvest. Although Chen Feng had been to Black Origin Mountain Range many times before, there were only a few instances where he had been able to enter the depths of its forest. The place he was most familiar with was the stone mountain that the tree spirit had brought him to. At that moment, Chen Feng planned on finding the stone mountain, hide himself within it and make an inventory of his harvest.

Not long after Chen Feng left the pool. The charming woman from Purplecloud Sky Grotto flew out as well. It would appear that the charming woman possessed a method of tracking Chen Feng. She followed Chen Feng in a leisurely pace, not fearful of losing Chen Feng.

After the charming woman disappeared, another woman suddenly appeared. The woman wore white clothing and the air around her was seemingly shrouded by a faint smoky air. She possessed a slender figure and a perfect bearing. Her silky hair flowed down like a waterfall and her skin was a beautiful sheen of white. Her pupils gleamed with an illusionary quality, giving others the impression of a Goddess descending upon the mundane world.

If Chen Feng were to see her, he would undoubtedly become highly shocked. The woman was none other than the one he had met during his first foray into the forest, the fairy-like woman in white.

“How strange! Just now, I sensed the essence of the tree spirit. It seems someone had indeed beat me to it that day,” said the woman in white with a voice that was pleasant to the ear. Agreeable and noble, it was an addictive voice. 

“Let’s see who exactly dared to snatch it from me.” After saying that, the woman in white’s slender figure swiftly fluttered through the sky. Instantly, she transformed into a white beam of light and disappeared. She was flying on her own, not using a flying sword or some other magic treasure.


The pool had grown even more turbulent as the battle occurring at the bottom of the pool had seemingly reached a *** stage. At the same time, thunderous sounds rang out from the bottom of the pool. It was unknown it those were the result of *** or thunderbolts were truly roaring out within the pool [1]

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Soon enough, the cultivators began charging out from within the pool. Their bodies were badly damaged and miserable to the sight. The moment they emerged, they quickly fled as far as they could. The fastest ones were the three ferocious looking cultivators from Evil Moon Grotto.

The three of them had long since lost the arrogance and ferocity they showed in the beginning. Every one of them was dishevelled and bleeding from every orifice on their bodies. One of them even had his arm ripped off, revealing the white bones within. It was a very creepy sight.

However, those three were also the fastest to die. Three red lines swiftly shot out from the pool. When the red lines approached the three cultivators, they suddenly curved like a soft rope to quickly tie up the three cultivators.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The red lines violently tightened and the bodies of the three cultivators from Evil Moon Grotto burst apart in the sky. Flesh and blood flew about while strands of energy spilled out and invisible ripples spread.

“Not good! This yao beast is too powerful. Hurry, use the Divine Movement Talisman!” Seeing the spectacle, the other cultivators who rushed out from the pool went pale from horror. Some of these cultivators had come from some famous sects while others were loose cultivators with high cultivation bases. After joining hands, they decided to entrap the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad and collect the Greenjade Magic Soulfruits under the pool. Unexpectedly, the yao beast was too strong. Not only did the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad destroy the array that some of them had set up, it had also seriously wounded them. At that moment, all of them were faced with the threat of death.

Seeing the three cultivators from Evil Moon Grotto reduced to bloody mists in particular horrified the others to the extreme. All of them pulled out their strongest escape cards.

Golden light flashed from their legs. Then, the speed at which they fled abruptly doubled. All of them shot to the sky with lightning-like speed.

The card they just used was a type of speed-type talisman created by powerful cultivators, Divine Movement Talisman. After using it, the user’s speed can be greatly increased. It was suitable for both fleeing and chasing after enemies.

However, even after utilizing the Divine Movement Talismans, the cultivators were still incapable of escaping the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad’s pursuit. Bluish-green pillars of light shot out continuously from the bottom of the pool. The moment a cultivator was struck by the pillar of light, he or she would end up getting sealed, incapable of moving anymore.


This time, the explosion erupting from the pool was greater than any other before as a large toad, almost like a small mountain, erupted out from the pool. Opening its mouth, it exerted a suction force upon the air, instantly sucking in three cultivators into its mouth.

“Despicable! You bugs actually used ‘luring the tiger out from the mountain trick’ on me? You actually found someone to sneak into my lair! Today, all of you can forget about escaping! All of you will be eaten up my me!” The Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad unleashed a powerful wave of divine sense.

By then, there were only three cultivators left, all three desperately trying to escape. The others had all been killed by this powerful yao beast. It would appear that these three cultivators were also going to be eaten by the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad.

It was at that moment that golden light descended from the sky. Next, the light erupted without warning and countless sparks spread outwards to form a large golden net. The net that was seemingly capable of covering the world itself enveloped the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad.

“Not good!”

Feeling the momentum of the attack coming from the sky, the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad’s eyes revealed a look of seriousness. Later, however, it turned into one of fear. It actually did not even try to fight off the attack. Instead, it turned its large body around, wanting to escape back into the pool.

This yao beast, which had revealed an overbearing nature since its appearance, had finally shown fear.

“That is the Divine Goldenlight Net!” blurted the three cultivators that were fleeing. Next, the looks of their faces became like those who had received salvation. Clearly, they had recognized the identity of the newcomer.


One word rang out from the sky. Like thunder, the word shooked the waters of the pool, causing the waters to dance about in the air. At the same time, the three cultivators that had stopped running away felt their heads spinning. They found themselves no longer capable of concentrating their energy. Were it not for the Divine Movement Talismans, they would have fallen down from the sky.

Next, the vast Divine Goldenlight Net grew even bigger, seemingly wanting to encompass the whole pool. Every thread was as thick as a finger and they dazzled with golden light. Furthermore, glowing light was moving along the surface of the threads. It was as though they were burning.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

The golden light from the Divine Goldenlight Net shone brilliantly. At the same time, it released a suction force which stopped the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad’s movement. Next, the net abruptly flew down to wrap up the large yao beast.

Gu! Gu! Gu! Gu!

After getting wrapped up by the net, the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad began struggling desperately. Its body, the size of a small mountain, expanded once more. At the same time, thunderous rumblings could be heard coming out from its body. Next, it opened its mouth to release waves of intense emanations outwards. The surrounding space vibrated, like water ripples spreading out.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Breaking sounds rang out as the threads of the net entangling the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad began bursting apart. Golden light sparked out and it did not take long for a hole the size of a building to appear amidst the golden threads. It appeared as though the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad would be escaping from the entangling net soon.

That was the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad’s ultimate technique, the Golden Toad Ripple. After unleashing it, even a small but genuine stone mountain could be shattered apart.

“What a powerful yao beast! If you have already overcome your Lightning Tribulation, I would really have no way of restraining you. However, trying to escape with your present level is impossible.” Suddenly, a middle-aged man in golden-coloured clothes appeared in mid-air. He did not have a particularly tall stature. However, he gave off an arrogant and domineering atmosphere. It was as though he held within his body a power capable of suffocating others, a power that could erupt out at any given moment.

“Sure enough, it is Sage Goldenlight. Now, we don’t need to escape anymore.” The three cultivators who had escaped from this calamity exchanged glances. They finally breathed out sighs of relief.


Sage Goldenlight blew, releasing a golden-coloured flow of energy towards the Divine Goldenlight Net below him. Next, the hole on the net immediately radiated intensely with golden light. In an instant, it had recovered its original state. At the same time, the net seemingly gained a life of its own as it began to ceaselessly adapt and grow. Soon, nine layers of net had grown out, firmly entangling the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad. No matter how hard it struggled, it could achieve nothing.


Sage Goldenlight shouted softly and the Divine Goldenlight Net quickly contracted, shrinking into the size of a palm. Then, transforming into a stream of light, it fell into Sage Goldenlight’s hand. Within it was the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad, once the size of a small mountain, but now smaller than a palm. It now looked just like a toad within a farm. At the same time, it had also lost its ferocity. It was firmly held down by the net, incapable of moving at all.

“Greetings, Sage Goldenlight!” The three cultivators moved forward and bowed respectfully.

“Oh? You fellows are from Dark Light Island.” Sage Goldenlight nodded his head with a calm expression. Next, he reached out with his hand and a fiery-red, palm-sized gourd appeared within his palm. The gourd exerted a powerful suction force and the black waters below were pulled into the gourd. In less than one joss stick’s worth of time, all the waters in the pool and the poisonous fog floating in the air had been completely sucked in. The surrounding area with a radius of tens of li became revealed (1 li = 0.5 km). The pool that was hundreds of metres deep became utterly exposed, allowing them to see everything below.

“The poison waters and fog are all good materials for creating magic treasures. A pity!” The three cultivators from Dark Light Island sighed to themselves. However, they dared not reveal their feelings.

With a flick of his voluminous sleeves, Sage Goldenlight landed at the bottom of the pool. Seeing the nine plants at the bottom, his eyes revealed happiness. Soon, however, his face darkened.

“What is this? Two Greenjade Magic Soulfruits are missing. Did you fellows take it?” said Sage Goldenlight with a solemn tone.

“Please calm down, senior. This time, we failed to get anything. Not only that, we had even lost a great deal of helpers. If I am not mistaken, the two fruits there were taken away by a little cultivator during the chaos,” one of the cultivators from Dark Light Island hastily replied.


Sage Goldenlight said nothing. Stepping forward, he collected all nine plants. Seeing that, the envious eyes of the three cultivators from Dark Light Island turned red.

Afterwards, Sage Goldenlight made his way into the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad’s grotto. However, he quickly came out. This time, his face was even more distorted. Clearly, he had not gained anything.

“Senior! Since arriving, we have been occupied fighting against the yao beast. We have never even stepped foot into this grotto,” the cultivators from Dark Light Island quickly said.

“I know. Given your abilities, you are likely incapable of breaking open the barrier protecting this grotto. Someone had taken advantage of the chaos to beat me to it.” After saying that, Sage Goldenlight’s figure flashed through the sky and disappeared.

 1 *** is in the raws. =(

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