Chapter 41: Loot Everything

Seeing the cave entrance with a radius of two zhang, Chen Feng quickly concluded that this was the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad’s place of living. Realizing that he had found the yao beast’s lair, he became excited (1 zhang = 3.333 m).

The Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad had killed so many cultivators before. Its lair must hold a bunch of good stuffs, right? If I can get in and fleece the place, I’ll be rich! This is an opportunity that only comes once in a thousand years!

Reaching that line of thought, Chen Feng’s heart palpitated intensely. A great opportunity that would only come once in a blue moon indeed. At present, the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad was occupied fighting off the other cultivators and had no time to bother with him. If he could slip into its lair unnoticed, loot the place and quickly run away… just thinking about that made Chen Feng’s eyes go red.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Chen Feng pummelled the sphere of light encasing him. However, no matter how hard he tried, he could not even shake the thin layer of light. Chen Feng was only a minor cultivator who had yet to reach the Concealed stage. The Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad, on the other hand, was a ferocious yao beast on the brink of undergoing Lightning Tribulation. The chasm between them was like the difference between Heaven and Earth.


Another turbulent force sent the sphere and Chen Feng up, slamming him onto the surface of the rock. Chen Feng felt as though he had been thrown into a whirlpool. Both his eyes and mind spun. It was an extremely uncomfortable feeling. However, with that, Chen Feng was one step closer towards the cave entrance.

Right, I have weapons with me!

Chen Feng hastily pulled out a short sword that was covered with marks of erosion. Then, he stabbed and slashed out at the sphere of light. The short sword was only one of the many weapons he had picked up from the bottom of the pool earlier. Although it was near and utterly eroded state, it was still not something that ordinary weapons could hope to compete against. It could easily pierce through steel plates and cleave rocks. Additionally, these weapons were all created using special materials. Some had even retained traces of spiritual attributes. When Chen Feng attacked using the sword, he finally noticed some reaction from the sphere of light. Although it was just a minute reaction, it was still a better result compared to when Chen Feng had pummelled it with his bare hands.

Tossing the short sword away, Chen Feng pulled out another weapon. This time, it was a jade ruler. To Chen Feng’s surprise, the power of the jade ruler was somewhat higher than the short sword’s power. When Chen Feng brandished it in his state of desperation, the jade ruler radiated with a dim glow. Unfortunately, the effect on the sphere was still minute.

As the chaos continued to rage around at the bottom of the pool, Chen Feng continuously pulled out the other weapons on his person. Short blades, broken spears, flying swords and even steel needles. Although the weapons were abnormally sharp, they were still incapable of breaking the sphere of light imprisoning him.

Meanwhile, the battle between the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad and the other cultivators grew even more intense and the pool itself churned upwards. Chen Feng, who was caught within it, had to face an extremely difficult time. Stars exploded within his eyes, the result of his dizzy state. Coincidentally, Chen Feng was actually thrown towards the entrance of the cave.


It was then that Chen Feng felt no resistance against his hand. The attack that he had unleashed earlier had gotten past the sphere of light that was encasing him.

Eh? I broke through? What happened?

Chen Feng was taken aback. He had suffered from a severe mental blow earlier as almost everything he tried, all the weapons he had on him, failed to break the sphere of light. He was on the verge of despair. At that moment of success, Chen Feng had seen light amidst darkness. He became overjoyed and he swiftly turned to check which weapon had succeeded. 

It is the black arrow!

There was a black arrow in his hand, one of the three undamaged black arrows that Chen Feng had found at the bottom of the pool. The black arrow had pierced the sphere of light. Appearance wise, the black arrow remained black, the colour of ink. There was no fluctuations or irregularities and it appeared the same as ever. However, Chen Feng knew that he could now escape.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Wielding the black arrow, Chen Feng slashed out at the sphere of light with lightning-like speed, easily making three holes on the sphere.


A clear sound could be heard as the sphere of light encasing Chen Feng’s figure abruptly shattered, transforming into wisps of power, which then dissipated into its surroundings.

The surrounding poison waters immediately surged forward. As it was about to submerge Chen Feng, the Water Prevention Pearls on him activated. They immediately radiated a barrier, protecting Chen Feng from the poison waters.

Phew! I finally broke through the shackles. I wonder, can these black arrows break the barrier here? Holding onto a black arrow, Chen Feng then thrust it into the wall to steady himself. Next, pulling out another black arrow, he charged towards the barrier on the cave entrance.


As expected, although the arrow did encounter some resistance, it managed to pierce through the barrier. Next, Chen Feng quickly made his move. Twisting his body, he slipped inside.

After Chen Feng slipped inside, the barrier outside the cave entrance flashed, radiating a burst of light before returning to its normal state, blocking off the outside waters from coming in.

“Huh, I am finally in.”

After entering the cave, Chen Feng’s whole body immediately felt relaxed. The suppressive atmosphere had suddenly disappeared and there were no undercurrents inside the cave. It was as though he had left the bottom of the pool and reached the top. Chen Feng could now relax.

“It turns out there is a grotto here. The waters outside cannot come in. This looks like the big toad’s home,” said Chen Feng as he began investigating his surroundings.

The size of the cave was not small at all. It had a radius of a good 10 plus zhang. It was, however, somewhat simplistic. One glance was enough to tell that it had been casually dug out. The surrounding walls were embedded with treasure stones with similar functions to the Night Clarity Pearls, making the interior of the cave no different to the surface outside. Rather, the light here was gentler compared to the outside sun.

“This is?”

Chen Feng’s eyes were attracted towards a pile of weapons and miscellaneous items placed in a corner of the cave.

Flying swords that were completely undamaged, blades that were both thick and sharp, battle spears filled with killing intent. All of those glittered there. There were also some items that Chen Feng could not recognize.

“Excellent! Now this is what I call undamaged weapons! It seems all the good stuff had been brought by the big toad into this cave. I found the warehouse, eh? Ha ha ha ha! I am going to be rich!”

Seeing the items placed before him, Chen Feng could not stop himself from laughing out loud.

“Right, I think those experts have something like spatial pouches or something. Where is it? Could it be this small bag?” As Chen Feng spoke, he picked up a small bag the size of a palm. It was unknown what materials were used to create the small bag. It felt incomparably soft to the touch, a very comfortable feeling. Its small opening was tied using a gold thread.

“Is this the spatial pouch? The one that can store many types of magic treasures? Isn’t this a little too small?” After saying that, Chen Feng picked up another small bag that was around the same size. There was a total of over 10 of those small bags in the corner. All of them were of roughly the same size.

Out of curiosity, Chen Feng opened up one of the bags and attempted to put his hand into it. Next, Chen Feng revealed a look of shock as his whole hand slowly moved inside.

“It really is a spatial pouch. Even after putting my whole arm in, I still cannot feel anything. It seems there is another space within it.”


Suddenly, the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad’s roar reverberated all the way into the cave, shaking Chen Feng until he felt dizzy again. It would appear that it was truly enraged.

“No more delays! Hurry up and leave!” said Chen Feng as he picked up a blade and stuffed it into the spatial pouch.


The blade disappeared. Seeing that, Chen Feng became confident and he tossed in all the weapons on the ground and even the other damaged weapons he brought into the spatial pouch. Next, he stuffed the other spatial pouches into the spatial pouch that he was holding. In the end, only two Water Prevention Pearls, a sheathed sword and a black arrow remained on his person.

Chen Feng stuffed the spatial pouch into his chest and charged out from the cave.

The instant Chen Feng left the cave, turbulent water currents descended upon him. Thankfully, Chen Feng had already experienced this before and he clung to the ground with all he had as he crawled forward. He continued moving like that for over 100 metres. Then, both his feet kicked out and he rushed to the surface. At the same time, he mobilized the astral energy from his body to form a pair of broad wings on his back. They moved quickly, fending off the water currents and he became like a fish swimming towards the water surface.

Chen Feng was giving it his all. He could feel his heart thumping violently. There were both anxiousness and excitement within him. One thought and one thought only went through his mind at the moment, that was to quickly make his way out of the pool and get as far away from this place.

Please don’t let the big toad find out! At the same time, Chen Feng kept praying.

Chen Feng’s luck was quite good. In just one breath’s time, he succeeded in charging out from the pool. When he reached the surface of the pool, he saw that the whole pool was in a state of chaos. The surface of the pool waters was no longer tranquil. Instead, they churned violently and thick pillars of water spiralled up into the sky everywhere. Due to one moment of carelessness, however, Chen Feng was struck by one of the pillars of water and his figure, enveloped by the Water Prevention Pearl’s barrier, was sent flying into the sky.

“Good chance!”

Chen Feng unfurled his wings and was about to soar away when another pillar of water coincidentally sprouted upwards. Fifth Senior Brother was shot out from the pool. Seeing that caused Chen Feng’s heart to jolt. The restraining sphere of light encasing Fifth Senior Brother had disappeared as well. It meant that Fifth Senior Brother was like Chen Feng. He had broken the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad’s prison and become a free man. 

“Not good!”

Instantly, Chen Feng knew that the situation was not looking good for him.

“Kid, you actually made it out! Excellent! Truly wonderful! Heaven is on my side! Now, hand over the items!” When Fifth Senior Brother saw Chen Feng, he became stunned. However, a ferocious expression quickly appeared on his face as he stretched out his hand in a grasping motion, his figure shooting towards Chen Feng.

The ‘items’ mentioned by Fifth Senior Brother were naturally the Greenjade Magic Soulfruits. Additionally, Fifth Senior Brother simply did not view Chen Feng as a threat, believing himself capable of easily capturing Chen Feng.


Suddenly, a brilliant light shone outwards, causing the surrounding poisonous fog and waters to be vaporized into nothingness. A sword beam resembling a pillar of fire punched through the sky and hacked down at Fifth Senior Brother.

Chen Feng had pulled out the sword from the sheath, issuing this attack.

The sword beam was at least 10 metres long and every part of it was a colour of fiery red. Fifth Senior Brother watched in horror as the sword’s power erupted forward. 


Fifth Senior Brother did not even have the time to scream as his whole figure was torn apart by the sword beam. Then, the torn parts of his flesh disintegrated under the might of the sword beam. With that, Fifth Senior Brother disappeared from the world.

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