Chapter 4: Exhilarating Battle

Could this be due to my cultivation efforts? No wonder I get the feeling that the primary energy within my body was getting filled more and more. Additionally, it seems to have some wood essence within it.

If so, wouldn’t the rate at which I cultivate grow faster? I am now at the fourth layer. If there is enough primary energy, I can open up the other closed meridians and break through once again into the hundred opened meridians (5th) layer. Chen Feng joyfully thought to himself.

It did not take long for Ye Tian to run in once more. Seeing Chen Feng, a look of surprise appeared in his eyes.

“You sent Wang Bo packing just now?” Ye Tian asked in disbelief.

“Yes.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Sii, in other words, you have reached the fourth layer of the Training Body and Energy stage. You managed to break through twice in a row?” asked Ye Tian with a shocked face.

Chen Feng nodded again. He did not elaborate.

“You need to be careful. Wang Bo’s grandfather is an elder of our sect. Now that Wang Bo has suffered a loss, he will certainly go find some other disciple to trouble you,” said Ye Tian in a concerned manner.

Despite not saying anything in response, a hint of urgency could be seen from Chen Feng’s eyes. Not only were there disciples on the fifth layer and the sixth layer, some of the elite disciples had even managed to reach the seventh layer. It was still quite an easy feat for people like them to kill Chen Feng off. At the end of the day, he was still too weak.

After Ye Tian left, Chen Feng gently stroked the little tower he wore on his chest and pondered. The little tower that had accompanied him all this time remained the same, ordinary, shabby and filled with cracks. In the past, Chen Feng had never given it much thought. However, as it was the only thing he had on his person, he had never thrown it away. After the incident with the lightning bolt, however, Chen Feng finally realized that this little tower was definitely not a common item. His mind raced. His life may be connected to this little tower.

As far back as he can remember, he had been wandering about all alone and had gone to who knows just how many places. He had had to suffer so much, nearly dying of starvation several times, nearly eaten by wild beasts. Naturally, Chen Feng wanted to know where he had come from. Who were his parents? Was he abandoned? Or were there other unknown reasons for it? Yet, with the exception of this shabby little tower on his person, he had nothing else.

A few days ago, the shabby little tower revealed an irregular display by not only sucking up a lightning bolt, but also allowing Chen Feng to break through twice in quick succession. Facing these facts, Chen Feng was incapable of remaining calm.

Just what is the secret of this little tower? A pity I am only on the fourth layer of the Training Body and Energy stage. Only after reaching the Concealed stage can I possess the divine sense. Only after reaching that stage can I control magic treasures. Only then can I figure it out. Although this little tower looks terribly damaged, I feel that it is not an ordinary item.

Still, cultivate up to Concealed stage? How insurmountable of a task is that? The number of Concealed stage cultivators in Black Origin City can practically be counted with one hand.

In the end, Chen Feng shook his head and stopped dwelling about it. That was still a faraway task. At present, it was important for him to quickly improve his strength so that he could take on the incoming set of problems.

During the next few days, Chen Feng chose not to go out as well. He stayed quietly within the little courtyard and continued to practice cultivation. After spending the past few days checking himself, Chen Feng was certain that the primary energy he was cultivating had been completely changed into an unfamiliar one. However, this primary energy was far more powerful compared to primary energy that he had cultivated in the past. It was filled with vitality and his blood felt fully charged while his bones grew stronger. In a matter of days, Chen Feng could feel himself growing considerably taller. His flesh was also slowly bulging outwards and was filled with power.

Although Chen Feng had found some techniques from the circulation of the primary energy, he could clearly sense that both the cultivation technique and moves he found were flawed. Yes, the cultivation technique and moves he currently practiced were flawed. In fact, Chen Feng could feel that his current cultivation technique was not even one tenth of the original one.

This strange cultivation technique must have been sent out from the little tower. When I reach the Concealed stage and control the little tower, I might be able to practice the complete version of this cultivation technique. Chen Feng thought to himself.

The strange primary energy was indeed very powerful. In merely a few days’ time, Chen Feng had managed to open up another two meridians. Seeing this rate of cultivation, Chen Feng secretly felt joyful. Based on the present rate of progress, he would likely be capable of breaking through soon and reach the hundred opened meridians (5th) layer. Then, he would have some status within Iron Sword Sect and could be considered somewhere in the middle of the pyramid.

This day, Chen Feng was cultivating himself again when his ears suddenly perked up. He had heard noisy footsteps moving ever closer towards his little courtyard.

Chen Feng frowned and whispered, “Is trouble coming again?”


Once again, the doors to his little courtyard was kicked open and six figures walked inside. One of them was none other than the one sent packing that day, Wang Bo. At that moment, he was glaring viciously at Chen Feng. At the same time, there was a look of pride on his face. It would appear that he was here for revenge.

Seeing the figures around him, Chen Feng’s face fell and he felt somewhat nervous.

“Turns out, it is Senior Brother Liu Yuan.” Chen Feng stepped forward and greeted courteously. 

Liu Yuan was a young man under the age of 20. He watched Chen Feng greet him with an impassive face and nodded in response, but said nothing. Who knows what he was thinking?

Liu Yuan was a cultivator at the hundred opened meridians (5th) layer. He had reached that level since he was 17 years old. According to rumours, he was presently attempting to form astral energy to break through again. 

Chen Feng looked at Wang Bo, who had the prideful look on his face, and swore inwardly. He actually got Liu Yuan to come? This fellow is one layer above me with hundred opened meridians, primary energy that flows steadily and continuously and a nourished fleshly body. Not only that, he is already about to form astral energy! How am I supposed to deal with him?

However, there was one thing that assured Chen Feng. Liu Yuan was someone who only focused on cultivation and was not an overbearing fellow like others. He had never bullied Chen Feng and possessed a fairly good character.

“Not bad. To be able to breakthrough twice in a row in such a short span on time, this is no simple feat. It seems you have been accumulating it all these years,” said Liu Yuan after looking at Chen Feng. He did not appear too hostile.

“Senior Brother, please take action and teach this trash a lesson,” Wang Bo called out as he sneered at Chen Feng.

“You are only on the fourth layer, still far from me. I will not bully you. Ten moves. If you can still stand after that, I will not pursue this matter anymore. If you fail, move out from this place,” said Liu Yuan coolly as he continued looking at Chen Feng.

“Senior Brother Liu.” Wang Bo had wanted to interject, but was stopped by Liu Yuan. Originally, Wang Bo had asked Liu Yuan over to beat Chen Feng up. Unexpectedly, Liu Yuan seemingly had other thoughts about the matter and had decided to ignore Wang Bo.

“Very well, I will experience Senior Brother Liu’s high-level techniques,” answered Chen Feng solemnly. The primary energy within his body began circulating, rolling like tidal waves to give birth to wave after wave of mighty power. Blood pumped intensely, like a volcano accumulating power just before erupting.

“Mm, it is indeed the fourth layer. Additionally, you are not too far from the fifth layer. Make your move, then,” said Liu Yuan calmly, seemingly not viewing Chen Feng as much.

There were both seriousness and grimness in Chen Feng’s eyes. His heel slammed the ground all of a sudden as he shot towards Liu Yuan like an arrow. At the same time, his fingers formed hooks as they swung towards Liu Yuan, bringing a sharp wind behind it. Again, the Iron Sword Sect’s Eight Forms of Iron Claws was displayed. Every finger was like a sharp sword. Although it was just an ordinary martial technique, once caught, this technique will tear flesh.

“Good!” Liu Yuan shouted softly and his eyes shone. Fighting intent radiated out from his body. This here was a martial addict. It did not matter if his opponent was weak or strong. The moment he took action, he would enter a state of focus and go all-out.


A loud sound rang out as claw and palm slammed into each other. Chen Feng could only feel numbness within all five of his fingers. A force like that of the mountains and seas travelled through his arm over to him, causing him to involuntarily take a few steps backwards. His blood pumped vigorously and his primary energy circulated rapidly. The feelings of discomfort in his body then quickly dissipated and his arm returned to normal.


Chen Feng moved accordingly as his feet moved again and again. Then, he extended out both his index and middle finger towards Liu Yuan. It was none other than the Bone Shattering Fingers.

Liu Yuan had originally thought that his blow earlier, with his greater internal strength, could send Chen Feng flying. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng had only taken a few steps backwards. Additionally, he appeared to be all right as he pounced forward at Liu Yuan once more. Shocked, Liu Yuan quickly retaliated with his own two fingers. He had utilized the same move, intent on using his greater internal energy to suppress Chen Feng.


Another loud clashing sound could be heard, like that of two rocks colliding. The two of them stepped backwards and Chen Feng felt immense pain from his two fingers. It felt as though they were broken. The force behind the attack was such that even his whole arm had gone numb.

“Strong fellow! It seems most of the meridians in this kid’s body have been opened. To think that he would be able to face me head on.” Liu Yuan’s face turned serious and his eyes shone. At that moment, he had truly taken Chen Feng to be his opponent.

“One more time!” Chen Feng shouted as he took the lead and charged at Liu Yuan, unleashing one attack after another. Just now, the circulation of the primary energy within his body had instantly cleared away the feelings of numbness in his arm, returning it to its normal state. Even the pain he felt in his fingers had dissipated instantly.

“Good!” Liu Yuan shouted back as he displayed various moves of his own, entering the battle against Chen Feng.

Seeing the fight between the two, the onlookers present were all stunned. That was especially true of Wang Bo, whose eyes had turned red and his breathing ragged. He had originally thought that with Liu Yuan’s help, taking care of Chen Feng would be a simple matter. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng could face Liu Yuan head on. Additionally, it would appear that the two of them were slightly evenly matched.

In the face of this scene, even the other disciples that had come over were in disbelief. Was this still the same trash that others would normally bully? Was this the same trash who could only reach the second layer after six years of cultivation?

The weak little cat of the past had transformed into a ferocious tiger. This was something that everyone could not accept. That was especially true for those who had bullied Chen Feng before in the past. They became distressed and their faces turned uneasy, fearing that Chen Feng might take revenge on them in the future. At present, all of them were hoping that Liu Yuan could defeat Chen Feng.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

The two of them were still at it. They had long since gone past ten moves. The power coming out from Liu Yuan had been gradually growing and his every move was stronger than the previous one. However, he was not able to beat Chen Feng back. On the contrary, in face of such pressure, Chen Feng grew even more resilient, giving off a feeling of steadfastness in face of a tempest.

“Excellent! Take one more move from me!” Liu Yuan laughed out loudly as he finally unleashed his strongest attack. At that very moment, Liu Yuan appeared to have transformed into a sharp sword and ringing sounds emanated out from his clothes. This was a sword intent that Liu Yuan had practiced out. It was also his most powerful attack. Every part of his body, his strength, his energy, all transformed into a sharp sword. His whole body became like a sharp, unsheathed sword, shooting towards Chen Feng.


Seeing Liu Yuan unleash his might, Wang Bo and the others shouted out.

“To think that Senior Brother Liu has reached this realm, spirit and body as one, transforming into a sword. This kid is in for a painful one. Even if he survives, he will be terribly wounded.”

“That is right. It will be for the best if this trash is crippled. A cripple will always be a cripple!” Wang Bo gnashed out.

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