Chapter 5: Aftermath of the Lightning Strike

At that very moment, Chen Feng displayed that profound martial technique once more. In face of the mountain-like pressure, Chen Feng had no choice but to give it his all. He howled as he exerted every last drop of his strength, his blood charged as his primary energy flowed like an agile snake and every fibre of his muscle trembled; even his skeletal structure was quivering. Even his hair flew up. It was an imperious sight to behold.

Their two attacks collided with a loud “bang”. Powerful air waves spread out from the point between the two, causing some of the flowers and grasses within the little courtyard to turn to smithereens. As for the two of them, they were sent flying backwards. Liu Yuan smashed into the doors of the little courtyard, leaving them in pieces. As for Chen Feng, he slammed into a tree within the little courtyard, a tree which required two men to wrap around. His body then slid down the ground and rolled on the ground a few times. He coughed out a mouthful of blood, incapable of getting up anymore.

Wang Bo and the rest had no words to say. To think that it would end with the two of them getting badly injured.

The trash that everyone had been looking down on all this time could now fight to such a degree against Liu Yuan. This was unbelievable for them. This was especially true for Wang Bo. He could not accept this fact. If this is true, how will I get revenge in the future?

“Good! Good!” By then, Liu Yuan had walked back through the gate. There was a trace of blood on his lips and his face was slightly pale as he looked at Chen Feng. There were both shock and recognition in his eyes.

“Great men are late bloomers, shocking the world from nowhere with one move. One year later, I will be waiting for you in our sect’s grand competition,” said Liu Yuan while looking at Chen Feng. Then, he turned and left, ignoring Wang Bo and the others, who were standing nearby.

“Cough! Cough!” Chen Feng coughed out a few times. His chest was stained with blood and he forced himself to sit down to rouse the primary energy within his body to heal himself.

Those few figures who had come along earlier looked at Chen Feng and the aftermath of the battle. Then, one by one, they left. In the end, only Wang Bo was left. A violent glint shone within his eyes as he seemingly considered something.

Finally, Wang Bo gritted his teeth and stepped towards Chen Feng. At the same time, he reached for the sword hanging down his waist.


When there were only three metres between him and Chen Feng, Chen Feng raised his head. His eyes flashed, shocking Wang Bo.

“What? Are you planning on making a move? Did you think that just because I am wounded, I cannot kill you?” Both of Chen Feng’s eyes were staring intently at Wang Bo and killing intent radiated out from his body.

Looking at Chen Feng, Wang Bo was unable to stop himself from shivering. His grip on his sword grew tighter. Then, he turned around and quickly left. Although it was somewhat humiliating, he had witnessed Chen Feng’s might earlier. He truly feared that the wounded Chen Feng might go crazy and kill him off. No matter what, he was not someone to take his own life trivially.

After Wang Bo left, Chen Feng let out a sigh of relief. Although he did not fear Wang Bo, forcing himself to fight while his body was so terribly wounded would badly affect him.

Chen Feng pulled out a medicinal pill and swallowed it before proceeding with the healing process. In the final full out exchange earlier, Chen Feng’s meridians had been terribly damaged. It would be best for him to not move about for a while.

As expected of one with a hundred opened meridians, the primary energy within his body is extremely brutal. He is not someone I can fight against. However, I did block his attack. If I am at the same layer as him, defeating him would be easy. Rather, if only I had progressed a step further, opening up another two meridians, with the help of the martial technique from the strange cultivation technique, I would have been capable of defeating him. Despite his wounds, Chen Feng felt happy as he could feel himself quickly growing stronger.

“Eh?” Chen Feng suddenly exclaimed. Next, he closed his eyes to practice his cultivation method. A few moments later, he opened his eyes and exhaled out a breath of red-coloured, turbid air. His eyes shone, brimming with vigour, unlike one who was suffering from internal injuries.

“Truly shocking! The wounds within my body are healing quickly. This must be due to the strange primary energy within my body,” muttered Chen Feng in shock. 

Naturally, Chen Feng did not think it was due to the medicinal pill he took. Even though he had swallowed a pill earlier, it could not have helped him recover in such a short time. By Chen Feng’s estimate, given the rate at which his body was healing, he would likely be fully healed in less than half a day’s time.

Next, Chen Feng chose not to move around. Instead, he sat cross-legged and focused on respiration as he adjusted his internal rate of breathing. This time, as he circulated his primary energy, he could clearly sense the essences of the grasses and flowers within the little courtyard being absorbed by him. The essences entered his body to bolster his life force and heal his wounds.

What a miraculous cultivation technique. As it is, does it mean I do not have to fear getting injured in the future? Additionally, the life force within my body will grow stronger and stronger. Breaking through continuously will not be a difficult thing for me.

Chen Feng then suppressed his feelings of excitement and began focusing on healing his wounds.

The rate of healing went beyond Chen Feng’s expectations. In only four hours, Chen Feng could feel that his body had fully recovered. Additionally, his meridians were even more resilient and the primary energy within his body was even more bountiful than before.

Excellent. As expected, there can be no construction without destruction. Chen Feng clenched his fists happily.

By now, most of the meridians within Chen Feng’s body had been opened up. Additionally, his meridians were wider and more resilient compared to the average cultivators. By reaching the hundred opened meridians (5th) layer, Chen Feng was confident that he would be able to defeat Liu Yuan.

The primary energy within his body flowed steadily non-stop, charging continuously through his meridians. With each circulation, some impurities would be filtered out, making them even purer and condensed. His heart thumped vigorously as his blood surged continuously, creating powerful charging forces, which flowed towards all four limbs. The forces cleansed his marrow and tempered his bones, strengthening his body further.

Chen Feng continued cultivating for a while longer before finally choosing to walk out through the gate. He now appeared tall, his pace steady and powerful, his eyes bright and clear and his face revealed a trace of resolution. Chen Feng felt that this was the first time his spine had such strength. The inferiority and humiliation he felt in the past were quickly dissipating and a feeling of confidence flowed into every part of his body.

At that time, the sun was leaning slightly towards the west and faint sunlight pierced through the shadows cast by the trees to create small downward shafts of light. The old crows within the forest cawed out without stopping.

The moment Chen Feng stepped out, he attracted the gazes of his fellow disciples.

“Hey, look! Is that the trash? Why do I feel like he has become a different person?”

“Shh! Lower your voice! He is not a trash anymore. Didn’t you hear? Just now, Chen Feng fought against Senior Brother Liu Yuan, leading to both suffering from serious injuries.”

“What do you mean both suffering from serious injuries? Isn’t he all right now? In the future, we cannot call him a trash anymore. We must address him as Senior Brother Chen. As for you fellows who would normally bully him, just you wait. I think Chen Feng will definitely have his revenge.”

“Humph! What is there to fear? No matter how powerful he may be, he is just a minor cultivator on the fourth layer. There are many more powerful disciples than him in our sect.”

“Hey, hey! As I recall, you and Chen Feng joined the sect at the same time. During the past six years, Chen Feng could only reach the second layer while you reached the third layer. But now Chen Feng has reached the fourth layer, one upping you. I also recall that you bullied him quite a bit in the past.”

“Humph! He just got lucky with his breakthrough. Besides, I am going to break through soon. When that happens, I do not need to fear him at all.”

Hearing to the discussion coming from his fellow disciples, Chen Feng’s face remained as calm as still water. There was no expression on his face. Inwardly, though, he sneered incessantly at them.

After making his way out from Iron Sword Sect, Chen Feng did not stop. Soon, he had made his way out from Black Origin City as he once again made his way towards the valley where he was struck by the lightning bolt.

The valley was not too small. It was connected to a range of rolling mountains. Any one of the mountains there was hundreds of times larger than Black Origin City. Some were even thousands of times bigger.

Some of the spots on the mountain range were filled with plants, flowers and grasses, which made it a picturesque image to behold. At the same time, however, they also played host to wild beasts. Danger lurked in every corner. Even the immortal world was filled with danger. Forget a minor cultivator like Chen Feng, even an expert in the Concealed stage could die within the mountain range.

Naturally, Chen Feng did not have the guts to venture deep inside. He simply stayed on the edges of the mountain ranges. Every time he felt down, or after getting bullied, Chen Feng would come to this valley to vent his feelings. Sometimes, he would bitterly practice cultivation. Truth be told, the amount of time he spent within the valley had exceeded the time he spent within his sect.

Chen Feng did not stop at all along the way. He moved quickly until he reached the place where he was struck by lightning. Looking around, he saw that there were seemingly no changes to the place. He could still see traces left by the lightning bolt.

Within the valley, luxuriant trees grew. Trees growing up to hundreds of metres tall could be seen everywhere, filling the place and covering the sky. Apes cried and tigers roared as the birds chirped along.

How strange, such a big and ancient tree is reduced to ashes after getting struck by lightning. Or, could it be the tree had formed a spirit and provoked a Heavenly Tribulation? Chen Feng speculated inwardly. However, he quickly dismissed the idea. He had come to this valley many times before and even climbed up it. Nothing strange had ever happened before.

Chen Feng then continued to check the surroundings. The ancient tree there had been reduced to ashes and even its roots underground had disappeared.

Those lightning bolts were really accurate and thorough. Though, I wonder why it would strike me? Or could it be that I am so despised by Heaven that it would not allow me to live on?

But that is not right. I don’t recall doing anything that could invoke the wrath of Heaven. Rather, I am always the one getting bullied.

Chen Feng expanded the range of his inspection. In the end, he unconsciously made his way deeper into the valley.

Eh? This place also has traces of a lightning strike.

Chen Feng was stunned as he looked at a towering tree that had been split apart by a lightning strike. The split tree was over a hundred metres tall and was several times bigger compared to the one in the outskirts of the valley.

How strange, how strange. Chen Feng checked the surrounding areas and continued to venture deeper.

After moving several hundred metres inside, Chen Feng found yet another lightning-struck tree. This one only had its roots left. Charred remnants could be found in the surrounding areas.

Seeing those aroused Chen Feng’s curiosity. He continued to venture into the forest, ignoring the fact that he was going deep into the mountain range, far deeper than he normally would.

By now, I have found up to 18 trees struck by lightning. Some were utterly reduced to ashes while some were broken apart. This is extremely peculiar. Chen Feng shook his head. It was then that he noticed that the sky had turned dark. The round moon hung high up in the sky and faint light shone down from the starry sky. The air was filled with a dim atmosphere of harmony and tranquillity.

This is quite a good place to cultivate. A pity, I have ventured too deep. It is said that there are various types of wild beasts inside this mountain range. Even a Concealed stage expert could be ripped apart here. I should leave this place as soon as possible. Although Chen Feng wanted to move further in, he suppressed the feelings of curiosity within him. The mountain range was filled with dangers and he had no desire to die in vain.

As Chen Feng was just about to leave, he heard indistinct voices talking in the distance.

There are some people here! Chen Feng was shocked. His body moved like a monkey and he quickly climbed up a nearby tree. After climbing up a distance of over 30 metres, he carefully hid himself within a dense foliage.

It did not take long for two figures to move closer. Although it was already late at night, Chen Feng could still make out their appearances through the leaves of the foliage.

One was a middle-aged Daoist while the other was a young cultivator in warrior gear. The two of them discussed amongst themselves as they moved forward. They displayed an unconcerned attitude. However, each step they took covered a distance of several zhang (1 zhang = 3.333 m). They were practically flying through the forest like ghosts.

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