Chapter 3: Lesson

Seeing the three figures, Chen Feng knitted his brows and killing intent flashed across his eyes.

The three figures were all around 16 to 17 years old. The clothes they wore and the items they carry were far better than Chen Feng’s and they wore arrogant expressions on their faces as they cast looks of disdain at Chen Feng.

“Wang Bo, what are you all here for?” asked Chen Feng coldly. Under Wang Bo’s lead, the three of them had often bullied Chen Feng. That was especially true of Wang Bo, who had beaten Chen Feng up several times before.

“Ohoh! I haven’t seen you for just a few days and you seem to have gotten braver, eh? To think you would be brave enough to talk to us like that,” jeered one of the youngsters standing beside Wang Bo. He was one of Wang Bo’s lackeys and would often assist Wang Bo in bullying Chen Feng.

“You are not welcomed here. Are you not leaving?” Chen Feng said coldly as he controlled his desire to attack.

“You are looking for a beating! Our Senior Brother Wang has taken a liking to this little courtyard of yours. Hurry up, pack up your things and leave this place,” shouted the first lackey.

“That is right, the old fellow is dead. This place is not for the likes of you. Hurry up and scram. Go find a dog kennel for yourself,” shouted the second lackey.

Wang Bo, who stood in the middle, said nothing. Instead, he raised his head up high in an arrogant manner while allowing his two lackeys to speak. It seemed as though Chen Feng was nothing in his eyes.

Hearing those words, the rage in Chen Feng’s heart burst forth. These people were being too much. They wanted to snatch away his little courtyard. After Chen Feng’s life as a wandering beggar came to an end, he had been staying here with the old cultivator and had come to regard this place as his own home. No one was allowed to snatch it away from him.

“What? Why aren’t you rolling off yet? Hurry up and pack up! Scram! Or do you want us to take action?”

“That is right, if we are to take action, you will definitely get beaten up again. Why bother? You have taken enough beatings.”

“Indeed, bullying one person everyday… even I feel bored from that.”

“Of course, if you are not going to act sensibly today, don’t blame us for being rough.”

The two lackeys kept talking, continuing each other’s words. In the end, they began rubbing their fists, seemingly intent on making their move.

“You fellows, scram!” Chen Feng was unable to stop himself from screaming out. The blood in his body boiled like a volcano that was on the brink of erupting.

“Yo! You really have gotten braver. In just a few days’ time, you actually dare to talk to us in such a way? It seems there is a need to properly teach you a lesson.” One of the lackeys took a large step forward and sent a slap towards Chen Feng.

Although it was just a simple waving motion, “pa pa” sounds could be heard coming from his arm. His palm flew with such ferocity that a strong gust of wind blew behind it. It contained the power of the rumbling bones (3rd) layer. A normal slap from someone of this layer could kill an ordinary person.


A glint flashed across Chen Feng’s eyes and he sent out a slap of his own. As his palm flew out, muffled rumbling could be heard from his body. His palm was faster than the lackey’s and made contact first despite being launched later. The two palms slapped each other.


Following a clear clapping sound, the first lackey cried out wretchedly before flying backwards. Falling onto the ground, his body then rolled back and forth. His palm hung limply. Chen Feng’s slap had broken it, causing him to feel intense pain. Sweat broke out all over his body as he cried out in misery again and again.

“Rumbling bones! You broke through?” Wang Bo exclaimed and his eyes, which were observing Chen Feng, glinted. However, he quickly recollected himself.

“And here I was, wondering why you could become so brave. It turns out you broke through. Humph, you have been cultivating within Iron Sword Sect for so long only to break through to the third layer now. You really are a trash amongst trash,” Wang Bo sneered. 

“If I am a trash, then what about this lackey of yours?” answered Chen Feng with a sneer of his own. Seeing as he was capable of sending the lackey flying with one slap, Chen Feng grew more confident. He was no longer fearful of them.

“Humph, that was just due to carelessness. You have only just broken through, so we are in the same layer. I will not bully you. Let us exchange moves and pointers, then.” The second lackey’s body dashed out ferociously like a cheetah. His five fingers were curled like iron hooks and they swung towards Chen Feng. This was one of Iron Sword Sect’s martial techniques, the Eight Forms of Iron Claws. After successfully mastering it, a cultivator would be able to crush rocks with his fingers and tear wild beasts apart. It was a powerful technique.

Naturally, Chen Feng had also trained in that technique before. In order to not expose his full strength, he had suppressed his cultivation base to that of the third layer. His fingers curled to form hooks and they moved as fierce as the wind as he, too, displayed the Eight Forms of Iron Claws. He took the opponent’s move head on, exchanging blow for blow. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

As the two of them exchanged blows, the sound of colliding attacks rang out continuously and the two of them increased the rate at which they were attacking each other. Every attack was met head on as neither side was willing to take a step back, leading to what appeared like an even match.

Seeing that, Wang Bo’s eyes flickered. Who knows what he was thinking. Next, he knelt down and helped his first lackey with his wound. The lackey’s palm was cracked and his wrist broken. Even with spirit-type medicines, he will need to rest up for a good while. The first lackey observed Chen Feng, who was in the midst of battling, and a look of resentment appeared in his eyes. The trash that was usually picked on by others had actually wounded him. The pain from this fact alone was more unbearable compared to the pain from his wound.

It did not take long before they had unleashed 100 moves each. By now, the second lackey was beginning to feel anxious. He had unleashed his all but was still incapable of taking down this trash. Inevitably, he began to grow impulsive.

On Chen Feng’s end, he could have quickly finished off his opponent. However, he did not do so. Firstly, he did not want to expose his full strength. Secondly, he wanted to familiarize himself with his new cultivation base.

By now, Chen Feng felt that it was almost time to end it. Chen Feng spurred his primary energy to circulate faster. His blood practically galloped like an erupting volcano. Next, he sent a ferocious slap towards his opponent’s face. The second lackey uttered out a miserable cry from that. His teeth flew, blood spurted out from his nose, his mouth grew crooked and his eyes slanted as he fell to the ground before fainting.

“You.” The expression on Wang Bo’s face finally changed. He took two steps forward as both eyes stared at Chen Feng. His primary energy began circulating and a powerful aura radiated out from his body. Strong sounds came from his clothes. He was surprisingly a fourth layer cultivator.

Chen Feng could not afford to be careless. He knew that Wang Bo had broken through to the fourth layer for a while now. After opening up all of his meridians, he would break through again.

“What is this? Do you want to take action yourself?” Chen Feng circulated his primary energy and could feel it flowing steadily and continuously. Seeing as there were no signs of exhaustion, he felt assured.

“That is right. I want to see how much you have improved these days. Don’t think that you can get rid of the title ‘trash’ just because you have broken through one layer. Today, I will beat sense back into you and let you know that you will forever be a trash,” uttered Wang Bo coldly and took the lead. His feet moved quickly and he appeared before Chen Feng. Both his hands shot out in a uniform manner, all 10 fingers forming hooks as he grabbed at Chen Feng’s shoulder. This move of his, as fast as the wind, was even more powerful compared to the two lackeys’. He intended on breaking Chen Feng’s shoulders with this vicious move. Although he looked down on Chen Feng, he had still gone all-out in his move.

“Bone Crushing Hands!” Chen Feng uttered coldly. His legs moved swiftly as he displayed Iron Sword Sect’s movement technique and dodged the move.

“That is right, this is Bone Crushing Hands. I will not kill you, I will just crush all the bones in your body and make you submissive for a while. I will let you know, a trash will always remain a trash! Even after breaking through, you will always be a pitiful bug before me,” sneered Wang Bo. His sharp fingers swiftly changed their trajectory, causing “pa pa” sounds to ring out as they shot towards Chen Feng once more. 

Chen Feng’s figure dodged away once more. He continued to dodge his opponent’s grasping attack. Yet, despite being forced to dodge all the time, he revealed no signs of panic. His eyes shone as he observed every move Wang Bo made. He was able to clearly see every movement pattern that Wang Bo made.


Every time Chen Feng stopped, a part of his sleeves would be ripped out to drift about in the air. After several of his attacks all failed to connect, Wang Bo grew furious and put more power into his attacks.

“Bone Shattering Fingers!” Wang Bo shouted out and two fingers suddenly shot out towards Chen Feng. Every one of the finger strikes would leave the sound of torn air.

Bone Shattering Fingers could be considered a middle-upper level martial technique within Iron Sword Sect. Only those who had opened up at least 100 meridians could practice this technique. After successfully mastering it, by tapping the opponent’s fleshly body, the user could shatter the opponent’s bones. It was a very brutal and overbearing technique.

“You have actually practiced Bone Shattering Fingers!” Rage flared within Chen Feng. For Wang Bo to display this move meant that he clearly intended on crippling him.

“Originally, I only wanted to teach you a lesson. Now, however, I have changed my mind,” said Chen Feng with a sneer. 

“Shameless bragging! I want to see what you can do!” Wang Bo scoffed. Once again, he lashed a finger out at Chen Feng’s dantian region. He wanted to cripple Chen Feng.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The blood within Chen Feng’s body coursed rapidly as primary energy flowed swiftly. Having channelled all his strength, his primary energy circulated. Chen Feng could feel powerful waves of energy gushing towards all of his skeletal structures. At the same time, he displayed a profound move, one from the mysterious cultivation technique.

The profound move broke Wang Bo’s Bone Shattering Fingers attack. Taking advantage of that moment, Chen Feng sent a strike towards Wang Bo.

Seeing Chen Feng’s attack break his Bone Shattering Fingers, Wang Bo’s face immediately sank. Although he had only just begun practicing the Bone Shattering Fingers, the power behind it was not something that any fourth layer cultivator could brush aside.


The palm struck Wang Bo’s chest and he was sent flying. He could feel a destructive power seeping through his body before ravaging through his internal life force without respite. Next, with a “plop”, he fell to the ground. Then, he coughed out a mouthful of blood.


Wang Bo struggled to get up and he pointed at Chen Feng, incapable of saying anything. The primary energy within his body was a mess and his meridians had been terribly damaged. He could no longer even stand properly. At the same time, his mind shouted. How could this trash become so strong?! He felt most unwilling. Yet, he dared not say anything.

“Just scram. Consider this a lesson. Don’t come provoke me again in the future. Otherwise, I will break your arms and legs and destroy your cultivation base,” shouted Chen Feng coldly.

Hearing those words, Wang Bo felt as though his ears were ringing. He could not believe that those words could come out from this trash. This trash who could only wait to be bullied by others had wounded him. Additionally, judging by the looks of it, it would appear that he simply did not view Wang Bo as much.

Wang Bo glared at Chen Feng furiously and gnashed his teeth. Then, he turned to move away.

“Hold it, take your two lackeys with you,” Chen Feng spoke up once again.


Wang Bo grew greatly infuriated and the expression on his face flickered continuously. Then, he moved forward to prop up his two lackeys before walking out miserably.

Phew, I finally vented it out. To think that a day would come where I could hold my head up high. Watching Wang Bo disappear in a wretched manner, Chen Feng felt pleasantness within his heart. A considerable amount of the feelings of suffocation that he had been accumulating within himself had dissipated.

Eh, what happened?

Only then did Chen Feng notice the withered flowers, grasses and trees within the courtyard. The flowers and grasses on the ground were especially withered. It was as though they had been abruptly brought out from late summer into the cold of winter. In the blink of an eye, their life force had been absorbed. It was not just them. Even some of the vines in the courtyard had grown withered in certain places.

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