Chapter 2: Strange Cultivation Technique

Within Black Origin City were four great families, four great sects and the City Lord Residence, a total of nine powers. The City Lord Residence was the strongest. However, in recent years, the four great families and four great sects had continuously grown in strength. In the end, they became the powers that mutually kept the City Lord Residence in check. Together, they ruled over Black Origin City and the areas surrounding it. Chen Feng’s sect was one of the four great sects, the Iron Sword Sect.

Iron Sword Sect was said to have a history spanning over 300 years within Black Origin City. Back then, the founder of the sect, a Concealed stage cultivator and an infamous figure, had used only an iron sword to kill off countless cultivators. Later on, though, he went out in search of immortal serendipity and was never heard of again. At that moment, the one in charge of Iron Sword Sect was rumoured to be in the ninth layer of the Training Body and Energy stage. He was in the midst of assailing his sea of wisdom. If he were to succeed, he would rise to the Concealed stage, going beyond that of normal cultivators, an invincible existence.

“Ha ha ha, fellows, look here! The piece of trash has finally appeared.”

The moment Chen Feng returned to his sect, his fellow cultivators noticed him. All of them laughed out mockingly.

“This trash had been missing for a few days now, I figured he had gone to commit suicide. How unexpected. He is still alive.”

“Humph! Why would this trash willingly kill himself? Don’t you all know that a wretched existence is better than a good death?”

“He really doesn’t know how to feel embarrassed. After cultivating within the sect for six years and wasting who knows how many medicines, he only managed to form a meagre amount of primary energy. After eating so much good stuff, even a pig will become enlightened. Or could it be that this kid’s brain is not as good as a pig’s?”

“Ha ha ha!”

Everyone present laughed out loudly. Those cultivators ridiculing Chen Feng were all youngsters. The eldest amongst them was about the same age as Chen Feng and the weakest amongst them were at the rumbling bones (3rd) layer. There were also a few amongst them who had reached the reinforcement of internal organs (4th) layer. Although Chen Feng’s strength had greatly increased after breaking through, he may not be a match for them still. Most importantly, Chen Feng had no desire to make his move yet. He did not want to display his strength. He wanted to secretly uncover the truth behind the old man’s death.

Listening to the words of ridicule, killing intent flashed across Chen Feng’s eyes. However, it was quickly covered up. He had been a wandering beggar since young and had seen too much of the fickleness within the world and human nature. After becoming strong, repaying this debt was just a matter of time.

Seeing that Chen Feng was not responding, they laughed out before dispersing. More importantly, Chen Feng was nothing in their eyes. Was there anyone within Iron Sword Sect that did not know Chen Feng was a trash? He was an existence to be laughed at by all. 


Chen Feng pushed open the door and slowly walked into his small courtyard. Although the courtyard was not too big, the air was fresh and the surrounding vegetation were lush. Flowers and grasses grew in exuberance while the old trees and vines gave off a tasteful air.

This place was originally the old man’s residence. Since entering Iron Sword Sect, Chen Feng had been living here. Before his death, the old cultivator was a seventh layer Training Body and Energy stage cultivator. His primary energy could take form and be used to kill without leaving a trace. Yet, someone like him had died a mysterious death. This was also the reason why Chen Feng had chosen to endure the jeers.

As Chen Feng was about to clear his mind to practice cultivation, a lanky youngster quickly made his way inside. The youngster appeared to be around 14 years old, one or two years younger compared to Chen Feng. He had a lean looking body and was not too tall. However, both his black pupils shone with clarity. One look was enough to tell that he was one of the capable ones in his generation. 

“Senior Brother Chen, you are back! Are you all right?” Ye Tian asked anxiously. A trace of concern could be seen within his eyes.

“He he, I am fine. I just went out to vent my feelings for a while,” Chen Feng replied with a smile.

This person was Chen Feng’s only friend within Iron Sword Sect. He entered the sect a few years later compared to Chen Feng but was now already a third layer Training Body and Energy stage cultivator.

“It is good that you are fine. Are the wounds on your body better already? That day, I rushed over but you were already gone.” As he spoke, Ye Tian pulled out a bottle of medicine.

Back then, after getting beaten up, Chen Feng ran out from Black Origin City in spite of the heavy rain before experiencing the miraculous instance. Yet, despite his friendship with Ye Tian, Chen Feng decided not to inform Ye Tian about the matter.

“The wounds on my body is already better. Besides, I successfully broke through yesterday.” As he spoke, Chen Feng balled up his fist, causing his blood to pump and rumbling sounds rang out from his body.

“Rumbling bones, the third layer. You have finally broken through, that is good!” Ye Tian uttered in joy.

“Unfortunately, I am still too weak. Right, did you find out anything?” Chen Feng asked.

“Sigh, there are some rumours. However, I advise you not to pry too much.” A hint of concern seeped out from Ye Tian’s eyes.

“What rumours? Hurry up and tell me. Don’t worry, I will not be reckless. I know where to draw the line,” Chen Feng asked anxiously.

“I heard it might be related to Elder Wang and Elder Liang. Back then, they had gone out together to hunt wild beasts. As for what happened during the hunt, I do not know,” Ye Tian whispered, fearing that others might overhear him.

“Elder Wang, Elder Liang.” Hints of killing intent emerged from Chen Feng’s eyes. However, a feeling of powerlessness bubbled up from his heart. Those two were at primary energy takes form (7th) layer of the Training Body and Energy stage, capable of cutting through steel and destroying jade. They could kill him with but a wave of a hand. Rather, the reason they had not taken any actions against him now was due to the fact that he was nothing more than an ant in their eyes.

That was simply the truth. The two of them were highly placed elders of Iron Sword Sect while Chen Feng was just a negligible character. They could extinguish his life with just one finger.

“You should be careful. By any chance, if they were to take action against you, you will have no way of escaping. Perhaps, leaving Iron Sword Sect and Black Origin City will be the best course of action for now,” Ye Tian said before leaving.

After Ye Tian left, Chen Feng shut the doors. With considerable difficulty, he suppressed the messy thoughts within his mind and began practicing cultivation.

Thankfully, the old cultivator had already taught Chen Feng the cultivation techniques for the Training Body and Energy stage. Otherwise, Chen Feng would have no way of knowing what to do after breaking through.

Following the cultivation method, the primary energy within his body began coursing through the special routes through his meridians. After 18 circulations, Chen Feng could feel the blood throughout his whole body boiling as it rumbled non-stop. It was as though there was a huge lightning bolt coursing within his body.

Strange, logically speaking, after breaking through to the third layer, only four meridians should be open, but I now have 18 meridians opened up. Not to mention, my primary energy is far stronger than those on the same layer. It did not take Chen Feng long to discover the irregular state within his body. He stopped his actions and began to ponder about it.

As Chen Feng was pondering the matter, the primary energy within his body began flowing once more. He had not been the one to spur them. Rather, the primary energy had taken the initiative to move on its own. It appeared to have a life of its own as it moved. Even the route it was taking had changed. It was different compared to the cultivation technique that Chen Feng normally practiced. It was an unfamiliar primary energy circuit.

As expected, the primary energy within my body has utterly changed. It is no longer the one I formed back then. This primary energy is unfamiliar and more powerful. Although it appears harmonious, it also contains a powerful life force and an indomitable will. While I have no clue what is going on here, one thing I can be certain of, this is a very powerful cultivation technique. Chen Feng deduced. At the same time, he focused on perceiving the route that the primary energy was taking.

After two hours, Chen Feng was finally capable of fully grasping the strange cultivation technique. Only then did he realize how incomparably mysterious the cultivation technique was. It was tens of times better than the cultivation technique of his Iron Sword Sect. At present, one day’s worth of cultivation would be the equivalent to tens of days’ worth of his past self’s cultivation efforts. Rather, it may even be up to hundreds of days. Realizing that, Chen Feng felt a desire to scream out.

To think there is such a monstrous cultivation technique in this world! This is an extreme defiance of Heaven! Not to mention, I can sense that this cultivation technique is still incomplete. I can’t even imagine how its effects would be in complete form. Chen Feng shouted inwardly. 

As his body continued circulating the cultivation technique, the praise Chen Feng had for the cultivation technique grew. In comparison, the cultivation technique that he had been practicing all this time was like a trash amongst trash, a difference between Heaven and Earth.

My body suddenly have this strange primary energy within it. It also has a strange cultivation technique as well. It seems these things are connected to the little tower. Still, this is a good thing. With this cultivation technique, my cultivation base will advance at an unbelievable rate. Once I have reached a solid state, I will go deal with them.

For the next few days, Chen Feng chose not to go out. He stayed in the courtyard without making any fuss, entering a state of retreat as he practiced cultivation. After spending those few days practicing cultivation, his comprehension towards the strange cultivation technique grew. Not only did it possess a circulation route for primary energy within his body, it also came with corresponding movement techniques.

Following the flow of his primary energy, Chen Feng’s four limbs moved beyond his control to display one wondrous move after another. Body and energy as one, moving according to will. The moment he began practicing this cultivation technique, Chen Feng could no longer stop himself. He felt himself immersed within a profound state. Everything he had learned before appeared within his mind and he continuously displayed every one of the moves and patterns. Quickly, he achieved mastery of the moves.

This was a state of epiphany, an unperturbed state of the great Dao. Two hours’ worth of cultivation was the equivalent of tens of months; perhaps, even tens of years’ worth of cultivation.

At the same time, strands of worldly spiritual energy continuously flowed into Chen Feng’s body, melding together with his meridians, making the primary energy within his body grow in thickness and vigour. It did not take long for an even more absurd scene to emerge. Motes of light floated out from the flowers, grasses, trees and vines within the courtyard, the life essences of plants. Unexpectedly, under the influence of Chen Feng’s cultivation technique, they were invoked out. Next, they flew into Chen Feng’s body, leading to an even greater increase in his vitality and life force.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Clear sounds could be heard coming from within Chen Feng’s body. It grew louder and louder, as though a thunderbolt was rumbling within his body.

After the rumbling sound faded, the sound of flowing water emerged from Chen Feng’s body. It was the sound of his blood flowing with great vigour, a sublimation of his fleshly body where his bones were cleansed and his marrows tempered.

During this time, Ye Tian had come once. Seeing that Chen Feng was practicing cultivation, the colour of shock appeared within his eyes before he secretly left.

“Senior Brother Chen just went out once. How is it that he appeared to have become a completely different person? It seems he is on the verge of breaking through. Could he have eaten some Heavenly herb when he was out?” Ye Tian shook his head and left.

Finally, Chen Feng slowed his actions and stood still. He exhaled lengthily, pushing out turbid air from his body. His whole body felt light and his vision felt clear. The blood within his body slowly grew calm.

“Gather primary energy into the body and nourish the internal organs; let the primary energy flow steadily through the worldly bridge. It seems I have entered the fourth layer of the Training Body and Energy stage,” Chen Feng uttered in a soft whisper. Next, both his eyes glowed, seemingly in disbelief that he had broken through again in such a short span of time.

He had been bitterly practicing cultivation for the past six years only to barely reach the second layer of the Training Body and Energy stage. Now, however, using only a few days’ time, he had broken through again and again. He had broken through twice! If news of this were to spread out, it would shock others. Undoubtedly, it would also bring him endless troubles.

Chen Feng had heard before of how some cultivators were lucky enough to obtain certain treasures, which allowed their cultivation base to advance by leaps and bounds. In the end, however, before they could gain any success in their path of cultivation, they were killed off by masters and their treasure plundered.

Although Chen Feng had made two successive breakthroughs in a short amount of time, he was still a low-level cultivator within Iron Sword Sect. Not to mention, there were other forces within Black Origin City. Forget the elders, even some of the ordinary disciples within the sect were much stronger than him. At any rate, the speed of his cultivation in the past had been too slow. He had fallen way behind compared to his peers.

“I still have to stay low and endure.” Chen Feng sighed.


Chen Feng wanted to keep low. However, matters do not always follow one’s desires. The doors of the little courtyard were kicked open and three youngsters strutted inside.

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