Chapter 28: Sage Beastdrive

“Old man, although he would have died without me killing him, he did at least die by my hands. At the very least, this can be considered as taking revenge for you. Hopefully, your spirit can feel some comfort in this. Just you wait. When I return to the sect, I will kill off Elder Liang. That way, you will no longer have any regrets, right?” whispered Chen Feng.

After that, Chen Feng went to rummage through Elder Wang’s body. Despite the ragged condition of Elder Wang’s body, Chen Feng had still managed to find some items in the end, gold bills and some hidden weapons. Finally, a pure, white jade bottle attracted Chen Feng’s attention.

The jade bottle was only one finger long and two fingers wide. It was pure white and translucent. Placing it on his hand, he felt a warm and comfortable sensation. There was a vivid-like carving on its surface. Although Chen Feng did not know what type of jade it was made of, he knew that the jade bottle was worth a considerable amount.

Naturally, the thing that attracted Chen Feng’s attention was not the jade bottle itself but the items inside it, two blood-coloured leaves the size of a small finger.

Its shape appeared no different from normal leaves. However, the patterns on the leaves shone with a clear blood-red colour. Blood was seemingly flowing through them. One glance was enough to attract Chen Feng’s attention.

Pulling open the stopper, Chen Feng sniffed gently, feeling the faint scent of blood flowing into his nose. Immediately, his blood began surging up vigorously like tidal waves. He was nearly incapable of suppressing them.

What a powerful effect. If I take it now, my body will likely burst apart on the spot. In that case, normal cultivators will not be able to take it. Only those who have cultivated up to the ninth layer of the Training Body and Energy stage can take it. Strengthen the blood energy to assail the Concealed stage. Right, it can be used to concoct out Blood Energy Pills. However, I wonder how to go about concocting them?

Could it be? The reason this Gale Wolf kept chasing after him was because of these two pieces of Imperial Blood Grass? It seems likely.

Chen Feng contemplated the matter. Knowing that these two blood-red leaves were treasures, he carefully kept them.

There is a total of four. Elder Liang has two pieces with him. Fine, when I return, I will find him and settle the account with him.

I wonder, if I return to the battlefield now, will I be able to find Tie Yun?

Having reached that line of thought, Chen Feng quickly rushed back to the battlefield. However, before he made it back to the battlefield, he suddenly saw sword beams intersecting one another in the sky to form a large sword net. A vast number of the flying birds was caught within the net and they were all reduced to ashes. Soon, the sky turned clear once more.

It seems a Concealed stage expert has taken action. Chen Feng was shocked. The earlier scene of the sword net covering the sky to kill off the birds was too horrifying.

Is this the power of a Concealed stage expert? It seems I will have to hurry up and cultivate up to the ninth layer. Then, take the Imperial Blood Grass to break through to the Concealed stage, rising to Heaven with one step. Chen Feng thought to himself.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, clumps of dazzling lights erupted within the sky. It was due to the Concealed stage experts from both sides. They were fighting each other, the flying swords they control clashing against one another. Every time the two swords clashed, a dazzling burst of fireworks would erupt outwards. It was as though two powerful suns were slamming into each other. Chen Feng and all the cultivators below watched on, forgetting about everything else.


It was at that moment that a black line suddenly streaked across the sky. Next, one of the flying swords in the sky exploded. Iron essence scattered down and some of the soldiers who failed to avoid them were wounded.

“Jin Chixiao, no wonder your Steel Stone City would suddenly attack Black Origin City! It turns out you colluded with heretics. Are you not afraid of inciting public outrage?” The City Lord of Black Origin City flew up to the sky and shouted. Earlier, the two City Lords from their respective cities were fighting. In the end, Black Origin City Lord’s flying sword was shattered by the black light which had appeared all of a sudden, thereby seriously injuring him.

“Ha ha ha, Mo Yuan, this time, our Steel Stone City made ample preparations and your Black Origin City is simply no match for us. Hurry up and surrender. Otherwise, we will kill off all the Concealed stage cultivators from your Black Origin City,” said Jin Chixiao as he laughed loudly. 

“Are you fellows not afraid that the Empire will intervene?” A group of cultivators quickly flew up. They were the Concealed stage experts from the various great families and sects of Black Origin City.

“His Highness, the Emperor is far away. A remote place like ours will not attract the attention of the Imperial Capital. Besides, even if the Imperial Capital does notice this, they will not care,” replied Jin Chixiao with a sneer.

“It seems your Steel Stone City is going to continue acting wilfully. We have already sent a message to the Imperial Capital! They will be sending someone here soon enough!” Mo Yuan shouted loudly.

“Enough nonsense! Since you fellows are unwilling to submit, do not blame us for being rough. Sage Beastdrive, please!” Jin Chixiao sneered.


A massive flying bird quickly appeared in the sky. With its wings spread open, the bird had a wingspan of at least 10 zhang (1 zhang = 3.333 m). All its feathers were black. Its body shone beneath the shining rays of the sun. While it looked like an eagle, it had a large head, which revealed a dense array of sharp teeth, an extremely ugly sight to behold.

A middle-aged man in robes stood atop the bird. His face was white with long beard and he carried a sword behind him. His appearance was quite extraordinary. However, the moment he appeared, an overwhelming pressure fell upon the Concealed stage cultivators from Black Origin City.

“Yao beast! The Hissing Windroar! You are Sage Beastdrive. Why are you interfering in a fight between cities?” Mo Yuan shouted. The faces on the other Concealed stage cultivators beside him were also highly twisted. They, too, had recognized the identity of the other person. At the same time, they realized why so many wild beasts would ambush their camp.

Sage Beastdrive could be considered a famous figure amongst the experts of the Concealed stage. It was not simply due to his high cultivation base. More importantly, it was his ability to control wild beasts. Once, he had singlehandedly controlled a great number of wild beasts to kill off three Concealed stage experts who were on the same cultivation level as him. It was also that battle which gave him the name Sage Beastdrive, a name to inform everyone that he was a savage character that must not be provoked.

Additionally, his mount was no ordinary wild beast. Rather, it was a yao beast. Assuming that wild beasts were the equivalent of cultivators at the Training Body and Energy stage, yao beasts were the equivalent of cultivators at the Concealed stage. After having reached the yao beast stage, they not only possessed awareness, they can also practice the various secret techniques, just like humans. Some could even cultivate to the point of transforming into human form [1].

“Correct, I am Sage Beastdrive. Since I have received payment from them, I will help them out. There is nothing to say. Make your move,” Sage Beastdrive said coolly. Next, he sat down and his yao beast, the Hissing Windroar quickly flew forward.


Mo Yuan abruptly shouted and he pulled out a large, strong bow. Pulling the bow, he opened fire, sending a meteor-like beam of light towards Sage Beastdrive, who was atop the Hissing Windroar. The strong bow used by the City Lord was a magic treasure that only Concealed stage experts could use.

Simultaneously, the other Concealed stage cultivators from Black Origin City brought out their own weapons and initiated their attacks. All of them were azure-coloured flying swords. Amongst the numerous magic treasures, the flying sword was one with strong offensive power and the easiest to create.


In face of those attacks, Sage Beastdrive took no action. Instead, his mount, the Hissing Windroar opened up its mouth to unleash a roar. Seemingly containing essence, its soundwaves spread forward and the entire space became like that of flowing water as ripples emerged.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The arrow and swords flying in the middle of the sky trembled. Next, the body of the swords all released booming sounds before their broken fragments fell uncontrollably down the ground.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

The cultivators from Black Origin City felt their divine senses, which they had attached into their weapons, shatter and transform into nothingness. With their divine sense damaged, the cultivators were all critically wounded as well and they sprayed out blood from their mouths.

The power of one roar could go so far.

“Ha ha ha ha, Mo Yuan, with just this level of power, you actually dare to fight back? How laughable! It is still not too late to surrender,” said Jin Chixiao, who was up in the sky, as he laughed.

With the exception of Mo Yuan, the other Concealed stage cultivators exchanged glances, thoughtful looks on their faces. They were unlike Mo Yuan, who would not have any good ending after surrendering. If Steel Stone City wanted to annex a whole and intact Black Origin City, it would need the power of the great families and sects.

“You can forget about trying to get us to surrender! If it comes down to it, we will just burn together!” Mo Yuan shouted back grimly.

“You want us to suffer together? I fear that is not possible for you. If that is the case, I will be sending you off,” said Sage Beastdrive with a sneer. At the same time, the Hissing Windroar had channelled another soundwave attack. Just by opening its mouth, it would be able to unleash it.

“Insolent monster man! You dare create trouble within our High Clarity Empire? Die!” A loud shout rang out from afar. Immediately, a beam of golden light pierced through the sky to attack Sage Beastdrive. 

“Crimson Gold Flying Sword!”

Sage Beastdrive’s face instantly sank. The sword on his back flew out from its sheath, transforming into a stream of light, which hacked down at the radiant golden sword. At the same time, the Hissing Windroar quickly changed its trajectory. With a howl, it unleashed its powerful soundwave attack at the newcomer.


A soft clinking sound spread throughout the sky as Sage Beastdrive’s sword was knocked aside. At the same time, a tall young man, fully clad in golden combat armour, charged towards the powerful soundwave. The mighty soundwave that had shattered the flying swords from earlier became like a breeze to the young man, incapable of affecting him in the slightest. 


The young man was like a God in golden armour, descending upon the mundane world. Reaching Sage Beastdrive, he sent a fist out. Golden light flashed out as a golden fist, which released a series of booming sounds, arrived before Sage Beastdrive.


The punch sent Sage Beastdrive flying. Next, the young man’s palm took another form. Forming a seal, he caused golden light to shine in the sky, enveloping the Hissing Windroar. After that, the Hissing Windroar released a furious howl as it bled and its feathers fell off.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Suddenly, black lines shot out from Sage Beastdrive at a speed faster than the earlier flying swords. In the very next instant, it had arrived before the young man.

“Heretical Cloudmist!”

The young man in golden armour was taken aback. He immediately retracted his Crimson Gold Flying Sword, placing it before him to block the attack. With a flash of golden light, the three black lines were all dealt with.

However, thanks to that small interval, Sage Beastdrive and the Hissing Windroar had quickly flown far away. In but the blink of an eye, they had disappeared.

“Humph! Consider yourself lucky this time!” The young man in golden armour snorted before keeping his Crimson Gold Flying Sword.

“Greetings, Sir Inspector.” Mo Yuan led the other Concealed stage cultivators to respectfully greet the young man.

“No need to say anything else. I already understand what is going on. Jin Chixiao, hurry over,” the young man in golden armour shouted, his voice brimming with majesty.

“Greetings, Sir Inspector.” Jin Chixiao, too, led a group of cultivators with him as he flew over. However, his face was ugly to behold. Originally, having invited Sage Beastdrive, he was very confident of winning this battle. Now, however, the Empire’s Inspector had appeared. All of his plans had gone to ruin and he himself might face punishment.

 1 Yao () has a number of meanings from monsters to goblins. However, in this novel, it refers to supernatural animals like dragons and phoenixes.

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