Chapter 29: Heavily Wounded

“Humph!” Seeing Jin Chixiao and his gang come before him, the inspector released a cold harrumph. A surge of killing intent bombarded Jin Chixiao’s group. Having to endure the killing intent, the faces of Jin Chixiao and the others sank. Their bodies, which were floating in the sky, shook uncontrollably. It seemed as though they were on the verge of falling.

How powerful! I have already cultivated up to level 2 of the Concealed stage. To think that I can’t even resist the killing intent that the Inspector is releasing. I wonder what level is he at? For him to so easily beat Sage Beastdrive away, he must have opened up most of his sea of wisdom. All of us combined will not be a match for him. Jin Chixiao thought to himself.

“Sir Inspector, please address this injustice for us. This time, our Black Origin City has suffered heavy losses. All of it is due to Jin Chixiao,” Mo Yuan spoke again.

“Jin Chixiao, do you admit your wrongs?” shouted the Inspector.

“Subordinate admits! Sir Inspector, please dole out the punishment!” Jin Chixiao quickly said.

“Humph, stirring up trouble for no reason is a huge crime sufficient for the extermination of the entire clan. Did you think that just because your area is remote, no one will restrain you? Do not forget, you all belong to the High Clarity Empire,” shouted the Inspector.

“Yes, Sir Inspector’s words are correct!” Jin Chixiao was sweating all over.

“This time, I still have some other task to get to, so I will not be punishing you all for the moment. However, I will be reporting this matter to the Imperial Capital. The losses suffered by Black Origin City will be borne by your Steel Stone City. Any issues with that?” the Inspector barked.

“Subordinate obeys!” Jin Chixiao hastily replied while releasing a sigh of relief.

“If that is the case, make sure to behave yourselves.” After saying that, the Inspector’s body shone with golden light. Next, he transformed into a rainbow and flew far away. In the blink of an eye, he had covered a distance of tens of li (1 li = 0.5 km). Soon, he disappeared from sight. 


With the Inspector’s departure, everyone there released a sigh of relief. Even though all of them were experts in the Concealed stage, facing the Inspector gave them too much pressure.

“Jin Chixiao, consider yourself lucky this time,” said Mo Yuan with a snort.

“I should be the one to say that. Had the Inspector not appeared, all of you would have died today,” replied Jin Chixiao with a sneer.

Despite their exchange, with the intervention of the Inspector, the two sides could no longer continue fighting. Both sides re-organized their forces and began retreating. The battle had thus ended.

“Phew! I thought there was a need to go through a lengthy period of killing. Unexpectedly, it would end so soon.” Chen Feng was somewhat shocked.

“Isn’t it good that the battle has ended? This expedition nearly killed me. The world outside is too dangerous,” said Ye Tian. At present, the wounds on Ye Tian’s body had yet to fully heal. Seeing the two armies retreat, he became somewhat joyful.

“That is correct. War is not a good thing. Brother Chen, when we return to Black Origin City, let us have a good round of wine!” The Grand Commander and Sun Ming walked over, smiles on their faces. The two of them had to gather up the soldiers and clean up the battlefield. As for Chen Feng, he had to follow Iron Sword Sect’s men as they returned to the city. Naturally, they would not be able to move together.

“Very well! Let’s meet up again back in the city,” replied Chen Feng with a smile.

As they had wounded combatants with them, their trip back to the city took twice as long. After returning to the sect, Chen Feng waited for night fall. He could wait no more.

This is Elder Liang’s residence. Fine, I will enter and subdue him. At that very moment, Chen Feng was fully clothed in black, with a black mask covering his face. His two eyes were the only things exposed.


Chen Feng landed gently within Elder Liang’s residential courtyard. As he was about to force his way in, Chen Feng noticed conversing voices coming from within the building.

Eh? Who could be having a discussion with him at a time like this? Chen Feng felt vexed. Then, he stealthily crept close to the building.

Soon, Chen Feng could clearly listen to the conversation going on within the building.

There is a total of three people. One of them is Elder Liang. The other one sounds like Second Elder while the third sounds like Elder Tie. For the three of them to gather together in the middle of the night, what are they planning to do? Chen Feng calmed his state of mind and controlled his rate of heart beat while listening in on their conversation.

“I hear that the kid is practicing a cultivation technique from an immortal dao sect. Is it true?” A voice suddenly entered Chen Feng’s ears. It was Elder Liang.

It seems they are talking about me. I wonder, what will they talk about? Hearing those words, Chen Feng realized that the three of them were talking about him.

“Of course, that is just a rumour we heard. We cannot figure out if that is true or false. Right, Second Elder, back then, didn’t you and Great Elder interrogate the kid? What happened?” asked Elder Liang again.

“That is right. Back then, we did interrogate him once. However, we did not find out anything. Besides, back then, his level of cultivation was not as high as this. Who could have guessed that he could cultivate up to this level in mere days? If only we had known, we should have subdued him and interrogated him properly.” The Second Elder’s tone suddenly turned slightly menacing.

“Right now, I fear that this information has already spread out. Regardless if he did practice an immortal dao sect’s cultivation technique or not, someone will be taking action to capture him. Besides, I feel that even if he is not practicing an immortal dao sect’s cultivation technique, he must have had a fortuitous encounter. Otherwise, how could he have improved so quickly?”

“That is right! Rising from the development of primary energy (2nd) layer to the primary energy takes form (7th) layer in just a few months’ time, he must have had an incredibly fortuitous encounter. If it really is an immortal dao sect’s cultivation technique, we must obtain it.”

“The kid has returned. Tomorrow, the three of us will directly head to his residence, capture and question him. I don’t believe he will refuse to talk.”

“Right! This cannot be delayed. We need to act fast. Otherwise, if some other experts make their move, we will end up with nothing.”

Hearing that, Chen Feng could not stop his heart from palpitating. That change was immediately sensed by the three.


The Second Elder shouted before waving his hand, unleashing a blast of primary energy forward. The blast of primary energy was like the luminescent light from a sword beam blasting out from a sword. It pierced through the wall and struck Chen Feng.


Chen Feng had no time to dodge the attack and was sent flying. His mouth coughed out a mouthful of blood and he tumbled once after falling to the ground. Gritting his teeth, he vaulted upwards, making his way out from the courtyard. Next, he gave his all to run as far as he could.

Earlier, he was fortunate that there was a wall blocking the blast. If that blast had struck him directly, it would have destroyed his heart and veins, killing him on the spot. No matter how strong his primary energy had gotten, it would have been useless against the attack. This was a difference in power that cannot be offset.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

The Second Elder and the other two flashed into the courtyard.

“Who was it?”

“It was likely Chen Feng.”

“Why did the kid come to my place? I get it! No wonder Elder Wang would die in the battlefield! It must be connected to the kid!” Elder Liang suddenly shouted.

“Even if he did kill Elder Wang, why would he come find you? Was there something going on between you and Elder Wang?” the Second Elder suddenly asked.

“That, I am just speculating. Enough! Let’s not talk about this for now. We should catch this kid first.” There was an unnatural expression on Elder Liang’s face. How could he reveal that he had collaborated with Elder Wang to kill He Yuan?

“He cannot escape. He had taken my full attack. Even a cultivator at the ninth layer of the Training Body and Energy stage would be grievously wounded. The kid does not have long to live,” said Second Elder solemnly.

Despite saying that, the three of them quickly moved to chase after Chen Feng.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

All three elders flew upwards in unison. On their backs were large wings made from primary energy. This was a technique for cultivators in the primary energy takes form (7th) layer. With a flap of their wings, they can travel a distance of over hundreds of metres. Second Elder and Elder Tie’s flying speed was very fast and they quickly left Elder Liang in the dust.

By then, Chen Feng had already made his way out of Iron Sword Sect. Wind accompanied his feet as he unleashed all his strength. However, blood continued to trickle down his mouth non-stop. The impact from that attack earlier was too heavy. This was also the biggest injury that Chen Feng had ever received.

Second Elder was an external discharge of primary energy (8th) layer cultivator. He will soon be breaking through to the ninth layer of the Training Body and Energy stage. Chen Feng was lucky that his attack earlier had failed to kill Chen Feng.

The attack earlier had split all my internal organs. The damage to my meridians is even worse. For me to run so quickly, my wounds will grow worse. At present, it is critical that I find a place to recuperate my wounds. Otherwise, the aggravated injuries will definitely kill me.

However, the three of them will definitely be chasing after me. Second Elder and Elder Tie should be at the external discharge of primary energy (8th) layer. They can easily condense out wings and fly in the sky. They will be able to move at a speed far superior than mine and catch up to me quickly.

Chen Feng was inwardly anxious and he continuously analysed his predicament. He understood that he was in a serious crisis. Should he fail to find a place to hide, they would catch up to him and capture him. He could already imagine the consequences of that.

Run out of town, no! It won’t take long before they catch up to me. Additionally, I am now seriously wounded. I probably won’t make it that far.


Chen Feng, who was in the midst of running, opened his mouth to release an arrow of blood. Primary energy escaped out and his body staggered, almost falling to the ground.

Thankfully, it was deep at night and there were not many people out and about within Black Origin City. The occasional few who saw the scene did not bother to find out what was going on.

It seems the injuries are worse than I had imagined.

Up ahead is Tiger Form Sect’s territory. Chen Feng realized that he had reached Tiger Form Sect’s territory.

Originally, Chen Feng had planned on running towards the City Lord Residence. However, there were still over 30 li between his current location and the City Lord Residence. Given his present state, he will not make it that far.

Turning his head backwards, Chen Feng saw Second Elder and Elder Tie soaring through the sky, flying towards him like two large hawks. Their speed had surpassed his expectations. In less than several breaths’ worth of time, they would be able to catch up to them.

No other options. I will have to risk it!

Chen Feng gritted his teeth and the primary energy within his body abruptly swelled up, nearly causing him to cough out another mouthful of blood. Next, he rushed forward.

“Who is it? Halt!”

He had only ventured less than 100 metres into Tiger Form Sect’s territory when two cultivators rushed out from either side of the street. They wanted to stop Chen Feng.

Bang! Bang!

Chen Feng did not reply. Instead, he quickly charged forward, slamming the two cultivators away. However, he did not kill the two cultivators. As expected, after they got to their feet, they quickly shouted loudly.

Following their shouts, cultivators from Tiger Form Sect began appearing, one after another. Quickly, they noticed Second Elder and Elder Tie, who were quickly coming after Chen Feng.

“Not good! Those are Iron Sword Sect’s men! Hurry, sound the alarm!” One of the cultivators shouted, his voice spreading far through the night sky. Tiger Form Sect flew into an uproar.

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