Chapter 27: Inquiring the Truth

This time, I must make use of this chaos to get rid of Tie Yun. He is actually spreading word of me practicing an immortal dao sect’s cultivation technique! What a malicious person! Even a thousand deaths wouldn’t be enough for a person like him. Chen Feng thought to himself as he ran through the milling crowd of soldiers.

At present, Chen Feng was utterly determined to kill off Tie Yun. Originally, there were not many issues between him and Tie Yun. However, since the beginning, this Iron Sword Sect’s Eldest Brother had been behaving antagonistically towards him. And now, Tie Yun was spreading word that he was practicing an immortal dao sect’s cultivation technique. Should this matter be spread out, Chen Feng would face countless troubles. Even Concealed stage cultivators would target him for the secret technique. Given his current level of strength, Chen Feng had no ability to resist Concealed stage cultivators.

This should be the place that Ye Tian mentioned. Tie Yun had been here earlier. But now, there is no one else here. There is no big ape here either. However, there are signs of battle. Could Tie Yun and the others have left this place? After reaching the place, Chen Feng saw that Tie Yun was not around.

As Chen Feng was thinking about asking someone about the matter, a distant, fast-moving figure caught his attention. An old man whose body was completely stained with blood was being chased by a Gale Wolf. Man and wolf moved quickly and they both disappeared into the crowd in the blink of an eye.

Isn’t that Elder Wang? He is being chased by a wild beast? Heaven is helping me! Chen Feng’s eyes shone and he jumped in excitement. Without thinking about it, he gave chase.

Originally, Chen Feng had wanted to find Tie Yun and ambush him. Unexpectedly, he encountered Elder Wang instead. This meeting was not a let-down at all. If Chen Feng had to say who it was he wanted to kill most, Elder Wang was certainly number one. Putting aside the matter of Elder Wang secretly trying to harm him all this time, the fact that he was connected to the old cultivator’s death alone was enough for Chen Feng to kill him 10 times.

At that very moment, Elder Wang was feeling very dispirited. Normally, given his level of strength, leading the brigade out should not be an issue. Unexpectedly, under the onslaught of such a large number of wild beasts, the camp had been thrown into chaos. With his cultivation base, Elder Wang had been able to kill off one of the wild beasts. Next, however, he became the target of a more savage wild beast. All the other members of Iron Sword Sect were smacked aside by the animal. Who knows what had gotten into the Gale Wolf? It kept targeting him alone. It kept trying to kill Elder Wang and had been pursuing him for half a joss stick’s worth of time. After all that, Elder Wang’s whole body became stained with blood, a most miserable sight.

“What is wrong with this Gale Wolf? Why is it only chasing after me? How strange!” Elder Wang felt terribly gloomy. However, the most important thing was to run away. As he was incapable of beating the wolf, he would have to lure the wild beast to a place with plenty of cultivators.

It seems the Gale Wolf has been chasing Elder Wang for a long time now. There must be a reason as to why the Gale Wolf would chase after him with such ferocity. Chen Feng was using all his strength only to barely manage to keep up with them. It was quite a difficult chase.

Finally, Elder Wang encountered a group of cultivators. However, the strength of the cultivators was insufficient and they were incapable of helping. Two amongst them had wanted to step forward and help only to have the Gale Wolf tear their throats out.

The Gale Wolf is really powerful! I am probably no match for it. Chen Feng considered.

It was uncertain if Elder Wang had become muddleheaded after getting chased for so long or if there were some other reasons, but he ended up running far away from the battlefield. Still, the Gale Wolf refused to let him go and continued chasing him.

Finally, Elder Wang could run no more. Rather, he no longer wanted to run. Turning around, he shouted at the incoming Gale Wolf while brandishing his weapon against it. “Did I provoke you? You want my life today? You won’t have it so easily!”

Although Elder Wang’s whole body was stained with blood, they were all external injuries and only skin deep. They were not too critical. Now that he had gone serious, a fierce air of majesty radiated from him. He mobilized all the astral energy within him and condensed out a sword capable of breaking through anything. In his desperate struggle for life, his sword had managed to leave a wound on the Gale Wolf.

This old thing is really powerful. He could actually condense out a three-chi long sword. If I have to face him alone, I will not be his match. Chen Feng, who followed them out, was looking at their fight from afar (1 chi = 0.333 m).

Clearly, though, the Gale Wolf was more powerful compared to Elder Wang. Despite suffering from some wounds to its body, it immediately executed its brutal attacks at an incomparable speed. It attacked Elder Wang again and again, stirring up gusts of strong winds in their surroundings. It was as though a hurricane was raging around them. Now, Elder Wang could not run even if he wanted to. 

Worthy of the gale in its name. What an incredible speed. Elder Wang will die for certain. Chen Feng considered. At the same time, he gathered his strength as he prepared to make his move.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Making use of its advantage in terms of speed, the Gale Wolf circled around Elder Wang continuously, intent on exhausting Elder Wang’s strength. As time passed, the number of wounds on Elder Wang’s body increased. White bones could even be seen exposed in some of the wounds. Those were the handiwork of the Gale Wolf’s claws.

“Animal! I will duke it out with you!” 

Knowing that he would most likely die, Elder Wang, in his despair, brought forth all the primary energy and power within him, triggering all the concealed potential within him to fight the Gale Wolf to the bitter end and seriously wound it.

Violent astral energy erupted from his body without stop. It was like a burning flame jumping about, growing increasingly stronger. Elder Wang was going all out.

Strong. He is going to go all out. Please don’t die quickly. The surprised Chen Feng thought to himself.


It was as though a strange firework was setting off as Elder Wang and the Gale Wolf slammed into each other. Although the Gale Wolf had wanted to dodge, Elder Wang had seemingly embraced death, disregarding life as he entangled the Gale Wolf with him. In the end, both sides were terribly wounded.


The Gale Wolf released cries of pain as large tears appeared on its powerful body. If the power that Elder Wang had unleashed was slightly stronger, it could have torn the Gale Wolf apart.

As for Elder Wang, he was lying weakly on the ground, his face pale to the extreme. This was the result of him pushing himself beyond his limit.

Seeing that the Gale Wolf was about to kill off Elder Wang, Chen Feng finally made his move. He charged out from his hiding spot, galloping towards the Gale Wolf. His feet left deep footprints on the ground as each step sent him tens of metres forward. In but the blink of an eye, he was before the Gale Wolf. The sword he condensed out viciously shot towards the Gale Wolf.


The Gale Wolf had wanted to avoid the attack. However, as the injuries it received earlier were too severe, its speed had fallen drastically. Thus, Chen Feng’s sword, made from primary energy, pierced into its body. Next, the sword energy erupted, dispersing the Gale Wolf’s inner life force.

Elder Wang, who was lying on the ground, thought that his death was a certainty. Suddenly, someone appeared to kill off the Gale Wolf.  Seeing that, life sprouted within his heart. However, when he saw the face of the person who killed the wolf, his face grew disheartened.

“What is wrong, Elder Wang? Did you never thought that it could be me?” Turning around, Chen Feng smiled at Elder Wang.

“Why is it you?” Elder Wang was barely able to speak.

“He he, are you very surprised? I came all this way to save you. However, judging by your condition, it seems you won’t be able to live any longer,” said Chen Feng with a smile.

“What do you want?” Elder Wang’s face grew slightly red. This was a sign that his life force was ebbing away.

“It is not what I want. Along the way here, you have been giving me troubles, plotting against me and sending me to my death. Thankfully, I managed to escape, albeit narrowly. Or perhaps, I should say, I was lucky. That is how I managed to survive up until now. I am the one who wants to ask you what do you want?” Chen Feng replied coldly. Next, he sent out a strand of potent energy out and Elder Wang, who had been struggling to move, turned stiff, no longer capable of moving.

“Humph! I am an elder of the sect. Are you thinking of killing me?” Elder Wang wheezed.

“Given your present state, even if I do not kill you, you won’t have long to live either. Fine, enough nonsense. Let me ask you, how did my old man die?” When he uttered those words, Chen Feng’s voice took on an extremely cold tone. It was as though the temperature of the air around them had fallen considerably.

Elder Wang’s face flickered. Then, he replied forcefully. “You are talking about Old He, aren’t you? How is his death related to me?”

“It seems you do not want to tell me. Fine. If that is the case, when I return to the sect, I will kill off every one of your Wang Family members. Given my current level of cultivation, I believe none of your Wang Family members could be my match, no?” said Chen Feng, his face radiating killing intent. 


Elder Wang cried out in horror. However, he could not move. Instead, he could only stare at Chen Feng.

“If not, tell me everything in detail. I can leave you with a whole corpse and I assure you, I will not go after the cultivators of your Wang Family,” said Chen Feng with a solemn tone.

“You only have this one chance. Do not make me grow impatient. Besides, even if you don’t tell me, I can figure something to force it out from Elder Liang.”

“Fine. But you must promise not to seek vengeance against our Wang Family,” said Elder Wang in a dejected manner.

“Hurry up and tell me,” Chen Feng shouted.

“Back then, Elder He, Elder Liang and I had entered Black Origin Mountain Range to look for medicinal herbs. We had wanted to concoct some pills. Unexpectedly, we got lucky and found some Imperial Blood Grasses. Later, due to our greed for the Imperial Blood Grasses, Elder Liang and I joined hands to kill off Elder He and divide the Imperial Blood Grasses amongst ourselves,” uttered Elder Wang through gritted teeth.

“As expected, you two did it. Despite being elders of the Iron Sword Sect, you viciously attacked a member of your own sect. You two are a bunch of malicious villains.” Chen Feng grew agitated. Despite having guessed this, he was still infuriated. He felt an impulsive desire to tear this person before him into pieces.

“We who follow the path of cultivation, everything we do, we do for power. For that sake, anything goes,” replied Elder Wang mockingly.

“What is the function of the Imperial Blood Grass? What is it that could lead you to take such a vicious action of killing your own sect member?” Chen Feng shouted.

“Imperial Blood Grass can be used to concoct Blood Energy Pill. Taking it, a cultivator at the ninth layer of the Training Body and Energy stage could break through to the Concealed stage. Even without concocting out a Blood Energy Pill, taking the Imperial Blood Grass by itself could also give the chance of rising to Concealed stage. You tell me. For this treasure, if that was you, would you not feel tempted?” said Elder Wang slowly.

“Naturally, I will be tempted. However, I would never harm members of the same sect. Also, how many Imperial Blood Grasses were there? Where did you keep it?” asked Chen Feng.

“He he, what beautiful words. But if you were there, you would probably have attacked as well. There are four pieces of Imperial Blood Grass in total. Both Elder Liang and I have two. I kept mine with me, to be used when assailing the Concealed stage.”

“And you, you promised, do not seek vengeance against our Wang Family.” Elder Wang, who could feel his life fading quickly, hastily said.

“Of course! I will not kill innocents. However, if they provoke me, you cannot blame me for retaliating. Be at ease and go now.” After saying that, Chen Feng jabbed his finger out, sending a burst of energy into Elder Wang’s forehead, breaking his final hold on life.

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