Chapter 20: Mighty Blade


Chen Feng gave a harrumph and sword luminescence emerged from the sword in his hand. The three attackers, their swords included, were cut into pieces. In an instant, flesh and blood scattered all over, shocking the soldiers in the battlefield to the extreme. Although the soldiers there had killed countless enemies before, such a scene was rare. After seeing that, they became intimidated by Chen Feng’s might and could not help but retreat.

As Chen Feng had reached the primary energy takes form (7th) layer, he could create a sword from primary energy with a wave of his hand. At present, with the help of the sword in his hand, he became capable of unleashing even stronger sword luminescence. Thus, the sword in his hand grew in length. Luminescent light extended two chi out from his sword, hacking non-stop (1 chi = 0.333m). The sharpness of the luminescent sword exceeded that of any weapon and blood scattered about like waves. The soldiers and cultivators before him were all killed by his luminescent sword. Not even soldiers in heavy armour could survive the cutting power of the sword.

In a flash, Chen Feng had cut open a bloody path forward, making his way towards the besieged astral energy (6th) layer cultivator. Seeing Chen Feng unleash his might, Ye Tian and the others were taken aback. However, they were quick to follow him, avoiding the swarming soldiers.

No wonder Chen Feng is so confident. It turns out he has reached the astral energy (6th) layer. That attack earlier is clearly sword luminescence! No, that is not right! For the sword luminescence to be that long, it should be the primary energy takes form (7th) layer. Chen Feng, just what layer did he reach? Ye Tian thought to himself.

Ye Tian was not the only one. The other cultivators from Iron Sword Sect stared with widened eyes and gaping mouths as they observed all that was transpiring before them.

“How did Chen Feng become so strong? It seems there is a chance for us to survive today.”

“Right! Follow him and charge! Don’t stray!”

Watching Chen Feng’s ferocious performance, the hearts of the other Iron Sword Sect disciples blazed and their spirits were lifted. Their combat prowess, too, rose. Roaring, they followed Chen Feng, killing their way forward.

“Thank you for saving me.”

The besieged person was a young cultivator. Judging by his appearance, he was only two or three years older than Chen Feng. Nearly every part of his armour had been cut apart and flesh hung out from the open wounds on his body. His whole body was stained with blood and the steel blade in his hand was filled with cracks. Yet, despite his heavy injuries, his eyes remained alert. Seeing Chen Feng’s arrival, he opened up his mouth to give his thanks.

“Don’t talk first. Follow me, we’ll kill our way out!” After saying that, Chen Feng reached out with one hand to pat him. A stream of primary energy surged into his body, causing the exhausted meridians within his body to suddenly surge with primary energy. In an instant, he had managed to recover some of his strength.

“What a powerful life force,” the man praised before following Chen Feng as they charged out of the encirclement.

With a glance, Chen Feng saw that there were only 15 disciples behind him. In other words, the earlier charge had killed four disciples. Many of the remaining disciples were also wounded. If Ye Tian had not been within their protection, he would likely be incapable of surviving this long. Chen Feng was not a Heavenly devastating expert, after all. There was no way for him to protect everyone in such a chaotic situation.

Although death is a natural matter in war, this here is all on Elder Wang’s head. If I allow that old bastard to return alive, my name is not Chen Feng! Chen Feng furiously thought to himself.

As Chen Feng grew more furious, the primary energy within his body grew increasingly vigorous. Unconsciously, Chen Feng displayed out his full power. The sword luminescence from his sword pulsed and thrummed as it continuously swept out in every direction. Every time it was brandished, a stretch of soldiers would fall to their deaths. Even when cultivators from Steel Stone City stepped forward, they too would quickly die to Chen Feng.

“Kill! Kill Kill!”

A loud burst of roars echoed as a squad of mounted soldiers from Black Origin City rammed into the soldiers encircling Chen Feng’s group.

“Everyone, hold on! Follow them! Support has arrived!” Chen Feng shouted as he swung his luminescent sword, killing another stretch of soldiers.

“It is our City Lord Residence’s Iron Guard Army,” the rescued young man, who was beside Chen Feng, exclaimed joyfully.


Some of the charging mounted soldiers quickly recognized the rescued young man.

“You are a commander of the City Lord Residence’s Iron Guard Army?” Chen Feng was somewhat shocked.

The City Lord Residence’s Iron Guard Army had eight commanders. The weakest amongst them were at the primary energy takes form (7th) layer. While this young man’s strength was decent – the astral energy he condensed out were thick and solid – he had yet to break through to the primary energy takes form layer. How could he become a commander?

“My name is Sun Ming, originally the deputy commander of the Seventh Army. Yesterday, my commander was killed in action and I had to take his position. If it were not for your assistance, I fear I would have died as well today.” Seeing the puzzled look on Chen Feng’s face, Sun Ming explained.

“So, that’s why. Even a commander at the primary energy takes form (7th) layer was killed. It seems this battle is very brutal.” Chen Feng nodded.

“At present, we have enough men with us. I think we should charge and kill them. Brother, what do you think?” Sun Ming suddenly said. With the cavalry’s arrival, combat intent once again radiated from his body.

“All right.”

Chen Feng nodded his head. As long as the battle had yet to end, he could not leave the battlefield. And, with the arrival of the Iron Guard Army, they were no longer besieged by the soldiers from Steel Stone City. Thus, they could follow the army and participate in the battle.

“Ha ha ha! To think that there are cultivators at the astral energy (6th) layer here! Since you have encountered me, leave your lives here!” Suddenly, a rough voice resounded out from the chaotic crowd of soldiers, overpowering the killing shouts that were engulfing the sky. Ordinary soldiers aside, even Chen Feng’s ears throbbed as a result.

“An expert!”

Chen Feng immediately surmised that this person was not to be underestimated.


A dazzling blade of light, resembling a sun emerging from within the chaotic crowd, shone. It was such that the soldiers found it impossible to keep their eyes open. Next, soldiers from the Iron Guard Army, their horses included, were cut into two. 

The power within the blade of light was peerless, like a swift boat charging through the sea, breaking the waves as it did. As for the soldiers cut by the blade, they were like the spraying waters. In one stroke, the blade of light hacked tens of Iron Guard Army soldiers apart. Without diminishing, the blade of light continued to hack towards Chen Feng and Sun Ming, intending on killing them both in one strike.

What an overbearing blade energy!

Chen Feng had no opportunity to give it much thought. Sword luminescence shone out from the sword in his hand as he instantly mobilized all his power and sent his sword swinging towards the blade of light.

Likewise, Sun Ming had quickly pulled out a steel blade and unleash several attacks forward with lightning-like speed.


A loud sound of metals colliding reverberated out, causing the nearby soldiers’ ears to bleed. The sword in Chen Feng’s hand shattered and his whole person was forced to quickly step backwards. Every footprint he left on the ground was deep.

Several Iron Sword Sect disciples who were at the hundred opened meridians (5th) layer quickly rushed out to support and steady Chen Feng. However, the momentum sent them all flying backwards. Still, Chen Feng managed to steady himself at last. Looking at the eight deep footprints left on the ground, Chen Feng was instantly shocked.

Sun Ming, on the other hand, was sent flying into the chaotic crowd of soldiers. At present, he had yet to get up. It was unknown whether he was dead or alive.

“Eh? To think that you can block this attack from me. That long sword luminescence, you are a cultivator at the primary energy takes form (7th) layer.” A tall and powerful looking young man strode forward. In his hand was a blade which shone with wondrous light. Some soldiers who were charging at him were turned into corpses with a casual wave of his blade.

This fellow is very powerful, at least an expert in the primary energy takes form (7th) layer. Additionally, the blade in his hand is no ordinary weapon. I am likely no match for him. With a glance, Chen Feng realized the situation. Earlier, his sword, which had been completely suffused with astral energy was easily shattered. Additionally, a powerful, mountain-like force had slammed into him. At present, the primary energy within his body was still in a state of chaos and his whole body felt numb. If not for the fact that the primary energy he cultivated brimmed with life force, allowing for a quick recovery, he would likely be incapable of standing right now.

Chen Feng said nothing. Instead, he inhaled deeply, circulating his primary energy with his all to restore his strength.

“Such a young expert. Tsk, tsk! This way, killing you will be a merit. I want to see just how you intend on accepting my next blow!”


Suddenly, a sun seemingly rose to the sky and a blade of light pierced its way through 20 metres in an instant, shooting towards Chen Feng once more. Sensing the might of the blade, Chen Feng felt that even if he were made of iron, he would still be cut into two.

The attack had locked on to him, making it impossible for him to dodge. Thus, he had no other choice but to take it head on.

Rumble! Rumble!

Surprisingly, in face of the incoming blade attack, Chen Feng grew calm. The blood within his body surged and the primary energy within him became like a great river, breaking the embankment and creating thunderous rumbling sounds. Primary energy flowed to all four limbs, meridians and skeletal structure. Following the flow of the primary energy, Chen Feng then unleashed a strange technique. This was one of the strange techniques that came together with the strange cultivation technique. Chen Feng had secretly practiced it before. Be it in terms of offence or defence, the technique was far superior to the various martial techniques of Iron Sword Sect.

Primary energy quickly spilled out, condensing and taking form on Chen Feng’s hand. A circular shield with a one-chi radius was condensed out. Then, with a bellow, Chen Feng rushed forward (1 chi = 0.333 m).


The blade of light slammed heavily upon the shield that Chen Feng had condensed out. The shield made of primary energy could only endure for a moment before breaking apart and dissipating away. At the same time, the blade of light disappeared as well. As for Chen Feng, he became like an artillery blast, shooting backwards quickly.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

About eight soldiers were slammed by Chen Feng and they spat blood as they died. Chen Feng felt his vision grow dark even as his figure flew through the air. His ears were throbbing, the primary energy within his body a mess and his meridians damaged. A gurgle came from his throat as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

I have been internally wounded. If the other party steps forward and unleashes another blow, I am dead. Chen Feng thought.

Chen Feng, who was still falling backwards, suddenly felt a grip on his shoulder. A vigorous flow of primary energy flowed into his body, clearing away the force within his body, allowing him to stand steadily on the ground.

Turning his head, he saw a fully-armoured, middle-aged man standing beside him. He was the one who saved Chen Feng. Beside the man was a pale-looking Sun Ming.

“Chi Shaoyang! Relying on a magic weapon? What kind of ability is that? If you really have what it takes, come fight me!” the middle-aged man shouted. With a spear in hand, he stepped forward.

“Are you all right?” Sun Ming moved closer and asked.

“I am all right. This fellow is?” asked Chen Feng as he mobilized his primary energy to heal his injuries. 

“He is the Grand Commander of our Iron Guard Army. He is very close to reaching the external discharge of primary energy (8th) layer. You are truly a savage to be able to block off Chi Shaoyang’s attack empty-handed. You should know, the blade in Chi Shaoyang’s hand had been blessed by a Concealed stage expert before. He had killed off who knows how many primary energy takes form (7th) layer cultivators. He is a very famous person,” said Sun Ming as he gave Chen Feng a strange look.

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