Chapter 19: Fighting on the Battlefield

Hearing about Steel Stone City sending out Concealed stage experts for the battle, the expressions on Elder Wang and the others fell. If that were true, the experts would be able to kill them all with a wave of their hands. In an ordinary battlefield, Concealed stage experts were killing machines, capable of becoming decisive factors for the battle.

“They did not directly participate in the war. Enough! We do not have time to talk about this. Everyone, we should hurry to the battlefield as fast as we can. If we do not, our army will be defeated. The consequences of that will be unimaginable,” said Mo Hun.

“Advance at full speed! Get ready for battle!”

The elders from both great sects quickly issued the order and their army quickly made their way forward. Their momentum began to soar.

“We’ll be heading into a large-scale war soon. I am feeling a little nervous,” whispered Chen Feng.

“Ye Tian, don’t stray away from me in the battlefield,” Chen Feng then said to Ye Tian.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of dull drum sounds came from far away, giving them a pressuring sensation. Next, came the sound of maddening screams and the collision of weapons. Even at a distance, they could sense the killing intent rising from the battlefield and the bloody energy swirling into a whirlwind. Before even entering the battlefield, Chen Feng could feel the blood in his body boiling up.

It was not only Chen Feng. Even Ye Tian and his other fellow disciples, they who had never entered a battlefield, began trembling. Some were excited, some were fearful. Only the 3,000 Iron Sword Brigade members maintained their calm, not showing the slightest reaction.

“Do not stop! Charge into the battlefield at full speed!”

The commanders of Iron Sword Brigade and Flash Wind Brigade began issuing commands. At the same time, they charged forward to take the lead. 


The scene opened up before them, revealing soldiers in the midst of killing each other. Armours collided and weapons clashed. Occasionally, arrows would whizz past. Men fell unceasingly and blood stained the lands. The atmosphere of brutality, the thick scent of blood and the soaring killing intent hammered their hearts incessantly.


Seeing that, some of the disciples, new to the battlefield, were unable to stop themselves from screaming out. Some trembled all over with blood shot eyes, their hands gripping their weapons tightly, almost incapable of holding themselves back from charging forward to join the killing.

“Is this a battlefield? Sure enough, human lives are like grasses here.” Chen Feng, who possessed a high level of cultivation, was able to see far away. He could clearly see the soldiers getting killed, one by one. Even cultivators were shot and killed. Feeling the incoming atmosphere of brutality, Chen Feng was unable to stop himself from feeling excited.

“Iron Sword Brigade! Charge!” The three Iron Sword Brigade commanders pulled out their iron swords in unison and shouted as they charged towards Steel Stone Army’s forces. The 3,000 soldiers of the Iron Sword Brigade behind them unleashed a bellow. All their voices merged into one, rising high up into the clouds and their momentum rose to the climax. Next, they followed their commanders into the enemy army.


The two forces collided and the battle was joined. That one collision ended with hundreds of killed soldiers.

On the battlefield, even a cultivator at the hundred opened meridians (5th) layer could be killed by a few ordinary soldiers using siege techniques. Looking far ahead, Chen Feng saw an astral energy (6th) layer cultivator surrounded by hundreds of soldiers. Despite fighting bitterly, coughing out blood in the process, he was incapable of extricating himself from the encirclement. Without reinforcements, he would surely end up getting hacked to death by the soldiers.

This is just a competition for territory between two inconspicuous cities within the Northern Plains. I wonder, how will the battle between kingdoms in command of millions look like? I can’t even imagine how the battle between the lofty immortal dao sects would look like. Feeling the savage atmosphere before him, Chen Feng felt himself getting slightly absent-minded.

Sou! Sou!

Ye Tian quickly reached his hand out to catch two incoming arrows.

“Chen Feng, what are you thinking about? You cannot be distracted in a battlefield. I am expecting you to protect me,” said Ye Tian.

“It’s nothing. I am just considering some stuff,” replied Chen Feng with a smile as he pulled out his sword.

“The 50 of you, follow the army in their charge. The 20 of you, go save the besieged cultivator. The 30 of you, kill your way into the southeast side. The rest, follow us,” Elder Wang suddenly shouted out, arranging the positions for Iron Sword Sect’s disciples.

As expected, Chen Feng and Ye Tian were included amongst the 20 disciples assigned for the most dangerous task.

“This old bastard!” Before Chen Feng could even say anything, Ye Tian had cursed out. Even a cultivator at the astral energy (6th) layer could not escape from the enemy encirclement. Charging into the encirclement was the equivalent of knocking on death’s door.

Chen Feng and Ye Tian aside, even the other 18 disciples revealed distorted expressions after hearing their task. They knew that they were likely not going to survive. Should they choose to disobey, they would be dealt with according to sect rules. In the battlefield, one word was enough to kill them.

“Ha ha!” In his anger, Chen Feng let out a laugh. Both his eyes stared at the distant Elder Wang. On the other side, Elder Wang did not even bother glancing their way. Instead, he shouted as he directed Iron Sword Sect disciples to kill the enemy soldiers.

“If we are to survive, we will need to unite and work together. Otherwise, none of us can survive,” said Chen Feng with a grim face as he looked at the others.

“What can we do? Given our level of strength, charging in is simply the equivalent of going to our deaths,” said a hundred opened meridians (5th) layer cultivator.

“We’ll form a small team. The strongest ones will take the external positions. I will be the vanguard. You fellows follow behind me,” said Chen Feng seriously.

“All right, we’ll follow your plan. If we can survive this, we will follow your lead in the future,” responded the disciples after discussing it for a moment.

“All right, follow me!” With a brandish of his sword, Chen Feng rushed forward.

After having taken no more than 10 steps, eight Steel Stone City soldiers slashed their steel blades at Chen Feng. The soldiers were all ordinary men and their cultivation bases were far inferior compared to a standard cultivator like Chen Feng. However, they have vast experience in killing. Additionally, they displayed tacit coordination in their moves and were unafraid of death. Their eight steel blades appeared to have been sent out without order. However, all of them were aimed at the various critical points on Chen Feng’s body. At the same time, the attacks also sealed the space around him, making it impossible for him to dodge. A weaker cultivator would have fallen under their attacks.


Chen Feng snorted. He did not dodge. Instead, the sword in his hand shot out horizontally to unleash a move capable of sweeping thousands. Like a raging waterfall, the light from his sword shot out. Chen Feng utilized the fact that his cultivation base was superior and used strength to defeat strength.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

A series of cracking sounds rang out as the eight steel blades around him were cut into two each. Next, another gleam of light shot out from Chen Feng’s sword and the soldiers’ armours were cut. Blood flowed out as all of them fell to the ground, dead.

“Follow me! Charge!”

After having finished off the soldiers, Chen Feng did not stop. Instead, he hastened forward, smashing his way into the front, which was teeming with soldiers. A thick scent of blood assailed him, nearly suffocating him.

Puchi! Puchi!

Chen Feng took the lead and the brandishing sword in his hand transformed into a dazzling sword of light. Soldiers continued to charge forward only to be cut down. Seeing Chen Feng’s show of courage, Ye Tian and the others charged forward as well.

In one breath’s worth of time, Chen Feng charged through a distance of 50 metres, killing off tens of soldiers. He was just about to exhale when he felt six arrows shooting towards him. Chen Feng’s heart immediately grew tense as he realized that the power behind those arrows were not ordinary. At the very least, the ones firing the arrows were at the rumbling bones (3rd) layer. The sword in his hand quickly slashed out, shattering the arrows. At the same time, however, five steel blades swung towards him. Even before arriving, Chen Feng could sense the sharpness of the incoming blades.

The sword in Chen Feng’s hand flashed out and he killed off four of the attackers in one strike. However, one of the steel blades had still managed to reach him. Originally, Chen Feng would have been able to dodge the attack. However, doing so would leave Ye Tian and the other disciples behind him in a vulnerable spot. If that were to happen, the charging enemy soldiers would be able to break apart their small team. Left on their own within the enemy forces, all of them would die.


The sharp steel blade hacked down on Chen Feng’s shoulder. However, a green light had suddenly appeared on the surface of his shoulder. A thick layer of astral energy blocked off the steel blade. The impact of the collision also successfully cracked the steel blade apart. Next, Chen Feng unloaded a lightning-like kick onto the attacking soldier, sending him flying into two others, killing all three at once.


A grunt could be heard from behind Chen Feng. One of the disciples had been struck by an arrow, which pierced into his shoulder. Although he was not reduced to crying in pain, cold sweat was trickling down his body.

“Stay close to me!”

Chen Feng shouted and his body pounced forward abruptly, smashing the two soldiers before him to their deaths. Next, he rushed towards an area teeming with enemy soldiers. Although the higher number of enemy soldiers there was dangerous, the chances of them getting shot with arrows were drastically reduced. Besides, their objective was to rescue out the besieged astral energy (6th) layer cultivator. Chen Feng’s gaze pierced through the throng of enemy soldiers and saw that the besieged cultivator’s body was filled with wounds. His body was trembling. He was on the verge of exhausting his primary energy. By Chen Feng’s estimate, the besieged cultivator only had a maximum of 10 more breaths’ worth of time before his defences fell and the surrounding blades cut him down.

Chen Feng did not know which sect the cultivator was from. However, in this battlefield, he was a member of Black Origin City. Even if he was from Tiger Form Sect, Chen Feng would move to save him. Not to mention, Chen Feng’s team was now under express orders to do so.

“Ye Tian, you guys stay close! Don’t get separated,” Chen Feng shouted before increasing his pace of advance. The sword in his hand was coated with a thick layer of astral energy. As Chen Feng continued to increase the energy mobilized, sword luminescence began to flare out from the sword. Be it the soldiers or cultivators from Steel Stone City, none of them could stop Chen Feng’s bloody charge. Many of them were cut into two by his sword, the armour they wore proving worthless.

Chen Feng was like a Demon God from Hell, paving a path of blood within their midst.

“My friend in front! Hold on! I will be reaching you soon!” Chen Feng shouted. Ignoring the blades and swords swinging towards him, he drew an arc with his sword, creating a blossoming wave of blood before him.

The cultivator, besieged by hundreds of soldiers had been on the verge of losing his ground. However, after hearing the shout, he noticed the cultivator drenched in blood charging towards his location, looking like a Demon God incarnate. His spirits soared and the steel blade in his hand thrummed as he killed off the six men surrounding him.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

As Chen Feng was about to reach the besieged cultivator, three swords shot towards Chen Feng from the surrounding soldiers with lightning-like speed.

These sword attacks are very fast. At the very least, they are cultivators at the hundred opened meridians (5th) layer. Chen Feng’s heart gave a thump. With a swing of his sword, Chen Feng’s sword became like a waterfall, blocking off the incoming attacks. At the same time, the enemy swords were all shattered. However, with a flash of light, another three men unleashed attacks at Chen Feng. Clearly, they wanted to stop him from saving the besieged cultivator and were trying to buy time with this move.

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