Chapter 21: Experts' Sudden Emergence

The number of soldiers from Black Origin City gradually increased. Soon, thousands of mounted soldiers had gathered around Chen Feng’s group. The number of high-level cultivators increased as well.

Only then could Chen Feng and Sun Ming breath a sigh of relief.

“I was just lucky. As it is, I have suffered from internal injuries. I am likely incapable of joining the battle anymore. Besides, didn’t you block one of his blows as well?” replied Chen Feng with a smile.

Truth be told, the injuries Chen Feng suffered were not as terrible as he had mentioned. Even as he spoke, his injuries had recovered by 10 %. As his primary energy circulated and gathered, his damaged meridians quickly healed up. Naturally, that was only for Chen Feng. If this level of injury were to appear on someone else, for example, Sun Ming, he would need to rest up for a good while.

“Just now, we were working together to block off his blow. I had only managed to block off 20 % of his power before getting blown off. Thankfully, the main army saved me. Even then, I was at a half-dead state. If not for the appearance of the Grand Commander, the both of us would have surely died,” replied Sun Ming.

“Oh! Earlier, you mentioned that Chi Shaoyang’s blade had been blessed by a Concealed stage expert before. What is that all about?” Chen Feng asked in a curious manner.

Hearing Chen Feng’s question, Sun Ming turned and cast a very surprised look at him. It was strange that Chen Feng did not know about this matter despite having reached his level of cultivation.

“The blade in Chi Shaoyang’s hand contains the blood energy and divine sense of a Concealed stage expert. It has surpassed normal weapons. By unleashing its full power, he could even kill someone one layer above him,” said Sun Ming.

“So, can it be considered a magic treasure?” asked Chen Feng again.

“Probably not. It is more of something in between a magic treasure and a normal weapon,” answered Sun Ming.


As they were conversing, the City Lord Residence’s Grand Commander had begun fighting Chi Shaoyang.

Like a wyrm charging out from the sea, the Grand Commander’s spear shot towards Chi Shaoyang’s blade. One clash between the two caused a crater with a radius of several metres to appear on the ground beneath them. The nearby soldiers cried out in alarm as they retreated. Some hapless soldiers were struck by the resulting flying rocks and were either killed or knocked unconscious.

“In a fight between experts of this level, ordinary soldiers will not be able to render assistance,” said a shocked Chen Feng. The strength of the two figures had surpassed him. The only reason he could block off Chi Shaoyang’s blow earlier was thanks to the strange martial technique.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Each time the Grand Commander’s spear clashed against Chi Shaoyang’s blade, a thunderous boom would reverberate outwards. Seeing that, everyone realized how powerful the two figures were and they all retreated, leaving an open space for the two.

Observing the large craters left on the ground – the result of their clashes – Chen Feng felt himself going speechless. The ferocity displayed by the two figures had reached the apex. Every move they made was done to face their opponent head on. There were no flashy moves. Instead, they used power against power, unleashing violent attacks against each other. 

“Ha ha ha! It is said that Black Origin City’s Grand Commander is very powerful, but from what I can see, you are only so-so.” Chi Shaoyang laughed out, his voice spreading far into the distance.

“If not for the power of your weapon, killing you will be as easy as killing a dog for me.” The Grand Commander sneered. Although he was stronger than Chi Shaoyang, the weapon in Chi Shaoyang’s hand was simply too powerful. After the clashes earlier, the spear in his hand had begun showing slight cracks.

“Ha ha ha ha! Those words of yours are a joke! Enough nonsense! Today, I will kill you and earn myself a big merit!” shouted Chi Shaoyang fiercely as he attacked the Grand Commander once more.

These two people are nearly alike in strength. It will be difficult to quickly decide the victor and loser. Watching their exchange, Chen Feng secretly made a comparison.

One was utilizing his higher cultivation base to suppress his opponent while the other utilized the power of his weapon. The two of them could be said to be evenly matched.

“Hurry, look! There are people in the sky!”

“There are people up in the sky! Are they Concealed stage experts?”

Suddenly, someone shouted out from within the chaotic crowd of soldiers. Chen Feng’s heart skipped a beat and he raised his head. There, he saw two figures sitting cross-legged up in the sky.

It was unknown when the two figures had appeared. There was a distance of at least 200 metres between them and the ground below. With his present level of eye power, Chen Feng could more or less make out the facial figures of both and their actions.

There seems to be a gourd floating before the two men. It seems to be collecting something? Chen Feng thought. 

“Fire arrows!”

At that moment, someone gave the order to fire the arrows. Abruptly, hundreds of arrows shot up into the sky, going towards the two men. As the arrows were about to hit the two men…


One of them waved his hand and a beam of light circled out. Next, “ding” sounds rang out as the hundreds of arrows were all shattered.

“It’s a flying sword! That is the Concealed stage expert’s technique of controlling magic treasures!” A cultivator suddenly shouted.


After shattering the arrows, the beam of light swiftly sped towards the soldiers below. The beam of light became like a meteor and it flashed into the crowd of soldiers. Hundreds of soldiers were killed as a result.

Next, the beam of light made a circle within the battlefield and several cultivators were killed instead. Some of the victims were cultivators at the astral energy (6th) layer. However, those cultivators could do nothing against the beam of light.


With another flash, the beam of light disappeared, sucked in by one of the figures up in the sky.

Is this the Concealed stage expert’s technique of controlling magic treasures? Control a flying sword and decapitate others who are thousands of li away. To think that I would get to witness this technique today. If I get targeted, I would have no way of blocking it. Chen Feng, who had been observing it all from a far distance, gaped. At the same time, he felt relieved. If that beam of light from earlier had charged towards him, his head would no longer be on his shoulders (1 li = 0.5 km).

Suddenly, Chen Feng’s eyes shone. He noticed blood energy seeping out from the soldiers and cultivators who were killed earlier, sucked by a strange suction force up into the sky. At the same time, Chen Feng also noticed the vast amount of blood energy floating up in the sky. All of them were attracted towards the gourd in front of the two figures, which sucked them in.

Absorbing so much of the battlefield’s blood energy. Other than that, there are likely to be the souls of fallen cultivators as well. I wonder what use those things have for Concealed stage cultivators. Could it be an offering to enhance their magic treasure?

Although Chen Feng had yet to reach that stage, he still possessed some understanding towards the matter. Following a cultivator’s increase in cultivation, some matters would come to them naturally.

“Who is it? Who dares cause a ruckus in our place?” Suddenly, a loud bellow rang out from the distant sky. Next, a rainbow, tens of metres in length, charged through the sky towards the two cultivators with the gourd. At the same time, a flying sword pierced through the sky, reaching the two cultivators at nearly the same time as the rainbow.

“Heh! Two little fellows on the 1st level of Concealed stage actually dares to attack us. They really don’t understand how to live.” One of the cultivators up in the sky snorted. Although his voice was not loud, it spread throughout the battlefield.

Sou! Sou!

A bloody crimson arrow and a one-chi long short sword arrived before the two cultivators, only to suddenly stop moving. Then, one of the cultivators reached out to grab them. The two items were incapable of moving away.

Pa! Pa!

Two snapping sounds rang out and the arrow and short sword exploded into pieces before falling down the sky.

Pu! Pu!

Not far away, two cultivators simultaneously coughed out blood. They were the Concealed stage experts for Black Origin City and Steel Stone City. Unexpectedly, right after making their move, their lifebound magic treasure were destroyed. At the same time, their spirits were injured, leading to them becoming heavily wounded.

“If I may ask, where did you two seniors come from? Why are you interfering in our battle?” asked the Concealed stage expert from Steel Stone City with a wheezing voice.

“Humph, we have no interest in interfering in a battle of this scale. We are just here to collect some stuff.” One of them reached out with his hand to grab the gourd and seal the mouth of the gourd.

After that, the two of them stood up upon the air. Two beams of light appeared beneath their feet, moving them through the sky at an air-piercing speed as they quickly disappeared from sight.

Controlling magic treasures, riding on flying swords, travelling thousands of li in an instant. This is the way of immortals. Our present battle is simply childish squabble in comparison. Looking at the empty sky, Chen Feng’s mind entered a state of ease.

I wonder where the two figures came from? Compared to the fellows from back then, who is stronger? Chen Feng was once again reminded of the few strange-looking cultivators he encountered in the forest. He was especially reminded of the black tiger that had nearly killed him and that fluttering, fairy-like woman in white.

After that confrontation, the chaotic state of killing within the battlefield suddenly grew still. They no longer had any thoughts of killing each other. Despite not having come to a prior agreement, both sides began withdrawing their soldiers.

The soldiers with insufficient cultivation were better off. Having encountered experts of such level, the cultivators on the battlefield, especially those that had yet to break through to the Concealed stage revealed tangled looks on their faces. They fell into an absent-minded state and were no longer in the mood to continue killing.

“Right, I have yet to inquire your name. If not for your assistance, I would have lost my life,” Sun Ming said to Chen Feng. He was also curious. Black Origin City only possessed a small number of forces and the experts within them were few. However, he did not recognize this youngster before him. This was quite puzzling.

Could it be a sect or a family’s hidden force? Sun Ming speculated inwardly.

“Iron Sword Sect’s Chen Feng. He he! I am only a minor character. Naturally, I am not as famous as the eight commanders of the City Lord Residence,” replied Chen Feng with a smile.

“Iron Sword Sect’s Chen Feng? You are that… he he! So, its Brother Chen. Pleased to meet you,” Sun Ming was shocked and he nearly blurted out the word ‘trash’. Thankfully, he managed to hold it back. However, the shock remained on his face. 

Naturally, Chen Feng knew why Sun Ming was shocked. He was the infamous trash of Black Origin City. Anyone would be shocked to learn that someone like him could suddenly rise from the development of primary energy (2nd) layer to the primary energy takes form (7th) layer.

“Commander Sun, let’s chat again later.” After saluting each other, Chen Feng led the other Iron Sword Sect disciples with him to meet up with the Iron Sword Brigade. For this task, Chen Feng’s group originally had a total of 20 disciples. In the end, only 12 remained. Eight had died and the remaining disciples were all wounded.

“The battlefield is truly dangerous. I was nearly killed off today.” Ye Tian was still in a state of fear. There was a one-chi long wound on his chest, the work of a steel blade. There was also an arrow on his shoulder. This was despite the protection of their fellow disciples. If it were not for them, he would have less than 10 % chances of surviving.

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