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“What do you mean?” Su Youwei was stunned by Zhou Yuan’s words.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes were a little cold as he looked towards Cao Ling and Fan Wei and said in a flat voice, “If my guess is correct, they have used the Blood Boiling Rune.”

“Blood Boiling Rune?”

Zhou Yuan slowly explained, “It is a grade 1 Genesis Rune which uses Genesis Beast essence blood as an anchor. When drawn on the body, it can burn the essence blood in the body, allowing one’s Genesis Qi to become berserk and violent. However, it is very harmful to the user and will cause a loss of essence blood. In serious cases, it may even damage one’s meridian channels, making it difficult to progress one’s cultivation in future.”

The Blood Boiling Rune was somewhat similar to the Nine Beast Channel Opening Rune. However, the former was not as refined at the latter.

The expression in Su Youwei’s pretty face changed slightly. “Such Genesis Runes are forbidden! They wouldn’t dare!”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed. “They’ve concealed it well, making it extremely difficult to discover. It is likely that no runes can be found on their bodies.”

“Can’t be found? Then how were they drawn?” Su Youwei was puzzled. She was clearly not as proficient in Genesis Runes as Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan slowly explained, “They probably had the Blood Boiling Rune inscribed on their bodies every day before the class ranking exam, allowing some of the rune’s power to remain in the body. Hence, the blood within their bodies will gradually start to boil as the battles intensifies. As such, no one will be able to find out.”

“However, this will cause even greater harm to the users body. I’m afraid that Cao Ling and Fan Wu will likely become cripples in the future.”

Su Youwei could not help but clench her jaw. “How vicious.”

Coldness flashed in Zhou Yuan’s eyes as he said, “Looks like Qi Manor is very prudent. To think that they would resort to such tactics to ensure that nothing unexpected would happen even with Qi Yue at the helm. It seems that they are very determined on obtaining the Great Zhou Institute.”

“They likely plan on using Fan Wu and Cao Ling to tire you.” Su Youwei’s eyes narrowed a little, a stern look emerging in them as her hand slowly closed into a fist. “But don’t worry, I will not let them succeed!”

She could vaguely sense how important this class ranking exam was to Zhou Yuan and intended to do everything in her power to help him. For him, she would sweep away all of the stumbling blocks in his path. At the very least, she needed to ensure Zhou Yuan was at his peak condition when he faced Qi Yue and not allow anyone to tire him out.

Zhou Yuan had begun to think of a way to deal with the situation, but it was at this moment that a ball of paper was suddenly thrown over, landing at his side.

Zhou Yuan was taken aback. He picked up the ball of paper and slowly unfurled it, only to find three beautifully drawn words: Clear Heart Rune.

“These words… big sis Yaoyao?” Zhou Yuan was stunned. Subsequently, he raised his head and looked towards a distant platform where Yaoyao was holding Tuntun as she lazily observed the field. As if sensing his gaze, Yaoyao tilted her head and gave him a small smile.

It was obvious that she had also discovered the problem. Her mastery of Genesis Runes was even greater than Zhou Yuan, hence she had very quickly worked out a solution.

“So that’s how…”

With this pointer from Yaoyao, Zhou Yuan immediately understood. He grinned as he turned to Su Youwei and said, “It is not impossible to deal with the Blood Boiling Rune. Give me your hand.”

Su Youwei was a little confused but she still reached out a hand as instructed. He her hand was soft, supple, fair and slender, while her nails were akin to little shells, neat and cute.

Without much thought, Zhou Yuan also reached out and grabbed Su Youwei’s small hand.

Upon seeing his actions, Su Youwei was a little alarmed as her face flushed red. However, before she could say anything, Zhou Yuan retrieved the Heavenly Yuan Brush from his waist and swiftly started to draw on her palm with a serious expression.

He was soon done, and continued to hold Su Youwei’s hand as he said in a low voice, “This is the Clear Heart Rune. Although it is only an elementary level rune, it will be very useful in this situation.”

“Clear Heart Rune?” Su Youwei was somewhat surprised. She naturally knew of this elementary rune but did not understand how it would be of use against the Blood Boiling Rune

Zhou Yuan smiled and said in a mysterious manner, “When they activate the Blood Boiling Rune later, use this hand to attack the top of their head.”

Although she was still somewhat puzzled, Su Youwei obediently nodded. Her clear-water-like eyes subsequently looked towards Zhou Yuan as she said with a red face, “Are still not going to let go?”

Only then did Zhou Yuan realise that he was still holding a small, soft hand and immediately released his grip. Soon after, he said without a change in expression, “I was talking about important matters and did not intend to take advantage.”

Su Youwei softly snorted. “You’ve become accustomed to it anyways.”

Zhou Yuan felt somewhat embarrassed. Just as he was about to try and explain, he saw Yang Zai and Song Qiushui walk over with shame on their faces.

“Sorry. We lost.” The two hung their heads in dejection. Zhou Yuan had won two hours of Jade Spirit Waterfall training time for them, but they had still lost in the class ranking exam, making them feel that they had let him down.

Zhou Yuan did not seem to mind as he smiled and said, “Don’t mind it, it was not your skills that were lacking but our opponents’ tactics that were far too devious.”

He lifted his head and looked at the class leader platform, only to see Qi Yue look back with a superficial smile. From the curve of his lips, it was as if victory was already assured.

“Already so happy huh…”

Zhou Yuan withdrew his gaze as an icy smile emerged on his face.

At this current moment, countless gazes from the field were looking towards the A class. Evidently, the A class’ two consecutive losses had led many believe that they would once again be suppressed by the B class.

Several factions were also mumbling to themselves, “Looks like the Great Zhou Institute is really going to fall into Qi Manor’s hands.” 

Su Youwei stood up under the attention of these gazes. She was wearing black training attire today, consisting of a black shirt and black pants. The clothes outlined her slender figure and the rise and fall of her ample bosom, while the waistband around her waist further enunciated an unreasonable tiny waist. A ponytail hung over her back, emitting a youthful vibe.

“I’m going.” Su Youwei smiled at Zhou Yuan.

“Go for it.” Zhou Yuan responded with a nod and smile.

Su Youwei looked at Zhou Yuan. As the rays of the sun shined down on her, it seemed as if she had the attention of the entire world. She gave him a slight smile that was both bright and enchanting and in a voice only the two of them could hear, she said, “Your highness, when you kicked open a set of doors for me back then, I told myself that I would do my best to become very strong. I will make sure that all hindrances will not be able to touch you.”

When her final word faded, the young girl had already agilely flew forth with a light push off the ground. She landed on the tall stage as a clear voice sounded, “A class’ Su Youwei challenges B class’ Cao Ling.”

This clear and pleasant voice drew the attention of countless gazes. When they saw the valiant and elegant girl on the stage, they could not help inwardly cheer.

The jealousy in Liu Xi’s eyes multiplied as she watched Su Youwei draw more and more attention. “Cao Ling, go teach her a lesson!”

Cao Ling soundlessly stood up and ascended the stage.


As the referee signalled the start of the match, the Genesis Qi around Cao Ling’s body immediately erupted. Six meridian channels were instantly opened as Genesis Qi surged into his limbs.

His body shot forth like a panther as deadly fist-winds ripped through the air, turning into countless punches that seemed to envelope Su Youwei.

In response to Cao Ling’s flurry of attacks, Su Youwei gracefully shifted like a wisp of smoke. Each time an attack was about to land, she would borrow the incoming force to cleverly avoid, causing Cao Ling’s attacks to be unable to connect.

Thus, Cao Ling frantically attacked on the stone stage while Su Youwei effortlessly dodged in a manner that was neither hurried nor slow.

As time passed, red light surfaced in Cao Ling’s eyes once again, while the Genesis Qi in his body gradually turned violent as his blood boiled.

“Get lost!”

With a stamp, Cao Ling’s figure bulleted forward, appearing in front of Su Youwei as a palm was swung horizontally in a ferocious and imposing manner.

However, just as his palm-wind whizzed forth, Su Youwei style did a 180, now advancing instead of retreating. A fair hand gently landed on Cao Ling’s head as the Genesis Rune on her palm emitted a faint glow.

A refreshing aura tunnelled into Cao Ling’s head, causing the boiling blood within his body to suddenly turn peaceful.

This sudden change also made the berserking Genesis Qi fade and the contrast caused the Genesis Qi in Cao Ling’s body to fall into chaos.


Su Youwei decisively attacked. Two fingers suffused with jade light ripped through the air and swiftly hit Cao Ling’s chest.


Cao Ling’s figure jerked as a mouthful of fresh blood was vomited from his mouth before crashing to the ground on his back.


The entire field erupted. No one had expected the previously unstoppable Cao Ling to be so easily defeated at Su Youwei’s hands.

Under countless gazes of shock, Su Youwei’s pretty face remained as calm as water. She merely looked towards the class leader platform as a flat voice followed.


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