Chapter 47 Strange

As the gong reverberated across the area, the excitement surrounding the field instantly soared.

Chu Tianyang’s figure appeared at the center of the field, Genesis Qi surging around him as his powerful voice rang out by everyone’s ears, “The rules of the class ranking exam are the same as usual. Every class will send four participants that are free to challenge each other. Defeating all four members of a class will allow your class to replace their current position.”

“Participants from the respective classes, please ascend your respective platforms!”

As Chu Tianyang’s loud voice faded, figures immediately shot out from each of the classes. Amongst the cheers that filled the sky, the figures landed on the stages, allowing everyone to see them.

The participants from the A class had been decided long ago. Zhou Yuan, Su Youwei, Yang Zai and Song Qiushui.

“You guys can do it!” The numerous A class students cheered loudly.

Zhou Yuan and the other three exchanged a look and nodded before their figures flew onto the second highest platform. The highest belonged to Qi Yue and the other three B class participants.

Qi Yue stood with his hands behind his back while Liu Xi stood beside him. At this very moment, they were looking down from above at Zhou Yuan and the rest on the lower platforms.

Iciness overflowed from Qi Yue’s eyes as he stared at Zhou Yuan and said in a cold voice, “This class leader stage will still end up with my B class this year. I advise all of you to not have any designs on it.”

Zhou Yuan smiled upon hearing this and replied, “Many thanks for your gift of the Jade Spirit Waterfall training time. I believe that the rich Qi Manor should not mind too much since you can even afford to groom others from your own pockets.”

Qi Yue’s face twitched slightly. Losing to Zhou Yuan in the Jade Spirit Waterfall had caused his reputation in the B class to become extremely terrible. Moreover, the substantial amount of the good will he had painstakingly cultivated was now gone.

Liu Xi sneered as she said, “Humph, what’s there to be happy about. After the class ranking exam, you guys will lose your title as the A class. When that time comes, all of these things will still be ours.”

Su Youwei flatly replied, “It’s a little early to speak of who will win or lose.”

Liu Xi said with disdain, “Who do you think you are? Do you believe that someone like you has the right to talk to me?"

Su Youwei’s eyes lowered slightly. “Status does not mean anything on this stage. If you lose, your words will merely be a joke.”

Liu Xi’s eyelids twitched as she said through gnashed teeth, “Sharp-tongued commoner girl, if you fall into my hands later, prepare to see just how I will deal with you!”

“You should also be careful. I too plan to properly settle things between us with regards to what happened previously.” Cold light also surged in Su Youwei’s eyes.

“I’m afraid that you don’t have that capability!”

Sparks were already flying between the two parties before the battle began.

Zhou Yuan’s group sat down on the mats atop the platform as he shot a look at Qi Yue’s group with narrowed eyes. Behind Liu Xi were two tall and well-built youths whose bodies were surrounded by faint Genesis Qi undulations.

Beside Zhou Yuan, Su Youwei softly said, “Those two are Cao Ling and Fan Wu, elites of the B class. If my guess is correct, both of them should have already unblocked their six meridian channel.”

Zhou Yuan gave a slight nod as he glanced at the duo. He seemed to sense a faint but strange aura from the two.

Dong dong!

As the participants from the various classes ascended the stages, the sound of the gong grew increasingly frequent until the last hurried yet drawn out ‘dong’, marking the start of the class ranking exam. 

“D class’ Li Tong challenges C class’ Wu Jian!”

“E class’ Chai Yanzhi challenges D class’ Sun Qing!”


A series of shouts immediately followed the final gong. Figures quickly flew out one by one and landed on the empty stone stages.

“I’ll go test the waters.” On the A class side, Yang Zai was the first to stand up. His gaze locked onto Cao Ling on the B class side and yelled, “A class’ Yang Zai challenges B class’ Cao Ling.”

The youth called Cao Ling was expressionless as he stood up on the class leader platform and leaped onto the stone stage.

Yang Zai also flew up to the stone stage and cupped his fists together towards Cao Ling.

A referee landed on the stage and looked at the both of them before waving his hand. “Begin!”


Two figures immediately shot forward as two low shouts rang out, “Six channels open!”

Both of them had the strength of six channels and did not intend to hold anything back. Six channels were opened from the beginning, their respective full power blasting out.

Strands of Genesis Qi swirled on both of their bodies as punches and kicks whizzed forth, causing even the air to be blasted away, neither party willing to give a single inch.

Thump! Thump!

The two figures clashed under the attention of countless gazes, fists zipping here and there. Neither showed any mercy and every attack was aimed to hurt, making the fight look exceptionally dangerous.

Su Youwei remarked in a low voice while concentrating on the fight, “They are pretty even.”

Zhou Yuan gave a slight nod of acknowledgement. Both individuals had the strength of six channels, giving neither an advantage over the other. Victory would hinge on who had stronger Genesis techniques and the better battle sense.

His gaze turned towards Qi Yue, only to discover a strange look on his face as he watched the two exchange blows. Zhou Yuan immediately frowned, feeling that something was amiss.


On the stage, Yang Zai’s and Cao Ling’s battle grew increasingly intense. However, no one had discovered the slight tinge of redness in Cao Ling’s eyes and the additional sliver of berserk and heavy feeling in the Genesis Qi that poured out from his body.

These changes were most clearly felt by Yang Zai. He suddenly felt much more pressured and there were signs of being suppressed in the subsequent clashes.

“Why is this happening?” Yang Zai was filled with confusion.

“Get lost!”

Following a brief lapse in Yang Zai’s movement, red light surged in Cao Ling’s eyes as a roar emerged. He pounced like a tiger that had just been released from its cage and sent the weakened Yang Zai flying with a punch, causing him to vomit a mouthful of fresh blood.


A commotion immediately broke out in the field. No one had expected the originally even fight to abruptly end in Yang Zai’s defeat.

Zhou Yuan’s brows were tightly knitted together. In that brief moment earlier, he had faintly felt the Genesis Qi in Cao Ling’s body pulse strangely before suddenly becoming more berserk and violent.

On the class leader platform, Qi Yue grinned as he watched this scene before his gaze turned towards Zhou Yuan, a dark and cold look flitting across the former’s eyes.

This class ranking exam was extremely important to Qi Manor. Thus, he had pulled out all the stops to make sure Zhou Yuan had no chance.

“I’ll go next.” Song Qiushui’s stood up with a grave expression.

“Be careful.” Zhou Yuan gave a slight nod.

Upon seeing Song Qiushui rise, Qi Yue looked at Fan Wu and said in an emotionless voice, “You, go.”

Fan Wu stood up and flew onto the stage while Song Qiushui swiftly followed suit.

Both sides did not waste any time with words. Six channels were opened the moment the referee signalled the start. Genesis Qi poured into their bodies as surging power filled their limbs.

Two figures shot forth, cracking the stone beneath their feet.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes were glued to the duo that were exchanging blows on the stage. Like before, the gap between them was not big and the fight was naturally rather even.

However… as time passed, Zhou Yuan’s pupils suddenly tightened when he once again sensed the Genesis Qi in Fan Wu’s body show faint signs of becoming berserk.

Boom boom!

Fan Wu’s attacks became more ferocious, each punch filled with violent Genesis Qi that shattered the air, causing explosion sounds to emerge.

Qi Yue indifferently said as he watched. “It’s over.”


A thunderous howl from Fan Wu shook the ground as a punch containing churning Genesis Qi stirred up a storm and blasted towards Song Qiushui with a momentum that could overturn mountains and the sea.


Although Song Qiushui did all she could to defend, the power of the attack was far too great, causing her to catapult off the stage with a muffled thump.

An uproar once again swept through the entire field. The A class had suffered two consecutive defeats…

On the tall platform, Zhou Qing’s expression became rather ugly. In contrast, a strange and mysterious smile hung on Qi Yuan’s lips.

Zhou Yuan stared hard at Fan Wu. Moments later, his eyes seemed to flash as he slowly said, “I know what trick they used…”

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