Chapter 49 Battling Liu Xi


Su Youwei’s clear, flat voice sounded from the stone stage, causing numerous cheers to erupt. After all, Su Youwei’s victory was simply beautiful. Cao Ling’s attacks had seemed fierce but he had ultimately been led around by the nose all along.

Numerous A class students burst into cheers, shouting out praise and encouragement for Su Youwei while Chu Tianyang’s tense expression seemed to loosen slightly as he nodded. Thankfully, the hopes and expectations he had placed in her had not been for naught.

Qi Yue frowned as he listened to the deafening cheers from the field, while Liu Xi angrily clenched her jaw. The one thing she could not bear was to see Su Youwei become the focus of everyone’s attention.

Liu Xi icily said, “Fan Wu.”

Fan Wu nodded and his figure leapt onto the stone stage.

Fan Wu cupped his fist towards Su Youwei and said, “Please give me some pointers.”

The judge loudly shouted, “Begin!”


Like the previous match, Fan Wu was the first to make a move. Power surged in his legs, shattering rock as his figure ferociously pounced at Su Youwei. His hand took the form of a claw as it viciously slashed at her, “Ripping Tiger Claw!”

Ch ch!

Ear-piercing noises vibrated from the air as his claw-hand slashed downwards.

However, no matter how fierce his attacks were, they were unable to even graze Su Youwei’s figure. Her figure drifted like a wisp of smoke, every punch hitting nothing but air.

“High grade Genesis technique, Drifting Smoke.” Zhou Yuan’s eyes flashed as he softly praised. This auxiliary Genesis technique was one of the hardest to learn in the Great Zhou Institute. Who could have imagined it would be mastered by Su Youwei.

Drifting Smoke may not be as profound as his Dragon Step, but it did have its own unique characteristic. Its concept was based on borrowing external force to move, the fiercer the opponent’s the attacks, the lesser the chance of landing a blow.

“Fan Wu’s defeat is unavoidable.”

As Zhou Yuan made this judgement, like Cao Ling from before, the blood in Fan Wu’s body began to boil due to the intensifying fight. Redness surged in his eyes and his Genesis Qi gradually grew violent.

Su Youwei’s eyes flashed as her figure made a sudden turn and shot straight at Fan Wu.

Upon seeing this, Fan Wu bellowed and threw a fist, blasting away the air in front of him as ferocious power pounced at Su Youwei.

However, a split second before impact, Su Youwei ingeniously gave a light tap to the incoming blow with her foot and her body flew above Fan Wu.

At the same time, a palm was sent downwards, striking the top of Fan Wu’s head.

Yet another strand of refreshing energy poured into Fan Wu’s body, calming the boiling blood within. Genesis Qi immediately started to throb and without any further action from Su Youwei, Fan Wu’s fell on his back with a groan, fresh blood flowing from the corner of his mouth.

This scene undoubtedly gave rise to cheers that seemingly filled the sky.

Liu Xi gnashed her teeth together so hard that cracking sounds could be heard, while fire practically spouted from her eyes.

Qi Yue’s eyes also darkened slightly as he said, “She has discovered the Boiling Blood Rune and found a way to counter it.”

Although Qi Yue did not know why, he could sense that Su Youwei had purposely waited for Cao Ling’s and Fan Wu’s blood to boil before she made her move.

“Su Youwei is indeed a problem.” Qi Yue’s brows were tightly knitted together. The two matches they had painstakingly won had been single handedly reduced back to zero by Su Youwei, thwarting his original plan to tire out Zhou Yuan to ensure that nothing would go wrong.

Su Youwei gracefully stood on the stone stage. She calmed the Genesis Qi in her body before a pair of cold eyes turned towards Liu Xi as an emotionless voice rang out, “A class’ Su Youwei challenges B class’ Liu Xi.”

These words immediately caused countless tongue to click. To think that Su Youwei actually planned on fighting three consecutive battles.

“Hehe. good, good. This lowly wench actually dares to challenge me. Truly a fool who does not know her limits!” Liu Xi was so angered that she burst out into laughter before giving Su Youwei a vicious glare.

Liu Xi flew onto the stone platform, her icy gaze fixed onto So Youwei as she said, “Since you are asking for trouble, I will gladly accommodate!”

Su Youwei replied in a cold voice, “It’s too early to decide exactly who is the one asking for trouble.”

“Do you really believe that you have the qualifications to challenge me after beating those two useless pieces of trash? When I started training in the institute, who knows where you were begging for food!”

Liu Xi continued her mocking, “Do you really think that you would have the qualifications to enter the institute if Zhou Yuan had not picked you up from the dirty streets?”

However, Su Youwei’s eyes merely lowered in response to Liu Xi’s harsh words as she replied in a calm voice, “That is the very reason why I will help him sweep away all stumbling blocks like you guys.”

The referee shook his head in response to the atmosphere between the two girls, wasting no more time as he waved his hand, “Begin!”

Sparks flew as the two girls’ gazes met.

“Six channels open!”

Genesis Qi light flowed around the two girls at practically the same time. A split second later, Liu Xi made her move. She appeared in front of Su Youwei in a flash as a hand was sent chopping downwards. Genesis Qi swirled around her finger tips, giving off a faint aura of sharpness.

“Wind Chopper Palm!”

Ch ch!

Even the air itself was split apart by this chop. Liu Xi showed no mercy, using a high grade Genesis technique the moment she attacked. Its astonishing power could cleanly slice even a rock into half.

As the daughter of Liu Hou, Liu Xi naturally received a tremendous amount of cultivation resources and the Genesis techniques she had in her arsenal were not ordinary.

Upon seeing Liu Xi’s formidable attack, Su Youwei’s foot pushed off the ground as she once again displayed the Drifting Smoke technique and retreated like the mist.

“Do you think that I am the same as those two fools?”

“Wind Spirit Step!” A smile of disdain emerged on Liu Xi’s red lips. Wild winds rose and she appeared in front of the retreating Su Youwei like a gale with a single step as a chop was once again sent hacking downwards.

“Jade-Breaker Finger!”

In response to Liu Xi’s dogged pursuit, two of Su Youwei’s fingers fiercely thrust forward, flashing with jade light as they clashed head-on against Liu Xi’s falling hand.


The collision was akin to jade smashing together. The opposing Genesis Qi caused wind to sweep outwards as cracks grew on the stone ground below them.

Both Su Youwei and Liu Xi were pushed back a dozen steps. However, it was clear that Liu Xi had taken the upper hand in this clash. After all, her Wind Chopper Palm was a high grade Genesis technique while the Jade-Breaker Finger was only mid grade.

“Let’s see how many attacks you can take!” Liu Xi sneered as she activated Wind Spirit Step again. A gale seemed to scream as her figure headed straight for Su Youwei, while a palm suffused with deadly Genesis Qi hacked apart the air, leaving scars on the ground below.

Su Youwei continuously retreated, falling into a disadvantageous position for some time.

“She’s being suppressed by the opponent’s Genesis techniques…” Zhou Yuan frowned a little as he watched. Su Youwei was truly talented, but high grade Genesis techniques were already considered top tier in the Great Zhou Institute, let alone the fact that contribution was needed in order to learn them. She naturally could not match Liu Xi who possessed numerous Genesis techniques that were handed down to her in her clan.

Several of the sharper individuals were already able to see the awkward predicament Su Youwei was in, causing them to feel some pity. They could tell that the situation would likely be reversed if Su Youwei knew Genesis techniques of the same level.

Ch ch!

Two figures fluttered and dodged like butterflies on the stone stage, one attacking one defending.

Liu Xi was elated as she watched Su Youwei being continuously suppressed by herself and sneered, “Humph, so what if you’re talented? In my eyes, you are merely a lowly dirt-poor wench. Challenging me is akin to seeking your own humiliation!”

Su Youwei was silent as she continued to dodge.

“Don’t you feel it’s unfair? Laughable wench, the gap between us has long since be decided! No matter how much effort you put in, you will never be able to surpass the difference in status between us!”

The corners of Liu Xi’s lips raised to form a thin smile. “If a mere high grade Genesis technique can already put you into such a miserable state…”

“Then what about… a Black tier Genesis technique?”

Cold light blossomed in Liu Xi’s eyes. She would shatter all of Su Youwei’s self confidence, affecting her future state of mind and leaving a shadow of doubt in her heart. Hence causing her future cultivation journey to be littered with obstructions.

This was nothing but vicious.

Liu Xi figure came to abrupt halt. One could only watch as her fingers curled while streams of Genesis Qi converged towards her hand, frantically gathering at the center of her palm, ultimately culminating into a blade of wind.

The wind blade vibrated with a piercing sound as the air around it was continously blasted away.

“Low grade Black tier Genesis technique, Green Wind Blade!”

Cruelness flashed across Liu Xi’s eyes as she suddenly hacked at Su Youwei. The wind blade whizzed forth with a swish, slicing through the air as it shot straight towards her.

The entire place exploded when they saw this, and even the referee prepared to interfere to save Su Youwei.

However, not even the slightest change could be seen in Su Youwei’s bright eyes as she stared at the green wind blade. Its sharp aura caused her to feel a piercing pain on her skin even from a distance away.

But she still did not move to avoid it.

Su Youwei’s lips parted slightly as she looked at the overjoyed Liu Xi and said, “It is true that I do not have many high level Genesis techniques like you. However, I do not agree with your words. The gap between us is not insurmountable as you say.”

“How can someone like you possibly imagine my efforts?”

Su Youwei’s hand slowly closed as powerful Genesis Qi suddenly erupted from within her body, causing her clothes to flutter and her hair to fly.

“Seventh channel open!”

The entire field went crazy when Su Youwei’s shout rang out as countless individuals cast their shocked gazes over.

Not even in their wildest dreams would anyone have imagined that Su Youwei would forcibly open her seventh meridian channel in battle.

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