Chapter 32 Ice and Fire Genesis Gathering Rune

Time in the Great Zhou Institute flowed extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, half a month had passed.

Over this half a month, Zhou Yuan gradually grew accustomed to the training lifestyle in the A class. However, it was a pity that the Jade Spirit Waterfall training was no longer as effective after unblocking his third meridian channel. Though this was the case, his fourth meridian channel was gradually being unblocked with the aid of the quartz energy…

Completely opening the channel was only a matter of time.

On a certain day.

Zhou Yuan had just left the inner palace after finishing his breakfast when he caught sight of a certain pretty silhouette in the nearby flower park, causing his heart to tremble slightly.

The Jade Spirit Waterfall in the Great Zhou Institute would be open again today. However, the effectiveness of the Jade Spirit Waterfall had already fallen somewhat for Zhou Yuan as his body had likely grown accustomed to the quartz energy.

Hence, Zhou Yuan had to think of other ways to grow stronger.

“A Genesis Gathering Rune is drawn on my body every time I enter the Jade Spirit Waterfall. Big sis Yaoyao’s attainments in the art of Genesis Runes is extremely high and far surpasses the Genesis Rune teachers of the institute. I wonder if she knows of a more effective grade 1 Genesis Gathering Rune. If she does, my quartz energy absorption efficiency will rise to a higher level.” When his thoughts reached this point, Zhou Yuan’s eyes subconsciously brightened slightly, his pace growing quicker as he walked into the stone pavilion within the flower park.

Yaoyao gracefully stood in the stone pavilion. The tip of the Genesis Rune Brush in her hand moved to and fro on the scroll that had been laid out on the tablet. Her gorgeous and fair face was currently fully concentrated. This earnestly working appearance of hers gave off a special sort of charm.

Zhou Yuan quietly arrived at Yaoyao’s side and looked towards the scroll, only to discover that it was a landscape painting. The mountain range within weaved about like a snaking dragon, while the meandering river gleamed like real water under the sunlight.

Zhou Yuan’s expression gradually became serious as he observed the majestic work of art. A trace of amazement rose in his eyes when he realised that there were Genesis Rune strokes hidden within the painting.

The picture hid a very profound Genesis Rune!

This was definitely no low grade Genesis Rune. An icy sensation soaked Zhou Yuan’s entire body while he tried to feel the Genesis Rune as if he was facing some sort of terrible creature. Meanwhile, astonishing undulations slowly pulsed from the painting.

 Zhou Yuan was overwhelmed with shock as he cried out in his heart, “This Genesis Rune has likely reached grade 3!”

Grade 3 Genesis Rune. Even Heaven Gate stage experts did not dare to underestimate one.

Moreover, the thing that shocked Zhou Yuan the most was that Yaoyao was able to blend the Genesis Rune in her landscape painting. From this, one could see just how deep her mastery of Genesis Runes went.

While Zhou Yuan was immersed in the Genesis Rune landscape painting, a small fair hand blocked his line of sight, allowing him to come back to his senses.

“Your current mastery of Genesis Runes has yet to reach that level. Falling too deeply into it will hurt your Spirit.” Yaoyao’s flat voice was transmitted into his ear.

Sure enough, Zhou Yuan felt a little dizzy after hearing this. He hastily turned away and sighed with admiration. “Big sis Yaoyao’s attainments in Genesis Runes are indeed amazing.”

He looked towards Yaoyao with eyes filled with curiosity. “May I ask what is the highest grade Genesis Rune big sis Yaoayao can currently draw?”

Normally speaking, grade 3 Genesis Runes were comparable to a Heaven Gate practitioner. If it was grade 4, even Zhou Yuan’s father, Zhou Qing, would have to be somewhat vigilant.

Unfortunately, even in the entire Great Zhou, the most skilled person in Genesis Runes that Zhou Yuan knew of was unable to draw a grade 4 Genesis Rune.

Yaoyao gently rolled up the painting in front of her as she offhandedly said, “For the time being, I can only draw grade 3 Genesis Runes. But if I make ample preparations, it might be possible to try grade 4.”

Zhou Yuan could not help but grin.The power of grade 3 Genesis Runes was able to match a Heaven Gate stage practitioner. In other words, Yaoyao might seem weak because she was unable to use Genesis Qi, but in actual combat, armed with the power of Genesis Runes, even a Heaven Gate stage practitioner would be unable to stop her.

“Can’t believe that master expects me to protect her. Just who exactly will be doing the protecting?” Zhou Yuan could not help but laugh bitterly in his heart.

As if she knew what Zhou Yuan was thinking about, Yaoyao glanced at him and said, “Grandpa Hei is not counting on the you of now. The one he hopes to rely on is the future you.”

Zhou Yuan’s heart shook slightly as he recalled the day Cang Yuan had sent Yaoyao and him away. Back then, Cang Yuan had clearly given off a feeling of urgency, as if an imminent danger was approaching that even he was not confident of dealing with.

Zhou Yuan probed, “Big sis Yaoyao, do you know of master’s origins?” 

Cang Yuan possessed unfathomable strength. An unknown danger that even he was not sure he could overcome would surely be an extreme terror. Thus, Zhou Yuan wanted to know more such that he could prepare himself.

A vacant look emerge in Yaoyao’s pretty eyes when she heard this and she retrieved an ancient jade pendant from her clothes. A life-like seven-color fire lotus had been carved onto the pendant.

She stroked the pendant and gently shook her head as she replied in a tiny voice, “Grandpa Hei never told me anything.”

Zhou Yuan let out a bitter laugh. Cang Yuan and Yaoyao were undoubtedly filled with mystery that he was unable to investigate.

Seeing the somewhat depressed Yaoyao, Zhou Yuan did not dare to probe any further and hastily changed the topic. “Big sis Yaoyao, do you know the Genesis Gathering Rune?”

Yaoyao replied in an absent-minded manner, “The Genesis Gathering Rune is a very common grade 1 Genesis Rune. There is practically no need to ask.”

“Then what is the most effective Genesis Gathering Rune that my body is able to support?” Zhou Yuan’s eyes seemed to burn as he stared at Yaoyao.

Genesis Runes could not be carelessly inscribed. For example, if a grade 3 Genesis Rune was drawn on someone like Zhou Yuan, even if he was able to someone activate it, it would only harm to his body.

Yaoyao pondered for a while before casually drawing a Genesis Qi in the air, “Is this the Genesis Gathering Rune you used previously?”

Zhou Yuan nodded. The Genesis Rune Yaoyao had drawn was the most ordinary Genesis Gathering Rune. It was the same one that the Great Zhou Institute instructors had inscribed on their bodies.

Yaoyao held her green-jade-like Genesis Rune Brush, gently pressing its tip on her chin as she thought and said, “There are many kinds of Genesis Gathering Runes and I naturally know of those that are more effective than this one.”

It was as if a surge of energy had suddenly flooded through Zhou Yuan as he anxiously looked at Yaoyao. “Can you help me draw one?”

Upon seeing Zhou Yuan’s gaze, Yaoyao’s little hand folded into a fist as she lowered her head, revealing a thoughtful expression.

Zhou Yuan tacitly retrieved a jade bottle from his sleeves. “Hundred Flower Brew. I spent a great deal of effort in order to get this.”

Yaoyao received the jade bottle and took a light sniff. Only then did she smile in satisfaction. Her fair hand twirled the jade-green Genesis Rune Brush as she said, “Take off your clothes.”

Zhou Yuan shed his clothes without any hesitation. Having trained for quite some time, his body now appeared much healthier and even had some muscle definition.

“This Genesis Rune of mine is called the Ice and Fire Genesis Gathering Rune and can be considered top tier amongst the grade 1 Genesis Runes. However, you will have to suffer a little.”

“No problem. Bring it on.” Zhou Yuan did not seem to mind.

Yaoyao nodded. Without delay, the tip of the brush flickered with a faint luster as it landed on Zhou Yuan’s back. As the brush tip flowed, Genesis strokes appeared one after another.

As the Genesis strokes on his back continued to appear, Zhou Yuan gradually started to feel a strange sensation, as if fiery heat and icy coldness had appeared on his back. As fire and ice continuously interweaved, an intense stabbing pain could be felt.


Zhou Yuan gasped in a mouthful of cool air. The sensation of ice and fire was clearly unpleasant.

“It’s done.”

A short few minutes later, Yaoyao pulled back her hand, lifting the brush tip. One could see that the Genesis strokes had come together to form a complicated Genesis Rune on Zhou Yuan’s back. Fire and ice seemed circulate on the Genesis Rune, a rather peculiar sight.

As the Genesis Rune took shape, Zhou Yuan felt the surrounding Genesis Qi begin to converge towards him. This was far more effective than an ordinary Genesis Gathering Rune.

“It is indeed pretty awesome!”

An expression of surprise was revealed in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. This Ice and Fire Genesis Gathering Rune was more than twice as effective as a normal Genesis Gathering Rune!

“With this Ice and Fire Genesis Gathering Rune, the amount of quartz energy I absorb during this trip to the Jade Spirit Waterfall will increase again!” Excitement flooded Zhou Yuan’s heart. After all, their A class was only allocated 6 hours of the Jade Spirit Waterfall. Since there was nothing he could change with regards to the allocated time, the only thing left was to try and absorb more quartz energy during this period.

Zhou Yuan regretfully said, “Such a pity, 6 hours is still too short. If it was a little longer, the time taken to unblock my fourth meridian channel will be shorten.”

“The effectiveness of this Ice and Fire Genesis Gathering Rune is pretty good. If Su Youwei has one too, she should be able to very quickly unblock her fifth meridian channel.” As his thoughts reached this point, a certain idea hit him. Su Youwei’s cultivation talent was extremely high and he naturally did not desire her progress to be delayed.

“Big sis Yaoyao…” Zhou Yuan shamelessly looked towards Yaoyao. “Is it possible for you to help my friend draw one of these Ice and Fire Genesis Gathering Runes?”

Yaoyao’s shapely eyebrows knitted together upon hearing this as she said without the slightest hesitation, “Don’t even think about it.”

She was obsessed with cleanliness and if it was not because she had been living with Zhou Yuan for so long, she would not have helped him draw a Genesis Rune.

Zhou Yuan hurriedly said, “She is a girl.”

Yaoyao’s pretty face eased slightly when she heard it was a girl.

“It is boring for big sis Yaoyao to spend all day in the palace. It just so happens that you can follow me to the Great Zhou Institute for a stroll to relieve your boredom.” Zhou Yuan swiftly struck while the iron was hot.

Yaoyao hesitated for a while. She had stayed in the palace for over a month and was indeed a little bored.

“Alright, I will go with you. However, I will only help one person.” Yaoyao gave a light nod. However, she still took some precaution. If Zhou Yuan was to find ten or eight girls, she would really lose it.

Zhou Yuan hurriedly nodded as he breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. One was obviously enough as he only wanted to help Su Youwei. As for the others, once he learnt this Ice and Fire Genesis Gathering Rune, he would consider helping those whom he had a good relationship with.

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