Chapter 33 The Two Girls Meet

Great Zhou Institute.

When Zhou Yuan walked past with Yaoyao, he could clearly feel the surroundings grow silent as stunned gazes continuously turned towards them from all directions.

Of course, these gazes were not directed at him but the leisurely strolling Yaoyao beside him.

She was currently still in her simple green clothes. Her figure lovely and tall, her long legs thin and slender, and her supple little waist that was just too unreasonable. She carried a lazy Tuntun in her arms, who could occasionally turn and twist its body, squeezing deeper into the slightly developed curves of her chest. This caused countless people to secretly curse the little bastard, wishing they could replace it.

Above that fair graceful neck was an gorgeous yet aloof face that seemed to have been carved from ice. A faint rune of light was faintly discernible on her forehead, giving her an air of mysteriousness, a mysteriousness that could be admired but not be touched.

Based on face alone, Yaoyao and Su Youwei had their own individual charms, but Yaoyao possessed a mysterious and ungraspable-as-mist presence. A feeling that made one understand that they could never get to close to her yet could not help but want to chase her.

Thus, when Yaoyao appeared in the Great Zhou Institute, the youths she passed were all awed by her beauty and presence. Although amazement and wonder emerged in the eyes that closely followed her, no one dared to go up and talk to her.

Zhou Yuan ignored these gazes as he led Yaoyao straight to the A class.

As the two left, the Great Zhou Institute students exploded into whispers of curiosity.

“Such a pretty girl. Who is she? Is she also a student at our institute?”

“I’ve never heard of such a person in the Great Zhou Institute.”

“With regards to prettiness, I’m afraid that only our Great Zhou Institute’s Su Youwei can compare.”

“I feel that this girl is more stunning,”

“Tch, I feel that Su Youwei is better. She’s pretty and easy to approach. This one is too cold and it seems hard to get close to her.”


From a certain spot in the Great Zhou Institute, Qi Yue and Liu Xi were watching Zhou Yuan’s and Yaoyao’s departing figures with different expressions.

As Liu Xi gazed at the backs of the now distant figures, she could not help but grit her teeth and say, “Humph. This fellow is not strong, but his butterfly drawing ability is nothing to scoff at.” 

Years ago, she had almost been betrothed to Zhou Yuan but ultimately managed to reject the marriage. Hence, she had never given a second glance to him. Who could have imagined that the girls that appeared at Zhou Yuan’s side would become more and more remarkable. This naturally made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

A look of amazement flitted across Qi Yue’s eyes as he watched Yaoyao’s lovely figure. Although Yaoyao’s and and Su Youwei’s faces had their own charms, someone of high status like himself had a preference for girls an aura similar to Yaoyao, mysterious and an aloofness that made her seem so high up that she was practically untouchable.

Those that others could never obtain was what Qi Yue wanted.

“But I’ve never heard of this girl. Why does she have such a close relation to Zhou Yuan? Where did she come from?”

Qi Yue’s eyes faintly narrowed. Soon after, he smiled and said, “However, this prince of ours seems to be doing pretty well recently. He even has time to play with flowers.”

“Is there any update with regards to the matter you spoke of before?” Said Liu Xi through gritted teeth. She did not wish to see Zhou Yuan have such a free and easy time.

The corners of Qi Yue’s mouth lifted slightly. “The preparations are almost done. The other three classes also have some objections towards the A class’ 6 allocated hours. Today will be a good day to raise this problem.”

As he spoke, he looked in the direction Zhou Yuan had left in, the smile on his lips filled with playfulness.

“Strolling with a beauty is indeed a fine thing. However, you chose the wrong time to do so. Be careful of losing all your face.”

A class courtyard.

When Zhou Yuan brought Yaoyao in, every gaze immediately shifted over with a woosh, before becoming stunned when they saw the girl in green at Zhou Yuan’s side.

Su Youwei was talking to Song Qiushui and the rest when she caught sight of Zhou Yuan. Just as she was about to call out to him, her body froze momentarily as her pretty limpid eyes landed on Yaoyao.

Su Youwei’s heart shook faintly as her teeth bit into her red lips. It was obvious that she did not know what the relationship between Zhou Yuan and this girl in green was.

“It seems that this prince of ours really likes to womanize.” Song Qiushui felt injustice for Su Youwei. Over this period of time, Su Youwei had already become the most welcomed person in the A class. After all, she was pretty, had amazing talent and there was not a single trace of the usual arrogance of a genius.

“Elder sister Qiushui, please do not speak such nonsense.” Su Youwei hastily pulled at Song Qiushui’s sleeve.

“You!” Song Qiushui helplessly glanced at Su Youwei and said in a low voice, “You’re hopeless. You are definitely going to be thoroughly used for your entire life.”

“We are only friends.” Su Youwei explained with a blush.

“Tch.” Song Qiushui curled her lips.

“What are you guys talking about?” Zhou Yuan smiled as he walked over.

“Your highness.” Su Youwei smiled at Zhou Yuan before seemingly looking towards Yaoyao by accident as she softly asked, “This person is?”

Zhou Yuan pondered for a while before he smiled and said, “This is my little senior sister disciple.”

Yaoyao glanced at him but did not refute. Zhou Yuan was Cang Yuan’s disciple, hence calling her little senior sister disciple was considered appropriate.

Su Youwei was somewhat astonished. She had never heard of Zhou Yuan having a little senior sister disciple. However, since Zhou Yuan had said so, she naturally chose to believe him.

“Come, follow me.” Zhou Yuan ignored everyone else’s gazes and beckoned towards Su Youwei as he led Yaoyao to an empty room by the side.

Su Youwei’s pretty eyes were filled with doubt, but she still followed.

The three entered the room and Zhou Yuan closed the door before starting to remove his clothes.

“Your highness, what are you doing?!” Su Youwei’s face immediately turned beet-red when she saw this. She stamped her foot in nervousness as her eyes drifted away, not knowing where she should look.

Zhou Yuan awkwardly scratched his head and turned around, revealing the Ice and Fire Genesis Gathering Rune on his back. “I want you to look at this.”

Only then did Su Youwei shift her gaze over, however, her face was still red as she stared at the rune on Zhou Yuan’s back. Moments later, she gasped in surprise, “This is a Genesis Gathering Rune?”

Zhou Yuan put his clothes back on and nodded. “This is the Ice and Fire Genesis Gathering Rune inscribed by my little senior sister disciple. It is even more effective than an ordinary Genesis Gathering Rune, which is why I invited her over to help you draw one too. It will increase the effectiveness of your training in the Jade Spirit Waterfall.”

Su Youwei was taken aback. She gazed at the quietly standing Yaoyao carrying Tuntun in a somewhat amazed manner. It was obvious that the former never imagined that the latter would have such high attainments in Genesis Runes.

One must know that the Genesis Rune teachers of the Great Zhou Institute were unable to inscribe such a unique Genesis Gathering Rune.

However, while she was amazed, a warm feeling flowed in her heart due to Zhou Yuan’s actions.

Zhou Yuan smiled at Yaoyao and Su Youwei as he said,  “There is a inner room here, you two go in. I will stand guard outside.” 

Yaoyao nodded and walked into the inner room. Su Youwei glanced at Zhou Yuan before quickly following.

Inside the inner room, Yaoyao sized-up Su Youwei without batting an eyelid, but secretly praise in her heart. The girl before her looked intelligent and enchanting. The spirited feeling given off by Su Youwei’s eyes was akin to a beautiful embryo.

“You are called Su Youwei, right?” Yaoyao’s voice was a little gentler than usual. After all, anyone would feel better in front of such a pretty and intelligent girl.

Su Youwei nodded. She looked at Yaoyao and hesitated for a moment before asking, “What about you big sis?”

“I am Yaoyao.”

“Then may I call you big sis Yaoyao?”

Yaoyao gave a light nod. “Take off your clothes.”

Su Youwei’s face turned red again when she heard this. Although they were both girls, it was still embarrassing for her to undress in front of others.

However, she was ultimately not a procrastinator. With a clench of her jaw, she removed her clothes.

The moment her clothes fell, the entire inner room seemed to become somewhat brighter as a snow-white body blessed with enticing curves appeared. Su Youwei’s face was dyed red as she turned around, revealing a flawlessly bright and fair back. Her arms hugged her chest, faintly emphasizing a rather full set of curves.

Any male would have a nosebleed at such an exhilarating sight.

“What a lovely girl.”

Yaoyao inwardly exclaimed in admiration before retrieving her green jade brush and cautioning, “It might be a little painful.”

Su Youwei shyly nodded.

The jade brush descended, flickering with specks of light as it landed on Su Youwei’s back. The brush tip swirled about, drawing stroke after stroke, each one pulsing with Spirit energy.

The scorching and freezing sensation from Su Youwei’s back made her grit her teeth, but she did not release even the slightest sound of pain.

Yaoyao nodded upon seeing this.

The inner room was silent for a long time before Yaoyao withdrew her brush. One would see a rune akin to swirling ice and fire slowly emerge on Su Youwei’s back. It emitted a peculiar undulation and absorbed the surrounding Genesis Qi.


However, the moment the Ice and Fire Genesis Rune was formed, Yaoyao suddenly let out a cry of surprise. Her pretty eyes stared at the Ice and Fire Genesis Gathering Rune, because in that brief moment earlier, she had faintly sensed the effectiveness of this rune seem to grow substantially.

“Don’t move.” Yaoyao suddenly said before she reached out a fair hand and gently pressed it on Su Youwei’s back. After sensing for a moment, a thoughtful look was revealed on her pretty face.

“There seems to be a feeling of Yin and Yang in the depths of her body and it appears to be a little similar to the legendary Yin Yang Genesis root. But why is it so weak? It is because it has yet to fully mature?” Yaoyao mumbled to herself in her heart.

This Yin Yang Genesis root was an extremely unique root. It was similar to the sacred dragon root Zhou Yuan once possessed, giving one abilities that far surpassed the ordinary man.

However, Su Youwei’s Yin Yang Genesis root was very weak and may have yet to fully mature. Hence, Yaoyao could not be certain for the moment.

“Big sis Yaoyao, what is it?” Su Youwei hurriedly asked as she looked at the pondering Yaoyao.

Yaoyao thought for some time before shaking her head. After all, there was no need to speak of it since she was not sure. She only said, “The effect of this Ice and Fire Genesis Gathering Rune is even better on you than Zhou Yuan.”

Su Youwei was somewhat shocked when she heard this. However, she did not overthink things. After all, the effectiveness of Genesis Runes would indeed vary depending on the person and a difference could be considered normal.

After inscribing the Genesis Gathering Rune, the two girls walked out. Outside, the waiting Zhou Yuan smiled when he saw them. “Finished?”

Yaoyao and SuYouwei nodded.

“That’s good.” Zhou Yuan breathed a sigh of relief before pushing open the room doors.

Once they left, Zhou Yuan immediately felt searing gazes shoot over. The many boys of the A class were grinding their teeth. It was all because Zhou Yuan’s actions had drawn too much hate. To think that he actually pulled two great beauties into a small room!

In response to their gazes, Zhou Yuan merely rolled his eyes.

It was at this moment that a figure hurriedly ran over from outside. It was profusely sweating Yang Zai. Upon seeing everyone, he hastily shouted, “Headmaster Chu wants us to hurry over to the Jade Spirit Waterfall. Something has happened!”

Zhou Yuan was stunned by the situation and asked, “What’s going on?” 

The other A class members also cast puzzled gazes over.

Yang Zai wiped his sweat as he spoke through gritted teeth, “It’s that damned Qi Yue. Their B class has united with the other classes and say that the cultivation allocation time for the Jade Spirit Waterfall is unfair. They want to cut our A class’ time!”


The moment these words were said, an outburst instantly erupted as anger stirred in the crowd. Everyone’s eyes seemed to be spitting fire. The Jade Spirit Waterfall was the cultivation treasure land of the Great Zhou Institute and was extremely important to them. If their allocated time was cut, it would definitely cause everyone’s channel opening speed to slow.

Qi Yue’s actions was practically cutting off the path of their A class!

Zhou Yuan’s eyes faintly narrowed upon hearing this as a cold glint surfaced within them. This tactic of Qi Yue’s was truly vicious... 

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