Chapter 31 Establishment of Power

In the lake, Genesis Qi surged around Zhou Yuan’s body. Streams of light seemed to flow on his skin as invisible undulations spread outwards, pushing back the surrounding lake waters such that they were unable to flow back in.

On the lake bank, everyone was wide-eyed and opened-mouth as they stared at him. This scene was very familiar to them. It was a scene that only appeared when one opened one’s meridian channel.

“Opened his third channel? How is that possible!” Green and white interlaced on Liu Xi’s attractive face as a burning sensation washed over it. She had previously mocked Zhou Yuan for overdoing it. Who could have anticipated that the latter would not only be uninjured, but even unblock his third meridian channel on the very spot!

The expression in Qi Yue’s eyes turned ominously stormy at this moment. His five fingers were tightly clenched as he stared at Zhou Yuan like a viper while rage boiled in his heart. He had similarly never imagined such an outcome.

Moreover, what he could not fathom was how Zhou Yuan’s mere two channel body could possible endure for an hour in the Jade Spirit Waterfall.

“How did he do it!”

The other B class members were speechless as they looked to each other, evidently both intimidated and in awe of this scene.

In the lake, bright light flashed in Zhou Yuan’s tightly shut eyes as they slowly cracked open. He lowered his head, looking at the swirling Genesis Qi light surging around his body. Unrestrained joy bubbled in his heart as he felt the now completely unblocked third meridian channel.

He too never expected that he would actually open his third meridian channel.

According to his original estimate, he would need at least several days of training. However, he seemed to have somewhat underestimated the quartz energy of the Jade Spirit Waterfall. The tremendous amount of quartz energy absorbed had allowed him to unblock his third meridian channel today.

“Unfortunately, the quartz energy was likely so effective because it was my first time absorbing it. Once my body becomes accustomed to it, there will no longer be such quick and visible results.” Zhou Yuan muttered to himself as joy was revealed in his eyes.

Even so, opening his third meridian channel made Zhou Yuan exceptionally happy. After all, it had only been a few days since he had unblocked his second channel.

With a soft inward chuckle, the tip of Zhou Yuan’s foot pushed as his body flew to the lake bank. When he raised his head, he found everyone staring at him in complete silence.

“Clap clap!”

Applause suddenly rang out. Chu Tianyang’s usually unsmiling and serious face was currently decorated by a warm smile. His eyes filled with emotion as he stared at Zhou Yuan and clapped.

Su Youwei, Yang Zai, Song Qiushui and the rest came back to their senses and immediately started clapping too as their faces flooded with excitement.

They had just earlier been intimidated by Qi Yue, causing their morale to plummet. Who could have imagined that Qi Yue’s record would be broken by Zhou Yuan in the blink of an eye, even leaving the former far far behind.

With a mere two channel body, he had persisted in the Jade Spirit Waterfall for an hour. This was something that had never happened before in the Great Zhou Institute.

The crowd’s clapping first stunned Zhou Yuan, but he soon broke out into a smile. Next, he lifted his head and his line of sight turned towards Qi Yue and the rest of the B class students.

Upon seeing Zhou Yuan look over, the B class members seemed to shrink back as their faces burned. After all, they had been mocking him just moments ago and before they could even blink, their mockery had now turned on them.

Liu Xi’s steely-green face had twisted in an extremely ugly manner, but she could not utter even a single word. All she could do was bite down forcefully on her teeth.

On the contrary, Qi Yue wore a dark expression as a sinister voice seeped out between the crevices of his teeth, “Good, excellent. Your highness really surpasses one’s expectations.”

Zhou Yuan swept an indifferent glance at Qi Yue and replied with a faint smile, “Behave yourselves if you want to watch and stop trying to hold a drama here, we really don’t have time to entertain you guys.”

The corners of Qi Yue’s eyes twitched, but he ultimately took in a deep breath, suppressing the rage in his heart. However, the eyes that looked towards Zhou Yuan had become increasingly menacing and cold.

Zhou Yuan no longer bothered with Qi Yue after seeing this. He turned his head and smiled towards Su Youwei, Yang Zai, Song Qiushui and the rest as he said, “Let’s continue. There’s not much time left.” 

Of the 6 hours they had, almost half had passed.


Responded all the A class students, their morale rapidly rising. The gazes that looked towards Zhou Yuan were much different than before.

Before, there existed a tiny bit of the mentality of a senior student viewing a new student. However, not only had Zhou Yuan’s accomplishment intimidated Qi Yue and the rest of the B class, it had also made them, the A class students, feel more respect for the former.

By the side, Chu Tianyang secretly breathed a sigh of relief as he watched the A class students regain their morale. The gaze with which he looked towards Zhou Yuan had subconsciously become increasingly pleased.

Over the past year, Qi Yue was practically a boulder that weighed heavily in the hearts of all the A class students, making them feel as if they would never be able to prevail over him. But Zhou Yuan had let everyone know today that it was not impossible to beat Qi Yue.

As the saying went, there was always someone better. No one had been able to keep Qi Yue in check because that someone had yet to appear… but now…

That someone had perhaps finally appeared. Chu Tianyang secretly thought as he looked at Zhou Yuan.

Under the Jade Spirit Waterfall, the now spirited A class students continued their training once again. While the thundering waterfall washed over them, the figures standing within seemed to have become much more powerful.

In the following period of time, Zhou Yuan maintained his 1 hour timing during each attempt, a fact that made everyone exclaim in admiration. No one could understand how he did it.

Most importantly, Zhou Yuan was still rather lively even after enduring for an hour, and few bruises could be seen on his body. This appearance made it seem as if the waterfall was unable to damage him at all.

Hence, the gazes which looked towards Zhou Yuan grew increasingly respectful.

The 6 hour training session soon came to an end. Subsequently, the spirited A class students walked past the B class students under Zhou Yuan’s lead.

The B class students were silent as they watched them leave.

Liu Xi hatefully gnashed her teeth and said, “Acting so pleased just because he was able to persist a short while longer! Does he really think that opening his third meridian channel will allow him to fly?” 

“Qi Yue, you cannot allow him to keep doing as he pleases!”

Qi Yue was expressionless as he coldly said, “What’s the rush.”

A cold luster pulsed in his eyes as he turned his head and looked towards the enormous Jade Spirit Waterfall. Moments later, he icily chuckled and said, “Looks like this Jade Spirit Waterfall is rather useful to him…”

A frosty glint flashed in his eyes as he looked towards Liu Xi. “Don’t you think that 6 hours is a little too much for the A class?”

Liu Xi’s eyes brightened upon hearing this. “What do you mean?”

Qi Yue chuckled as the ominous look on his face faded. “It just so happens that I previously heard class master Xu mention how unfair the Jade Spirit Waterfall allocation was. The other class masters also have some opinions with regards to this.”

“No one would say anything if the A class is able to tower above the other classes like before, but does the current A class have such qualifications?”

“Do they still have the face to consider themselves the leader of the classes after two consecutive years of being suppressed by our B class?”

Qi Yue looked towards the direction Zhou Yuan and the rest had left in, the cold glint in his eyes growing even colder while the smile that hung from his lips overflowed with mockery.

“I feel… that it is indeed time to deal with this Jade Spirit Waterfall allocation problem.”

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