Chapter 30 Opening the Third Meridian Channel


Zhou Yuan’s excited face emerged from the lake waters. His eyes seemed to burn with passion as he look at the giant Jade Spirit Waterfall. He never imagined that using the power of his Spirit would actually help him absorb the nearby quartz energy.

Others were only able to absorb quartz energy from the water that hit their bodies, but he had the ability to consciously absorb and his range was much greater. The difference between the two need not be said.

“At this rate, I will be able to unblock my third meridian channel in a few days!”

According to Zhou Yuan’s estimates, he would likely need half a month or so to unblock his third meridian channel. Yet, that estimation had now been shortened by more than half. From this, one could tell just how effective the Jade Spirit Waterfall was.

“This is the benefit brought by a Illusory stage Spirit.”

Zhou Yuan could not help but sigh. Other students did not know any Spirit tempering methods, hence, their Spirit could not possibly be as strong as his which naturally led to being unable to sense the quartz energy or consciously absorb it.


While Zhou Yuan was happily sighing, a figure also fell into the water beside him. A head emerged, revealing Su Youwei. Her pretty face was rather pale and bruises could be seen all over her fair wrist.

Zhou Yuan’s gaze continued its path downwards before it came to a point where he could no longer turn away as a wave of heat seemed to surge up his nose.

Due to the water, Su Youwei’s clothes were wet and tightly hugged her lovely figure, causing her exquisitely enchanting curves to show. He could even faintly see her fair skin that glowed with the radiance of youth.


However, before Zhou Yuan could get a better look, water splashed into his face. His raised his gaze, only to find Su Youwei glaring at him with a beet-red face.

Zhou Yuan gave a hollow laugh.

Su Youwei tightly gritted her pearly-white teeth. This fellow was really adept when it came to taking advantage of others. If it was anyone else, she would have long sent a slap flying over. However, she could not gather any hate for Zhou Yuan and only felt bashful and angry.


Su Youwei pushed with her hands, causing a wave of water to crash into Zhou Yuan’s head. At the same time, she used the resultant force to gracefully fly out of the water, nimbly landing at the edge of the lake as Genesis Qi light flowed around her body, rapidly evaporating the water in her wet clothes.

An even more drenched Zhou Yuan helplessly shook his head before also leaving the lake, landing on an empty spot nearby.

Happiness was revealed in Chu Tianyang’s eyes when he looked at the two of them as he praised, “Not bad. The two of you persevered for about ten minutes. That’s a pretty good time for a first timer.”

With the exception of Yang Zai and Song Qiushui, the majority of the older class A members had only managed to endure for roughly ten minutes. Thus, Zhou Yuan’s and Su Youwei’s performance was pretty good for new students that had come into contact with the Jade Spirit Waterfall for the first time.

By the side, the faces of Yang Zai, Song Qiushui and the rest of the older students were filled with amazement as they looked at the two. Though they were not too surprised by Su Youwei’s achievement because she was after all a four channel practitioner, it was different for Zhou Yuan. The latter had only opened two channels, yet his tolerance level was not any weaker than a four channel opener.

“Hehe, if such a pathetic time can be considered pretty good, the Jade Spirit Waterfall has truly been squandered.” While they were sighing in amazement, a sneer was suddenly heard, causing the atmosphere to pause for a moment. Subsequently, angry gazes turned towards the direction of the sound one by one.

However, they froze when they saw who had spoken.

Zhou Yuan’s brow furrowed slightly. He raised his head, only to find that a large group of people had arrived at some unknown time. At the front of the group, a handsome Qi Yue stood straightly with his hands behind his back, giving off a dignified aura. Beside him was the beautiful and eye-catching Liu Xi. Disdain was currently visible on her face as she stared at the members of the A class. It was she who had spoken earlier.

The rest of the B class students also showed contempt on their faces as if looking down upon the performance of the many A class students.

“The B class.” Yang Zai’s face was riddled with fury while the others were also brimming with rage due to the undeserved remark. To come and criticize them even during their training was a really intolerable act.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes turned a little frosty as he swept a glance at Liu Xi and said in a flat voice, “May I ask how long you lasted in the Jade Spirit Waterfall during your first time?”

Liu Xi’s pretty face turned rigid. She was clearly angered but was unable to reply.

Qi Yue smiled superficially as he interjected, “There’s no need for your highness to lower yourself to her level. I’m not too clear on how long Liu Xi managed to endure during her first time, but I recall that I persisted for 30 minutes for mine.”

Although they knew that Qi Yue was doing this on purpose, Yang Zai, Song Qiushui and the many A class members were incapable of retorting and felt a little dejected. Qi Yue’s first time had already been 30 minutes, while they on the other hand were barely able to achieve a time of slightly over 20 minutes even till now.

With an abnormality like Qi Yue in the B class, will their A class ever be able to rise up again?

The morale of the A class was a little low for a time.

“Do you guys still intend to train?!” While they were silent, Chu Tianyang’s stern voice boomed through the air. He looked towards Qi Yue and the rest and said with an expressionless face, “If it is not the B class’ turn, do not come here and disturb others’ training or you will be punished!” 

The B class students shrunk back in response to Chu Tianyang’s chilly gaze. Only Qi Yue remained unaffected as he replied with a nonchalant smile, “No need to get angry headmaster, we have only assembled here in advance to wait for our turn at the Jade Spirit Waterfall. If just watching will interfere with their training, the A class students would really be a little too delicate.”

The A class students hatefully gritted their teeth upon hearing the mockery hidden in his words.

Chu Tianyang swept a cold glance at Qi Yue before withdrawing his gaze and saying in a loud voice, “Continue training!” 

When they heard this, Yang Zai and the rest turned around and headed for the Jade Spirit Waterfall again. However, there was now a rather depressed mood hanging around them.

“That guy is really loathsome.” Su Youwei muttered in a low voice. The originally pretty good atmosphere had completely ruined by Qi Yue’s arrival.

Zhou Yuan gently tapped his fingers in the air as he looked towards Qi Yue and said, “Is half an hour considered long?”

After speaking, he did not say anything else but instead turned around and walked towards the Jade Spirit Waterfall. Since Qi Yue had decided to use such an underhanded tactic to lower the A class’ morale, Zhou Yuan could not possibly allow him to get away with it.

“Tch, what a sharp tongue! Look at him, does he really believe he can compare to you?” Liu Xi could not help but let out a laugh of contempt as she watched Zhou Yuan’s leaving figure. It was obvious that she had taken his words as a stubborn refusal to admit defeat.

Zhou Yuan’s performance in the exam was not bad, but he should see who he was competing him. Qi Yue was after all currently the strongest student in the Great Zhou Institute.

Qi Yue smiled, a smile that was filled with a toying sensation. “Then I’ll have to take a good look later on. However, I do hope that he tries to show off since he will be the one that suffers in the end.”

The other B class members agreed with a nod. Likewise, they did not know exactly what qualifications a two channel practitioner like Zhou Yuan believed he had to entertain the notion that he could compete with Qi Yue.

Under the expectant gazes of the B class group, Zhou Yuan once again arrived before the Jade Spirit Waterfall. He gazed at the endlessly falling torrent of water and took a step in without the slightest shred of hesitation.


With his body now within the waterfall, Zhou Yuan’s legs bent slightly, tightly gripping the ground. The raging water smashed down onto him as he closed his eyes and the Spirit between his brows began to vibrate.

A suction force that was difficult to detect for ordinary individuals stealthily emerged. Wisps of quartz energy immediately converged over from the curtain of water, slapping onto his body along with the violent water.

The Genesis Gathering Rune on his back emitted a glow as it unceasingly absorbed each strand of quartz energy into his body.

Strands of gentle and cooling energy shuttled within Zhou Yuan’s body, substantially relieving the intense pain wherever it passed.

Zhou Yuan’s originally somewhat wobbly body gradually grew stable. No matter how the waterfall crashed down onto him, his body remained unmoving like a boulder.

At the same time, strands of quartz energy surged in his body, continuously attacking his third meridian channel, causing it to become looser and looser.

Crash! Crash!

Students once again fell into the lake one after another. Perhaps because of their low morale, the performance of many students was even worse than earlier, the time they were able to endure shorter.

At the lakeside, Chu Tianyang’s face turned stormy black as he watched this.

On the other hand, the smiles on the faces of Qi Yue, Liu Xi and the rest of the B class students grew wider and wider.


Su Youwei also fell into the water. She had endured for a whole 20 minutes this time, an achievement that made the A class students exclaim in admiration. This timing was fast approaching Yang Zai’s and Song Qiushui’s.

Su Youwei’s performance also made Chu Tianyang’s expression lighten a little.

Almost immediately after Su Youwei, Yang Zai and Song Qiushui also landed in the water with an inward sigh. They were still unable to last 30 minutes.

The entire group was silent as they left the water, bathed in a rather stifling atmosphere. Suddenly, Su Youwei’s slightly alarmed voice sounded, “Zhou Yuan is still up there?”

The group was stunned upon hearing this and their gazes turned towards the Jade Spirit Waterfall. Sure enough, they saw the faint silhouette of a figure within.

Song Qiushui covered her mouth with a hand as she cried out, “Zhou Yuan is about to reach 30 minutes?!” 

Yang Zai scratched his head, a look of disbelief on his face.

Unlike them, Su Youwei’s eyebrows were knitted together, worry clouding her eyes. She was worried that Zhou Yuan was purposely pushing himself over the limit and stubbornly holding on. If that was the case, it would instead hurt his body and affect his channel opening.

“Interesting.” Qi Yue could not help but softly chuckle as he watched. The depths of his eyes were full of disdain as he stared at the faint silhouette in the waterfall. From what he could see, Zhou Yuan’s stubbornness would only hurt himself.

“I’m interested to see just how long he can continue acting tough!” Liu Xi sneered. Her pretty face had a gloating look on it.

Hence, everyone’s gazes were directed at the figure in the waterfall. They were so fixated that Su Youwei and the rest did not have the mood to climb up again and ended up standing there watching.

Under their tense gazes, time swiftly flowed.

30 minutes.

40 minutes.


An hour!

By the time it reached an hour, everyone at the bank of the lake had become silent. Even Qi Yue’s eyes had started to flicker in uncertainty, slowly frowning as unease gradually crept up inside him.

The B class students looked to each other. An hour. Besides Qi Yue, no one in their B class could accomplish this. Furthermore, Qi Yue was a six channel practitioner!

What about Zhou Yuan? Only two channels!

Liu Xi tightly clenched her jaw and could not help but mumble, “Could something have happened?”


Just as her words faded, a noise was heard from the waterfall. Everyone could only watch as Zhou Yuan’s body finally fell, plunging head-first into the lake below.

His figure emerged on the lake, but his eyes were tightly shut.

Upon seeing this, Liu Xi immediately sneered. “Looks like his injuries are not light.”

The moment her sneer appeared, Zhou Yuan suddenly opened his eyes. Everyone could see a stream of Genesis Qi light curl around his body, causing whirlpools to form in the surrounding lake waters.

His sleeves flapped as a faint rumble spread from his body. Streams of Genesis Qi rushed into him, causing his aura to soar.

“This is?!” The pupils of Qi Yue, Liu Xi and the rest shrunk when they saw this.

“How is this possible?!”

Su Youwei, Yang Zai, Song Qiushui also gasped.

Chu Tianyang’s face trembled with emotion. His eyes seemed to shine as he stared at Zhou Yuan, pausing between each word as he mumbled, “To think… he has actually unblocked his third meridian channel?!”

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