Chapter 29 Jade Spirit Waterfall

In the mountains behind the Great Zhou Institute was a lush and verdant mountain peak where a silver-river-like waterfall was located. The rumbling sounds of crashing water spread throughout the entire mountain range. It was a very majestic sight indeed.

Zhou Yuan, Su Youwei and the rest of the A class students were currently standing below the waterfall where a giant lake lay, its waters as clear as a mirror.

“So this is the Jade Spirit Waterfall?”

Su Youwei gazed at the falling torrent of water, curiosity all over her face. It was clear that She had heard of it before.

Song Qiushui nodded from the side as she said with a grin, “This is the cultivation treasure land of our Great Zhou Institute, the Jade Spirit Waterfall. It is said that there is a patch of purple spirit quartz growing at the top of the waterfall, and the water that flows down contains a sliver of extremely gentle quartz energy. When the powerful force of the waterfall strikes the body, the quartz energy within will be pushed into the body which helps us unblock our meridian channels.”

“Of course, the most important aspect is that this extremely gentle quartz energy will not damage our meridian channels. So even if our meridian channels have reached the daily limits of the usual unblocking method, we will still be able to make use of the Jade Spirit Waterfall for channel opening training.”

Exceptional splendour instantly blossomed in Su Youwei’s eyes when she heard this. Due to the threshold of the meridian channels, there was a limit to the number of daily channel unblocking sessions for each individual. Yet, this Jade Spirit Waterfall before their eyes was able to help them unblock their channels without harming them even after the channels had reached their limit. This point alone allowed one to understand the value of the Jade Spirit Waterfall.

Zhou Yuan also smiled and nodded. This was why he regarded the Jade Spirit Waterfall as important. After completing several rounds of channel unblocking sessions each day, his channels would reach their limit, but with the aid of this Jade Spirit Waterfall, he would be able to continue unblocking his channels.

There was no doubt that this would speed up his training.

“However, the Jade Spirit Waterfall needs to absorb the natural Genesis Qi of the land to provide a steady stream of quartz energy. Hence, it only opens for use once every two days.”

Yang Zai chuckled at Zhou Yuan and Su Youwei before continuing, “You guys are pretty lucky to come across such a chance the moment your enter the A class.”

Zhou Yuan seemed to ponder as he gazed at that waterfall that contained faint dashes of purple. “How is the time allocated?”

There was only one Jade Spirit Waterfall after all, while the Great Zhou Institute had five classes and several hundred students. It was evidently impossible for everyone to enter the Jade Spirit Waterfall together for training. Thus, there was definitely some sort of allocation.

Yang Zai explained, “The Jade Spirit Waterfall is open for 16 hours. According to the rules, our A class is allocated 6 hours, the B class 4 hours and the other classes 2 hours. Because we are the A class, both the amount of time and our time slot is the best.” 

Zhou Yuan nodded in understanding. Soon after, he clicked his tongue and said, “To think that we only have 6 hours.”

Yang Zai let out a gentle chuckle. “6 hours is already a lot. Moreover, you might not be able to last that long.”

“Eh?” Zhou Yuan was taken aback.

Yang Zai laughed mischievously but did not elaborate. He merely said, “You will find out later.”

“Alright, no more nonsense. Prepare to enter the rooms and get your Genesis Runes inscribed.” At the front, Chu Tianyang clapped his hands together, interrupting everyone’s conversations. He pointed towards the nearby lakeside where two large bamboo rooms where located.

“We need to get Genesis Runes inscribed?” Zhou Yuan and Su Youwei were stunned upon hearing this.

Song Qiushui explained, “Yes. Every time we come to the Jade Spirit Waterfall to train, the institute will dispatch teachers proficient in Genesis Runes to draw a Genesis Gathering Rune for every student. It is a grade 1 Genesis Rune that increases the effectiveness of absorbing quartz energy from the waterfall,” 

They arrived at the bamboo rooms while conversing. There were two bamboo rooms, one for the guys and the other for the girls. Everyone lined up to enter, but while the male students were queuing up, shifty gazes would shoot towards the girls room from time to time.

Zhou Yuan’s turn quickly arrived. He entered the room and saw an instructor holding a Genesis Rune Brush waving at him, indicating for him to shed his clothes and lie on the bench provided. The tip of the brush descended and gradually drew a Genesis Rune on Zhou Yuan’s back. In the wake of the final stroke, a faint glow emerged from Zhou Yuan’s back before concealing itself. When the Genesis Rune was complete, Zhou Yuan felt that he had become much more sensitive to the surrounding Genesis Qi.

“This Genesis Gathering Rune is not much different than the Genesis Gathering Jade other than the fact that it lasts for only a short while.” Zhou Yuan put on his clothes and bowed towards the instructor before walking out.

At the mention of the Genesis Gathering Jade, Zhou Yuan lowered his head to look at the warm jade pendant hanging from his neck. Ever since Su Youwei found out that he was able to engage in channel opening training, she had insisted on returning it to him, a matter he felt particularly helpless about.

However, he understood her stubborn character. Thus, Zhou Yuan did not push it.

After exiting the bamboo room, Zhou Yuan happened to see Su Youwei walking out. He walked over and stealthily glanced at her back. Past her fair neck, he was able to see some portions of a faintly glowing rune.

“Where do you think you are looking!” Su Youwei’s pretty face blushed a little as she glared at him when she sensed his gaze.

Zhou Yuan chuckled. He cast a glance at the stream of girls exiting the bamboo room one after another and could not help but ask, “Is it also a male instructor over there?”

If that was the case, it would really be too huge of a loss!

Su Youwei lightly stamped on Zhou Yuan’s foot in a humiliated and angry manner as she bit down on her teeth and said, “What nonsense are you saying! Of course it’s a lady!”

One’s clothes needed to be taken off when inscribing a Genesis Rune on the body. It would be too outrageous if a male instructor was allowed to do this deed for the girls.

Zhou Yuan let out a hollow laugh. The banter between the two had drawn all of the other A class students over. Chu Tianyang also shot a glance at them before turning around to lead everyone to the waterfall.


The enormous waterfall was akin to a roaring water dragon. Water pounded downwards into the lake, causing huge waves to rise and vapor to fill the air.

Chu Tianyang took out a large incense stick and lit it before placing it in a crevice between the rocks beside him. Next, he sternly looked towards the group and said, “Get ready. You only have 6 hours. I hope that none of you will waste this chance.”

As he spoke, he looked towards Zhou Yuan, Su Youwei and the other new student before continuing, “You three wait here first and observe.”

The Zhou Yuan trio nodded and looked towards Yang Zai, Song Qiushui and the rest. Their gazes were both expectant and somewhat fearful as they looked at the Jade Spirit Waterfall. In the end, they took in a deep breath, gritted their teeth and charged into the training platform in the middle of the waterfall.


A boundless torrent roared as it fell. Yang Zai and gang dashed into the waterfall, their legs powerfully gripping the rock below them as they allowed the water the pound onto their bodies.

The force from such a gigantic waterfall was undoubtedly tremendous. Therefore, the bodies of Yao Zai and the rest shook even though they were using all of their strength. 

They tightly gritted their teeth as torrents of water smashed into their bodies. It was akin to being continuously slapped, causing their faces to distort somewhat in pain.

The Genesis Runes on their backs emitted a faint glow as wisps of purple energy seemed to flow into their bodies while the water crashed down upon them.


Numerous students endured the battering of the waterfall. This lasted for about a ten minutes before some began to waver. In the end, the students were washed into the lake below one after another with a respective shriek.

Yang Zai and Song Qiushui persisted the longest, but were only able to last for slightly over twenty minutes before falling into the lake.

When they crawled out from the lake, their skin was bruised black and green as if they had been beaten. From their miserable grimacing appearances, it was obvious that their entire bodies were in pain.

Only now did Zhou Yuan understand why they both loved and hated the Jade Spirit Waterfall. Though the quartz energy was admittedly able to help unblock their meridian channels, they would be bruised all over by the water each time. It was akin to receiving a series of vicious beatings.

Chu Tianyang said to Zhou Yuan, Su Youwei and the other remaining student, “You three are up next.”

“Heh heh, good luck. The first time always ends rather quickly.” Yang Zai mischievously chuckled at Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan exchanged a look with Su Youwei before they advanced, stopping in front of the waterfall as they watched the thundering waters descend. In the end, they gritted their teeth and took a step in.

Zhou Yuan’s skin tensed the moment he entered the waterfall, while his feet were akin to the roots of a great tree and tightly gripped the ground. A split second later, he felt an enormous force accompanied by water slam down onto him from above and engulf his entire body.

“How painful!”

The boundless torrent viciously pummelled him, causing Zhou Yuan to gasp. Such power was really too brutal and had almost swatted him into the lake


However, as the water pounded him, Zhou Yuan could faintly feel a suction force emerge from the Genesis Gathering Rune on his back as an extremely gentle energy flowed into his body.

The appearance of the gentle energy slightly alleviated the intense pain.

“Is this quartz energy?” Zhou Yuan’s heart shook. He had indeed felt the third meridian channel in his body loosen a little in that brief moment.

Upon sensing such a change, Zhou Yuan immediately braced himself, gritting his teeth as he endured the battering water and greedily absorbed tiny bits of quartz energy from within.


While Zhou Yuan was tenaciously holding on with gritted teeth, a cry was heard from the side. The new student could endure no longer and had been swept into the lake by an enormous torrent of water.

Zhou Yuan sneaked a peak from the corner of his eye and saw the faint silhouette of Su Youwei’s lovely figure tottering on the verge of collapse under the rampaging water. However, she bitterly persisted.

“This quartz energy is indeed very effective! However it’s a pity that it’s somewhat sparse.” Thoughts spun in Zhou Yuan’s head. If he was able to absorb more quartz energy, he should be able to fully alleviate the physical pain due to the boundless flowing water. If that happened, he would be able to endure longer.

However, the Jade Spirit Waterfall was wide and the water that crashed down onto his body would at most contain a wisp of quartz energy. It was not likely for him to have more.

When his thoughts reached this point, Zhou Yuan could not help but shake his head. Soon after however, an idea struck him. The other students might be unable to sense the quartz energy, but it may not be so for himself. His Spirit had already reached the Illusory stage and it was likely that no one at the Channel Opening stage could compare to him with regards to sensing ability.

“I’ll give it a try!”

Zhou Yuan closed his eyes without hesitation. The Spirit between his brows began to stir as his senses spread outwards. The thundering sound of water became silent and Zhou Yuan was able to clearly sense strands of purple energy swimming within the endlessly falling waterfall.

“I can indeed sense the quartz energy!”

Pleasant surprise rose in Zhou Yuan’s heart. He nudged his Spirit with a thought and a strange glow appeared between his brows. One could faintly see a translucent figure seated there. It was Zhou Yuan’s Spirit.

A suction force emerged from the illusory figure. This suction force was not strong, but it was focused and only targeted the purple strands of flowing energy.

While Zhou Yuan was using his Spirit to absorb the purple energy, a faint purple glow emerged from the water that was continuously battering his body and steadily tunnelled into his body.

Zhou Yuan’s slightly shut eyes suddenly opened at this moment as they filled with wild joy and excitement. In that brief moment earlier, he had felt the amount of quartz energy flowing into his body multiply a dozen fold!

“To think that it actually works!”

As Zhou Yuan felt the increasingly loosening third meridian channel in his body, he could not help but jump in excitement.


However, this jump immediately separated himself from the ground. Water slammed into him and with a crash, Zhou Yuan was viciously swatted into the lake below amidst a miserable yelp.

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