Chapter 195: Origin Bone Scepter

Chapter 195: Origin Bone Scepter

Su Chen knew who this visitor was as soon as he saw the Origin Bone scepter.

The Ravager Emperor, the Crazed Monarch Anubi Inferno.

As the Ravager Emperor, only Anubi would have the right to wield a staff fashioned from an Origin Bone — even though it had no practical use for him.

This Origin Bone had come from the core of the Shining Dragon’s skull. Technically speaking, it wasn’t really a bone; it was the physical essence of the Shining Dragon’s thoughts that had formed after its death. This essence had then been infused into a bone fragment and fashioned into its current shape.

But regardless of the Origin Bone’s past history, the most important thing was that this bone possessed temporal powers similar to that of the Sands of Time, and allowed the user to peer into both the past and the future.

Bone Diviners communed with this Origin Bone, using it to answer their questions while offering up their own lives in exchange.

It could be said that these Bone Diviners were nourishing the Origin Bone, and in return, the Origin Bone gave them the ability to peer into time.

This was all accomplished via an ethereal connection. No physical contact was ever actually required.

However, there was still a requirement to establish this connection, which was that the Origin Bone needed to be placed on the Divine Shrine’s altar. Only there could the Origin Bone communicate with the Bone Diviners.


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