Chapter 196: Entering the Palace

Chapter 196: Entering the Palace

Inside the temple, a large group of Ravagers were still bickering with one another as they crowded around the rooster.

Some said that they needed to dissect it, but to dissect something in the Origin Energy Temple? Is that a joke? And what could even be gained from dissecting the rooster?

Some said that they should baptize it again just to see what would happen. Okay, so then a large group of Ravagers gathered all just to watch a rooster take a bath.

Some said that since the rooster could endure a baptism, then it might be possible for other small animals as well, so they should try it out on other lifeforms.

This suggestion was a bit more scientific. At the very least, many of them were excited to see the results of that experiment.

The problem was that Su Chen had just undergone a baptism. They had to wait at least two more hours before the Origin Temple was recharged and ready to perform another baptism.

Since they were all standing around and didn’t have much to do, it was only natural for them to continue arguing about how this rooster had managed to survive the baptism.

All kinds of inconceivable ideas were thrown out. Some claimed that this was a divine rooster that had come from the Heavens, others that it had simply been at the right place at the right time, that its ancestors had...

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