Chapter 194: One Step Further

Chapter 194: One Step Further

The Origin Energy Temple above him continued to pour Origin Energy down onto him like a waterfall.

Su Chen’s first Lotus Platform gradually began to solidify under the torrential downpour of Origin Energy.

However, when the Whitetower Teleportation inscriptions were completed, Su Chen quickly discovered that his Lotus Platform was different from most peoples’.

Normally, Lotus Platforms were about the size of a single fist due to the immense compression of Origin Energy.

However, Su Chen’s Lotus Platform was almost as big as a head.

Su Chen didn’t know if this was due to his Origin Energy not being condensed enough or if it was because his Origin Energy was much denser than most other peoples’ because of the Immaculate Cultivation Technique.

As a result of his Lotus Platform’s larger size, Su Chen discovered that, after inscribing the Whitetower Teleportation, he could still inscribe yet another Natural Origin Skill.

He was delighted.

Normally, most people would choose to make their strongest Origin Skills their Natural Origin Skills. However, Su Chen was not the same as most people. He wasn’t able to inscribe his most powerful technique, the Primordial Blood Incarnation, onto a Lotus Platform, and his second strongest, the Flaming Phoenix Theurgy Art, was built on the foundation of his consciousness power and didn’t need to be inscribed on a Lotus Platform. As such, he considered the matter briefly for a moment before...

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