Chapter 187: Ambition

Chapter 187: Ambition

Ten or so venomous flying dragons flew across the sky, casting a greenish glow beneath them upon the ground of the Iron and Blood Country.

Su Chen and Danba were sitting atop a particularly large dragon, which also happened to be the leader of this pack. The wind was blowing fiercely, making it hard for Su Chen to keep his eyes open.

He wanted to erect a barrier to block the wind, but unfortunately, Ravagers who had not yet undergone a baptism could not use Origin Energy to do so.

As such, he could only endure.

“I used to admire soldiers who flew on dragons, but now I know that this is much worse than flying around in a Cloud-Piercing Shuttle,” Su Chen complained.

“All it means is that your physique is much weaker than your courage,” Danba replied indifferently as he continued steering at the front.

Su Chen chuckled. “Are...

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