Chapter 188: Casted Metal Mountains

Chapter 188: Castmetal Mountains

The venomous dragon flew for roughly ten days before finally arriving at Gullan Castle.

Gullan Castle was no longer the paradise that it had been twenty thousand years ago. At this point, it had transformed into an imposing city of steel.

Gullan Castle’s most distinguishing feature was that it was basically a mountain range constructed entirely out of metal.

Yes, it was actually a mountain range that had been cast entirely out of metal, with the metal sprouting from the ground and stretching towards the sky like curved swords that encased Gullan Castle within its iron blades.

These were the famous Castmetal Mountains.

The Castmetal Mountains were one of the most wondrous architectural feats accomplished by the Intelligent Races. Apart from the Harpies’ Sky Expanse City, nothing else could compare to it.

The Harpies’ Sky Expanse City could be...

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