Chapter 186: Making Things Difficult

Chapter 186: Making Things Difficult

Su Chen was sitting near a small creek outside of Black Gold City, casually holding a fishing rod in his hands.

There was no bait attached to the fishhook. It just floated in the water.

However, it didn’t take long before a fish darted through the water and latched onto the fishhook, refusing to let go.

Even though it had taken the bait, Su Chen didn’t reel it in. He just watched the fish struggle.

“If you don’t reel it in now, it’s going to get away,” Danba said as he walked out of the forest behind him.

Su Chen replied, “It doesn’t really matter. I wasn’t planning on eating fish; I just wanted to see it struggle to survive.”

As he spoke, he waved his hand, and the fish flew back into the river.

However, it didn’t try to run; instead, it continued circling around the fishing hook, as if there was a delicious bait attached to it.

Danba remained silent as he watched the fish dance.

After a long time,...

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