Chapter 183: Remaining Behind

Chapter 183: Remaining Behind

Silverheart Valley.

The Burning Sun Shuttle descended from the air and landed squarely in the canyon. Shi Kaihuang, Li Chongshan, Chu Yingwan, and the others all stepped out of the shuttle.

A soldier bowed to Li Chongshan and the others and said, “Deputy Garrison Chief is still researching and instructed us to not disturb him unless there was a serious crisis at hand.”

“Then we’ll just wait for a bit.” Li Chongshan didn’t particularly mind waiting. At this point, given how many contributions Su Chen had made, no one had any issues with him making them wait for a bit.

They all sat down beneath an old tree in the valley, and drank tea and played a few rounds of chess before Su Chen finally appeared along with the white paper doll. Now that Iron Cliff was no longer following him around, the white paper doll had become Su Chen’s new assistant.

“How did you guys find the time to come over? And with my Raging Sun Shuttle to boot?” Su Chen asked with curiosity.

“Southern Advance Castle has fallen,” Chu Yingwan said. “Sachar Inferno has died.”

“Sachar Inferno?” Su Chen was stunned. “The Inferno Tribe’s old God of War?”

“That’s right,” Shi Kaihuang confirmed as he nodded firmly.

“He’s quite the important figure,” Su Chen said as he sucked in a mouthful of cold air. “How did he die?”

“He died holding the...

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