Chapter 182: Dying For One’s Country

Chapter 182: Dying For One’s Country

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

A string of energy explosions repeatedly blew up along the ground, leaving behind a series of spiderweb-like cracks in the ground.

Some of the more powerful explosions’ remnant energies snaked through the ground with sharp, powerful strokes, leaving behind shockingly deep ravines.

Even though these scars would close up and eventually disappear over time as the ground rejuvenated, at this moment the wounds were severe and the attacks furious.

Demonic Beasts were running rampant left and right as far as they eye could see, crazily tearing everything in their path to shreds with their razor-sharp teeth.

A ways away from them was a massive black castle that had been erected on top of a mountain peak.

Large numbers of Ravager warriors were gathered there, tenaciously resisting and holding back the onslaught of the Demonic Beasts.

Unlike the Ravagers that the Heavenly Might Battalion had seen in the past, the ones in this castle were obviously the cream of the crop. All of them wore full sets of armor and wielded not flying axes but rather bows made from Iron Birch wood. The metal arrowtips were also poisoned.

The Ancestors of the Divine Shrine patrolled the walls of the city constantly, singing a strange song that had an incredible effect. Everywhere the song traveled, the soldiers there would experience a surge of energy, and their strength would soar.

A few specialized Ravagers wearing red or black uniforms were also patrolling the city walls. These black-garbed soldiers wielded scimitars and focused on quickly and cleanly killing every Demonic Beast that scaled the castle’s walls. The red-garbed soldiers were constantly casting...

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