Chapter 184: Crazed Monarch

Chapter 184: Crazed Monarch

Within Gullan Castle.

Twenty thousand years ago, this place had merely been a desolate area on the Permafrost Wastelands. Nothing else was here.

In the year 4189 of the New Star Era, the human race’s Freedom Alliance had been wiped out, and the Illustrious Divine Dynasty rose to power.

The Bloodthirsty Tyrant Hanton Ironking took advantage of this opportunity to lead the Ravager army against the newly-formed Illustrious Divine Dynasty in an attempt to seize the Bloodline Extraction Instrument. However, they ran right into Gu Youhuang’s ambush and suffered disastrous losses. They retreated to the Harvey Plains after losing almost eighty percent of their army. Gu Youhuang had chased after them with his troops and captured Stormwind Fort. The Ravagers were forced to give up on the Harvey Plains as well and were forced to retreat all the way back to the extreme north.

The Ravagers had their backs against the rope then, and they were in the most desolate territory possible. Even the Ravagers themselves had given up on all hope of survival.

At that critical moment, a miracle had taken place.

One of the Ravager soldiers unintentionally stumbled upon a crypt. After walking through the long, hidden tunnel, he came upon an area that was flourishing with life.

There, the sky was blue, the lakes clear, and the earth covered in all kinds of green vegetation and strange lifeforms. It seemed like a paradise on earth.

From that day onwards,...

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