Chapter 115: Investigation (2)

Chapter 115: Investigation (2)

It was a small group of Ferocious Race soldiers.

They were all wearing felt caps and thick hides. The frozen ground crackled and snapped underneath their feet.

With but a glance, Su Chen immediately identified these Ferocious Race individuals as not from the Red-Eagle Tribe.

The Red-Eagle Tribe did not have a habit of wearing felt caps. They preferred theirs to be made of fur, as felt caps weren’t as effective at keeping out the cold and would freeze more easily.

If they weren’t local Ferocious Race soldiers, then why would they be here?

As he considered all this, Su Chen didn’t leave. Instead, he found a tree that hadn’t completely fallen over yet and hid behind it.

The faraway Ferocious Race soldiers gradually approached. It was obvious that they were a trained group, and the leader of the group was covered in darkly colored inscriptions. Obviously, he...

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