Chapter 114: Investigation (1)

Chapter 114: Investigation (1)

Gentle Breeze City.

This was a snow-blanketed city located in the heart of the Permafrost Wastelands.

The Permafrost Wastelands were cold year-round, and the ground was also constantly frozen solid, making it hard for vegetation to grow. However, there were a few resilient species that were able to survive in this kind of environment, designating them as necessary resources for survival for all of the lifeforms in the area.

Frozen Heart Grass, the most common plant on the Permafrost Wastelands, actually grew quite well in this cold environment. They were the sole source of green color against the eternally frost-covered blue palette of the area and sustained all of the ice-type creatures in the area.

It was food for the Snow Rabbit, the White Fox, and the Ice Field Mouse, which were in turn food for Snow Hawks and Snow Wolves. Snow Wolves and Gumfish served as food for Ice Bears, and at the very top of the...

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