Chapter 116: Thunder and Fire

Chapter 116: Thunder and Fire


With a massive boom, Su Chen flew into the air. An illusory image appeared behind his back as he landed on the ground — he had used Whitetower Teleportation to avoid the combined attacks from the six Ferocious Race soldiers, but he didn’t expected to be suddenly assaulted by the Ferocious Race captain as soon as he had regained his footing.

As he wiped away the blood trickling from the corner of his mouth, Su Chen chuckled slightly. “You are truly the elite.”

“A Ferocious Race individual?” The Ferocious Race captain was stunned.

The Clairvoyant howled loudly, “He’s not of out Ferocious Race, he’s a human!”

“So that’s how it is.” The captain immediately understood. “I heard that a human infiltrated our territory a few days ago and most likely had the ability to disguise himself. He wiped out hundreds of teams, infiltrated the army’s main barracks,...

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