Chapter 112: Trend

Chapter 112: Trend

Anticipating someone’s movements was never a simple task.

Most intelligent lifeforms had complex thought processes and were able to adapt quickly, making it hard to predict their thoughts.

Planning battle strategies far in advance was impossible.

Saying things like “I anticipated what my opponent would do because his personality is blah blah blah” was all a bunch of crap.

Anyone who claimed to be able to plan ahead based on a person’s habits was full of it.

This was because people were just too hard to predict.

Back in West Laina Castle, Su Chen had planned on fighting alongside Zhu Xianyao, but she had sold him out and then baited Sark into pursuing him.

Her reasoning for this was ‘because she didn’t like it.’

Humans could make both logical and emotional decisions at the same time.

Because of this,...

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