Chapter 113: Heavenly Might’s Seven Heroes

Chapter 113: Heavenly Might’s Seven Heroes


A glittering saber slashed through the air, splattering blood all over the ground.

This branch of soldiers was extremely well-drilled and disciplined. One Origin Qi Scholar commanded a group of ten or so people, and they were all mounted on Long Sang Country’s unique Thousand Mile Buckskin Horses, which could bear heavy burdens and had great endurance and speed to boot.

Group after group of soldiers all charged down the mountainside, wielding their spears and sabers. Their onslaught was as ferocious as a raging inferno, but their emotions were as cold as ice.

Their lips remained sealed as they silently swung the weapons in their hands, advancing, retreating, and carrying out their officer’s commands without saying a word.

Even though the Ferocious Race were savage, courageous, and...

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