Chapter 111: Soulless

Chapter 111: Soulless

Upon returning to the cave, Su Chen tossed the Ferocious Race soldier he had been carrying onto the ground.

The Ferocious Race soldiers originally being held captive by him didn’t react much initially, but after seeing who the new captive was, they were stunned.

“Soulless! He’s a Soulless?”

“Soulless?” Su Chen’s eyebrows jumped up. “So he’s a Soulless? No wonder my Fata Morgana was completely useless against him.”

Like the Bone Diviners, the Soulless were also produced by the Divine Shrine.

However, Soulless were not meant to deal with humans but rather, the Spirit Race.

Because of their innately weak consciousness, the Ferocious Race were at a huge disadvantage when trying to defend themselves against consciousness attacks. As such, the Ferocious Race feared the consciousness-enslaving Spirit Race the most.

The Ferocious Race had fought against the Spirit Race only once across all of history, but that...

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