Chapter 63: Clan Relative Society

Chapter 63: Clan Relative Society

Achieving one’s dreams was never an easy thing.

It always required a large amount of investment and even sacrifice sometimes.

Developing a cultivation path for those without a bloodline was something that countless geniuses had longed for and diligently pursued. So why was it that, prior to Shi Kaihuang, people without bloodlines could only reach the Blood Boiling Realm at most, and would even need to rely on luck?

It was because this path was an extremely difficult one from the very beginning!

Why was Shi Kaihuang able to make two successive breakthroughs?

Because he was standing upon a foundation built by others, and because he had Su Chen’s help.

And where had Su Chen’s help come from? They both came from fragments of historical knowledge as well as his repeated experiments, which consumed a ton of resources.

Shi Kaihuang didn’t need money...

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