Chapter 64: We Need to Be Resolute

Chapter 64: We Need to Be Resolute

After answering a few more questions and revealing the inner workings of the Gu Clan a bit more, Gu Jintang had drunk and eaten his fill. He then swaggered off into the distance.

Before he left, Su Chen told him to let Gu Qingluo know that he, Su Chen, was here, but not to let anyone else find out.

An hour later, Gu Qingluo appeared in the Thousand Incense Pavilion’s doorway. As soon as she saw Su Chen, she leapt into his embrace, carrying with her a wave of fragrant perfume.

Su Chen caught her out of the air and gestured at the door, causing it to close. “How’d it go? No one tailed you on your way here, right?”

Gu Qingluo blinked her large eyes she gazed at him. “No, I did as you told me. I didn’t say anything other than that I was going for a stroll. But why do I need to be this secretive?”

Su Chen sighed. “Because taking you...

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