Chapter 62: Swallow River City

Chapter 62: Swallow River City


There was a large mountain in Long Sang Country known as the Yellow Dragon Mountain.

It was the largest mountain in all of Long Sang Country, spanning ten thousand kilometers from north to south and traversing through six regions.

Longxi was to the west of the Yellow Dragon Mountain. It was originally known as the West Dragon Region and later became known as Longxi.

The trip from Mountain Overlook City to Longxi Region would take a few months even on a fast horse.

But thankfully, Su Chen had the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle and wasn’t in any particular hurry.

The Gu Clan was quite a sizable clan in Longxi Region, as they had extended their reach quite far and had many different branches scattered around the place. The main branch was in Swallow River City.

Swallow River City was near a river, but that river wasn’t...

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