Chapter 61: Farewell

Chapter 61: Farewell

Even Su Chen didn’t expect that this to turn into an ordeal lasting longer than half a year.

During this half-year, Zhu Xianyao and Su Chen had acted just like husband and wife, appearing together in public all the time and enjoying each others’ company.

Zhu Baiyu had no objections in the slightest — when he relayed this matter to the Zhu Clan, the Zhu Clan was about to go crazy.

It was a craziness that stemmed from happiness.

Strengthening the power of their bloodline was something that every clan dreamed of achieving. Its actual value far exceeded that of a technique for reaching the Blood Boiling Realm without a bloodline — at least to the Zhu Clan. After all, the latter could only produce a few low-level cultivators and increase their potential slightly, while the former could increase the strength of the whole clan.

Su Chen was giving the Zhu Clan the ability to increase the strength of their control techniques. This kind of improvement was...

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