Chapter 60: Deception

Chapter 60: Deception

Many years later, Zhu Xianyao would ask Su Chen why he had thought to throw her far away and risk his life to save her. Su Chen would reply with the following: “If two people both fight to the death simultaneously, then the outcome will be their deaths. But if I fight as hard as I can just to delay for time, you can come back with reinforcements, and that would give us at least a sliver of hope. In terms of battle tactics, this is absolutely the correct way to do things.”

After hearing this, Zhu Xianyao would become very angry. She believed that Su Chen was purposefully trying to make her angry.

He was always doing that.

Just as he would never admit that he had also fallen for her.

This was what Zhu Xianyao thought to herself.

However, Su Chen himself knew that that was simply the way he thought about these things.

Back then, this was the only way he could have possibly ensured their survival. In addition,...

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