Chapter 23: Awakening

Chapter 23: Awakening

After leaving Yue Longsha, Su Chen continued walking forwards.

He crossed the street and walked through a long alleyway before arriving at a copper door.

He grabbed the metal ring on the door and gently knocked it three times, paused, then repeated it three more times. He was just about to do it again when he heard the door creak open. Night Demon's cute face popped out.

Su chen was stunned. “I haven't finished the secret knock yet.”

“What secret knock? I saw you from up there. Come in, come in! Don't bother with the secret signal, it's such a pain.”

She grabbed Su Chen and pulled him into the room.

Shi Mingfeng and the others were discussing the plan of action inside.

When he saw Su Chen come in, Shi Mingfeng said, “How come you're already here?”

“I came out to avoid extra attention so that Zhu Xianyao won't...

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