Chapter 22: Friends

Chapter 22: Friends

Su Chen stopped the transmission and rubbed his head. He could feel a headache coming on.

He quickly reviewed what had occurred thus far.

The greatest problem Su Chen was facing right now was He Xu.

Just He Xu’s existence had brought about two crucial effects.

First of all, his Thousand Faces Beast Bloodline had confirmed that Zhu Xianyao’s enemies could disguise themselves. When there was one it was extremely likely for there to be a second. Zhu Xianyao had no reason to believe that there wouldn’t be another person with the Thousand Faces Beast Bloodline. This was also the main reason why she had grown suspicious in the first place.

Secondl, He Xu was both the best hostage and greatest weakness at this moment. Su Chen had protected him for a while, so nothing had happened to him yet. But as soon as Zhu Xianyao began to suspect him, it would be very...

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