Chapter 24: A Sudden Storm

Chapter 24: A Sudden Storm


A massive howl thundered out.

Within West Laina Castle.

Zhu Xianyao felt her heart tremble when she heard that noise.

Then, Zhu Xianyao did something.

She leapt to her feet and bolted out of her room through the window, floating through the air until she landed gently atop the wall. Her eyes pulsated with a strange light as she stared off into the distance.

She clearly saw a fierce-looking beast churning up a cloud of dust behind it.

“The Pig Dragon! It’s really the Pig Dragon! He really awakened it at this moment,” Zhu Xianyao yelled in surprise.

“Young Miss!” Zhao Jingwen also charged over, along with Ba Lieyuan, Culler, and a few other Sand Race and Zhu Clan elites. Evidently, they had also seen the commotion caused by You Tianyang’s explosion of strength.

“It’s Tianyang! Something’s...

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