Chapter 163: New Medicine

Chapter 163: New Medicine

Early morning. The sky was beginning to brighten.

Su Chen’s eyes were still watery, and Shi Kaihuang’s words were still echoing throughout his mind.

He wiped away his tears and sat up, walking into his research room.

From this day onwards, he had another topic of research to conduct: a technique for reaching the Light Shaking Realm without a bloodline.

The gap of the three prior realms and that of the Light Shaking Realm was very different.

The Qi Drawing, Blood Boiling, and Yang Opening Realms were fundamentally related to drawing out the latent talent of a physical body and improving its control over Origin Energy.

However, the Light Shaking Realm represented a massive increase in a person’s life force.

Reaching the Light Shaking Realm necessitated the formation of Lotus Platforms.

The Lotus Platforms were formed from a combination of a person’s own Origin Energy and their bloodline, which was then contained...

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