Chapter 164: Kapius the Eternal

Chapter 164: Kapius the Eternal

“Nothing much, really. The organization has found a few more hidden ancient areas these past few years,” said Night Demon very ambiguously with her legs crossed.

“I’m not surprised at all,” Su Chen said.

Recently, the Immortal Temple had been deteriorating quite rapidly. For these past few years, if they weren’t setting up terrorist assassinations, then they were looking everywhere for treasure. These two things were actually closely related.

For instance, the Immortal Temple’s assassination of Yue Wuti was to safely open the Spirit-Burying Terrace, and that was obviously to obtain the Corpse Spirit Flowers. These flowers could be used to make a ton of medicine, which could be sold for lots of money, which could then be used to kill lots of people.

This was not a new concept.

No matter how you spun things, this was often the basic principle behind everything.


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