Chapter 162: Explanation

Chapter 162: Explanation

Wang Zhanyu’s death put an end to this long, drawn-out battle between the nobility clans and the government.

This exchange had ended in the great success of Su Chen and An Siyuan, ushering Clear River City into a completely new age.

An age ruled by the City Lord.

Everything was as Su Chen had said. After the battle, Su Chen didn’t participate in any power struggles the Investigations Bureau and City Guards were all given over to An Siyuan to manage, and he even allowed An Siyuan to insert people into the Origin Bureau. Most of the criminal gangs were now under the control of An Siyuan, and even the Third River Army became obedient to him with their control of the waterways. This made it so that the entire Clear River City was under An Siyuan’s control.

However, on the resource side of things, Su Chen didn’t back off at all. Most of the stores were auctioned off, with the money going over to Su Chen. He also controlled West River Forest completely, so...

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