Chapter 139: Beheading the Mountain

Chapter 139: Beheading the Mountain

The Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle’s defensive capabilities were quite impressive, making it possible to use its physical body as a weapon. To ensure that his attack hit, Su Chen didn’t use the Sky Lightning Cannon; instead, he used the shuttle as a physical ram to batter Shen Yuanhong.

The incredible amount of momentum was all transferred over to Shen Yuanhong’s body, and he felt like he had been pierced by a lightning-fast heavy spear, as if his back was about to break.

He tumbled through the air a few times before catching himself, staring at Su Chen in disbelief. “You...... Where’s Wei Pei?”

“He’s dead.” Su Chen had no shame when lying. Simultaneously, he pressed the button for the Sky Lightning Cannon.

The massive column of lightning once again shot forward. Shen Yuanhong didn’t dare face it head-on, so he could only dodge. At the same time, however, a figure flew towards him at top speed. It was Su Chen. At the same time that he had fired the Sky Lightning Cannon,...

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