Chapter 140: Pursuit (1)

Chapter 140: Pursuit (1)

After the Mountain-Beheading Blade shattered Shen Yuanhong's Lotus Platform, it continued to descend, undeterred, onto Shen Yuanhong's body and cleave him in two.

The dark flames roared, quickly turning Shen Yuanhong into ashes.

This scene fell right into Wei Pei’s sight. He was shocked and appalled as he watched a Light Shaking Realm cultivator turn into ashes and scatter into the wind.

He knew that Su Chen’s return would make things difficult for Shen Yuanhong, but in his view, Su Chen was only strong enough to give Shen Yuanhong a bit more trouble. It would already be impressive if he could force Shen Yuanhong into a disadvantaged situation.

How could he possibly have expected that Shen Yuanhong wasn’t even able to escape and would fall here?

This change was too sudden. Wei Pei couldn’t wrap his head around it,...

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